Coming down from your shopping high? Just waking up from your avoiding-the-crowds-nap? Come, join us for some Thanksgiving Leftovers! This week your favorite two-person gang talks about Black Friday, the girl power company Goldie Blocks vs. the feminist rap crew Beastie Boys, selfies, Gap's dedication to diversity, and The First Lady, Gaga. For my blog friends, I gave Dago the assignment of determining fall's hottest trends based on four bloggers' recent posts. Listen in to see how he did!
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breakfast for dinner // leftovers

skirt: Banana Republic // sweater: Target // hose: H&M // shoes: Lulu*s // coat: old

It's the biggest shopping day of the year, my fashion-loving darlings! Am I shopping today? Nope, I'm at work. Plus, I did my in-store shopping Wednesday morning (and will probably do a little more for Cyber Monday!). I decided to return the items I purchased at H&M a couple of weeks ago, and while I was at the mall, I figured I should probably browse the other lonely stores with their early Black Friday sales. Banana Republic and Loft were both offering 40% off the whole store, and J.Crew was offering 30%, so I picked up a few things I skipped over last time. 

Finally, I am the owner of a tweed mini-skirt! When I left Banana after buying my button down a couple of weeks ago, I saw the employees stocking tweed skirts in bright pink and moss green. Obviously, I had to go back and try one on! I've tried on so many tweed skirts at thrift stores and never have found one in the color and fit that I was looking for. Again, Banana's bringing home the message that it's sometimes worth investing in something that just works.

I immediately knew I wanted to pair it with a cozy black sweater and black tights for Thanksgiving. Do you know what makes me feel so sexy? Sheer black tights. You can really only wear them once or twice because they stretch and snag so easily, but every time I slip them on, I feel like a mysterious film noir vixen. I know opaque and patterned tights are all the rage, but I recommend keeping a pair or two of sheer black tights for a night out (or in--oh la la!).

How else would you style this tweed skirt?

PS. I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Tell me about it (or what you wore!) in the comments, if you'd like!

black (and tweed) friday

thanks to the agency where i work for seeing something in me enough to keep me around, and enough to promote me onto this new project. i've been given so many opportunities and such wonderful support over the last two and a half years, and i can't wait to see what else we can accomplish together.

thanks to everyone who supported women's rights in texas this summer. whether you sat in the capitol and listened to the days of testimony, showed up for the filibuster of the century, marched downtown, sent pizza and coffee, tuned into for the hours of livestream, or stood in solidarity from across the country, i'm so thankful that we shared in that experience.

thanks to starbucks for salted caramel hot chocolate.

thanks to the internet for providing endless and immediate access to information, lols, challenging conversations, and cat pictures.

thanks to my coworkers for being incredible sources of compassion, empathy, and strength. i absolutely know that i wouldn't be able to do this work without you all. you've helped teach me the importance of resilience and self-love, as well as lifelong friendship.

thanks to all of the friends i made this year, both online and in person. you're all so special to me. as we get older, we become more selective about the people we're willing to share our time, money, and energy with. the quality of my friendships at 23 are greater than they've ever been.

thanks to 24 hour diners in austin. so many of my best memories have taken place in your booths.

thanks to the blogging community for being so brilliant, fierce, welcoming, photogenic, personal, and dedicated. your outfits and photographs caught my attention, but the honest glimpses into your real lives keep me following. it's time consuming and doesn't pay much, if anything, but blogging has brought us together, and for that i'm thankful.

thanks to contessa for warming up to dago and to the new apartment. you and dago's snuggle fests bring me so much happiness, and i love finding you exploring new and strange corners of the apartment. i was the proudest cat mama when you ate a treat out of my hand for the first time, and when you one day learn the word "treat" at dago's dedicated encouragement, i'll be forever thankful.

thanks to my brother evan for being the smartest, coolest, nerdiest brother i could ask for. and for getting a haircut. did that happen this year? even if it didn't, i'm still eternally grateful. ;)

thanks to my parents for for being extremely supportive in all the right ways. we may not always be able to financially support each other, but you've always had my back and reminded me every day how proud you are of me. i know how fortunate i am to have to parents who love each other and their kids, who communicate openly and honestly with them, and who actively grow to understand each other better every day. it's awesome and i'm so thankful to be a part of this family.

thanks to dago for being my co-host in life and my partner in crime. i used to say that living alone was the best thing that ever happened to me. having had that experience, i can now say that living with you is the greatest. i love how we both do our own thing, and can still come together and create so much happiness, laughter, and love. watching you and contessa become besties warms my heart, and preparing and recording the podcast every week is something i always look forward to. i love that you challenge me mentally as much as much as you make me laugh. we're a good team, and i'm so thankful for that.

thanks to you for following along. it's likely that i'd be doing this even if i was screaming into an empty internet abyss, but it wouldn't be even a fraction as enjoyable or worthwhile without your engagement. whether you've been here once, a hundred times, or since the very beginning, you rock.

i hope you're all having a lovely, warm holiday spent doing whatever fills you with joy and gratitude.
what are you thankful for?


sweater (on sale!) & scarf (old): Target // boots: Chinese Laundry (similar)

I have a blogger secret to share: I'm really picky about sweaters, especially on me. Really, I don't even like most sweaters, because I feel like it's so hard to style them in interesting and new ways that are also flattering. I consistently pick sweaters up when I'm shopping and then leave them behind. Now that it's super freezing this week, I've been wishing I had more sweaters. I am really into vintage patterned sweaters, but it takes the perfect pattern to be enough to come home with me.

When I walked into Target the other day to buy another two boxes of cinnamon Life cereal (seriously, I am obsessed right now), I didn't anticipate to leave with a beautiful sweater such as this. It was the only one left, and in my size, so it was pretty much fate. And, really, when does anyone ever walk out of Target with just one thing?

love at first sweater

One of my favorite things about gift-giving, and therefore the holidays, is finding special and unique pieces for my loved ones. When I'm browsing for that perfect, one-of-a-kind item for my one-of-a-kind friend or family member, I skip the big company hoopla and go for the world of artisans, designers, and crafters.Whether they're local to me, or from across the planet, supporting small businesses has a special place in my heart and in my holiday pocketbook.

There are tons of gift guides going around this time of year, so I hope pinpointing a few of my favorite artists' work will help you find the perfect present you've been looking for!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I've actually already purchased a couple of items from this list for people in my life! Lucky them, am I right?
What sort of unique gifts are you hoping to find this holiday season? What do you get for someone who's totally tough to shop for?

holiday gift guide 2013

blouse: Lauren Conrad for Kohls (on sale!) // vest: Target (similar) // boots: Chinese Laundry // watch: Anne Klein // necklace: Bip & Bop

Y'all were all about my fur vest the other day, so I decided to play around with other outfits to provide a little furry fall inspiration. If you're still on the fence about accessorizing with faux fur, I hope I can help!

This is a super casual, yet completely pulled-together look. Layers shouldn't have to be hard, and I loved how easy and comfortable I was all day in this outfit. I wish you could see the blouse better, because it's freaking gorgeous. It has small, gold buttons down the front and on the roll tabs on the sleeves. It's from the Lauren Conrad for Kohls collection, which I have previous made my love for known. Plus, it's on sale now, so go buy it in every color.

Throw on my jeggings and my favorite cognac boots and I'm ready to take on the day. I wore this to work, but I would have loved to wear it out shopping for holiday goodies, or to dinner with friends.

I've got a couple more fur-vested looks in the works, but what do you want to see me wear next?


Stuck inside on this *freezing* saturday? Make yourself some Nutella hot chocolate and settle into this week's episode of Breakfast for Dinner Podcast! We take on that egregious catch an illegal immigrant event at the University of Texas, your future invisible ex-girlfriend, Blair Waldorf + Seth Cohen, being summoned for purry duty, and claims that PB&J is the most racist sandwich. Plus, we share the ringtone we created for our cover photo contest winner, so you get to hear our musical magic in it's prime!

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breakfast for dinner // migas

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

So, I usually post my November wishlist in the early part of the month. I put it off a couple of times because I did the holiday dress round up and wrote about fall shopping inspiration, but now it's basically December! In like a week, I'll have to start thinking of my wishlist for next month. This year is going so fast, and I think November has been the fastest month yet. Am I alone here?

Anyway, to the wishing! I'm finding myself drawn to two different kinds of clothing these days. As you've seen, I want to dress for holiday parties every single day in preppy fabrics like plaid and tweed, and all the glitz I can handle. But then I'm also loving some of the more quirky takes on cold weather clothing like printed fit-n-flare sweater dresses and neon.

1/ This sweater is sold out today, but it looks so soft and sparkly. I really really want a sweater with a sparkly peter pan collar. Find me one. 2/ I'm super picky about jewelry, but these need to get on my ears immediately. 3/ I'm eternally hunting for the perfect tweed blazer, tweed pencil skirt, and tweed mini skirt. Maybe this is the year for the mini! 4/ Is there anything warmer than a tartan scarf? 5/ Shiny bow brooches are perfect for dressing up coats and sweaters. 6/ I'm seriously dying over the color and scallops of this skirt. It would look so cute with opaque black tights underneath! 7/ Fair isle is all the rage obvi, and the neon gives a fun punch of color to a classic look. 8/ I tend avoid any print that could be classified as "tribal," but I think this is close enough to stripes to be okay. Plus, the shape of this dress is sweaterfection!

november wishlist

It's my half-birthday today! Y'all know I love to celebrate, and I also love goals, so let's celebrate by seeing what I've checked off my 24 before 24 list in the last six months, shall we?

Wow, I really thought I'd accomplished more than this! Actually, this is an important reminder for me. When I set goals, I like them to be broad and open-ended, because so much can change in a month, six months, a year, etc., and then the goals don't even really apply anymore! Six months ago, I was struggling pretty badly with my depression, having just gone off my meds, and I thought focusing on starting my own business would help me regain my confidence. I'm okay now with saying that I was wrong--both about stopping my meds and about starting a business.

So, let's see where we are. 

oo1. Dago and I did throw a really fun housewarming party. I spent way too much money on margarita mixes, and then everyone just brought fancy craft beer because we live in Austin, but it was a blasty-blast. 
oo2. I did attend TxSC, and y'all have heard lots about it already. I plan on going a second time before I turn 24 because the 2014 event is supposed to be scheduled for March!
oo3. You also heard lots and lots about me rallying at the Capitol this summer. Unfortunately, I never did make an awesome, clever sign, but I'm sure I have plenty of protesting left in my bones for the next six months, and this time I'll come prepared.
oo4. I attempted to use my sewing machine for an outfit I had planned for TxSC, but it was having major problems, so I gave up. Hopefully I can remember to get it fixed and maybe take a class so I can make a skirt before next May.
oo5. I have not baked anyone cupcakes, but I'm helping plan a birthday party for a friend, so now's my chance!
oo6. Dago and I took a day trip with our friend Shelby (the birthday girl from oo5) to San Antonio to go see the United States Women's National Team play. I really wanted us to go to Kerville or Fredricksburg or something (it's on my fall bucket list, in fact), so hopefully we can make that happen.
oo7. Joining a networking group was really important when I was trying to start a business, but doesn't serve the same purpose now. Instead of networking for business, now maybe I can network with feminists or bloggers or something!
oo8. Totally forgot about wanting to learn to make mojitos, but I'm re-inspired to learn now.
oo9. I've not had any time to binge-watch anything. In addition to Downton Abbey, I want need to watch Scandal.
o10. Like oo7, leading a workshop would have had something to do with my business and those goals, but I do still have aspirations to lead a workshop on blogging or on authenticity in blogging. Hopefully more to come on this goal in the future!
o11. We've realized that adopting a dog right now just isn't in the cards. Dogs are a lot of responsibility, both financially and time-wise, and we're already stretched pretty thin. For now, Dago's becoming the world's best "Cat Daddy" (his term, not mine), and we give Contessa lots of snuggles and love.
o12. I checked in with Dago the other day, and he confirmed that we can have and decorate a Christmas tree this year! We probably won't have a real one, but I'm really just excited to have whatever I can get. I can't wait for Tess to knock the ornaments off and play with the branches. Is that the crazy cat lady in me talking? Whoops.
o13. Over the summer, I read tiny beautiful things by Cheryl Strayed, 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One by Megan Silianoff, and Bossypants by Tina Fey. I've also started Wallflower at the Orgy by Nora Ephron and The Truth About Style by Stacy London, and I plan to read Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott.
o14. I definitely haven't been able to pay all of my bills right on time for the last few months, but now that I have a salary, I plan to make all of my payments before they're due!
o15. I forgot that I wanted to host a slumber party! Girlfriends, let's get on this one!
o16. So, I've sort of done this one. I have technically sponsored both Ladyface Blog and Breezy Days through Passionfruit Ads, but I haven't yet paid to sponsor anyone. I'm hoping to do this at the start of 2014 because I think it's important and special. I'll write more about this when I do it.
o17. Although I haven't cooked a meal for Dago yet, I have started sort of cooking for myself a little here and there (by cooking, I should clarify that I mean making things in the toaster oven that require more than 5 minutes). Soon, I'd like to step my meals up to entre + side, so making enough for two could definitely be in the cards.
o18. The post office continues to evade me. This is not high on my priority list.
o19. You may remember that I started walking/running in September. Well, I promptly stopped walking, and then the I acquired a new work schedule and the time changed, so I haven't been walking since. I know, excuses, excuses. I do enjoy it though! I just need to make time for it.
o20. I hoped to create a positive, productive work environment for my business, but I spend hardly any time at home, and absolutely no time in our "office." 
o21. I haven't monetized personal shopping because I honestly don't have the time or energy for it right now. I do love curating options for friends or taking them shopping and playing "stylist," but I would never ask for more than queso or a milkshake in return.
o22. Hahahaha. See o17. I haven't even tried one new recipe, so this probably isn't going to happen.
o23. Yet another goal inspired by starting a business! Not that having a perfect pair of power shoes isn't an always-goal, but I have a lot fewer opportunities to wear them now.
o24. I did go to a Zumba class! It was a fundraiser for the agency where I work. It was a two hour class and I made it through 50 minutes before giving up. It was incredibly hard. I learned that, next time, I need to wear baggier clothes and to not look in the mirror so much. I think I liked it, in hindsight, but at the time I just thought I was very actively dying.

Wow. That was a really long post! Does that mean I'm getting old?

a very merry half-birthday

shirt: Banana Republic // skirt: Forever 21 // tights: Target // shoes: similar

As I was posting these photos, I realized how much it looks like fall in Austin. Unfortunately, it hasn't really felt like it. It's been in the 70s most of this week, which is about 40 degrees cooler than it is in the summertime, but still not adequate fall temps for most people. 

Even though it doesn't feel like it, the holidays are already jingling their way into my psyche. I've decided that I'm just going to dress like every day is a holiday party. I mean, why not? It's the best time of year to get dressed, and I never end up invited to enough parties to wear all the cute things I come up with, so I'll just keep wearing them to work and giving myself the gift of fab.

Speaking of the gift of fab, after my disastrous shopping adventure on Saturday, I stepped into Banana Republic to re-energize my soul with beautiful clothing and accurate sizing. I often scoff at the prices of items like flannel button downs at stores like Banana, opting instead for the cheap Forever 21 version, but I realize now how mistaken I've been. This shirt is so soft and fits so well; I may just never take it off. Thank goodness for sale prices and quality flannel!

everyday holiday

sweater & necklace: Target // shirt: Forever 21 (similar) // watch: Anne Klein // glasses: BonLook 

I've wanted a chartreuse cardi for a hot minute, as evidenced here, here, and here. Halloween was also payday, so I went to buy some candy at Target before work. I know I'm not alone in not being able to only buy what I came in for at Target, so it's no surprise that I left with a $9 bag of candy, three pairs of tights, and this chartreuse cardigan.

I have worn it almost every day since I bought it because it's THE SOFTEST sweater of all time, and the color really does go with everything I own. So far, it's primary use has been to pull together outfits otherwise consisting of boyfriend jeans and a solid tee, but I realized I hadn't blogged it yet, so I came up with something a little more exciting to show off its greatness.

I get a ridiculous amount of wear out of my navy gingham, so you should probably add it to your Must Have list, alongside a chambray button down and a utility jacket. To complete the look, I threw on my favorite statement necklace, which always makes me feel glam without putting in any effort.

What have you bought recently that you can't seem to take off?

the softest cardigan

Friday was payday, and I'd planned out a massive shopping trip on Saturday to fill my closet with all the fall and winter items I've been dreaming of when I can't find anything to wear. I've never actually shopped at H&M, so I was really looking forward to finding some fab pieces like all of my fellow bloggers seem to. I drove up to the Domain and walked into H&M like a kid walking into a giant candy shop. For effect, I spun around a couple of times, trying to take it all in. There were rich maroons, heather greys, and turquoises; bright reds and slick blacks sprinkled about. Oh, and about a bajillion people.

My shopping list included black or colored denim, skirts, and all the sweaters my heart could handle. I immediately spotted some black skinnies and went to grab my size. My usual size appeared to be missing at least 3 or 4 inches at the waistline, but I figured it was just a poorly sewn garment, as is often the case with fast fashion. I thought, okay, I'll size up one and be good. The next size up looked to be the exact same size. I grabbed a pair 3 sizes above my usual size and quickly went on browsing. These were probably jeggings that would stretch once they'd been on a human body, right? Or, if they didn't stretch, there has to be another pair of black jeans in this store that wouldn't be sized so strangely. 

I grabbed a couple of sweaters, but mostly focused on pants, as they had so many great colors in stock. A pair of mossy green cords, two more pairs of black jeans at varying prices, and a pair of kelly green skinnies. I sized up two or three sizes in every pair, and took my findings to the enormously long dressing room line. They were incredibly busy, so I lied about how many pieces I was taking into the fitting room, just so I wouldn't have to navigate getting the remainder of my items through the sea of middle school girls and their moms.

I shut the curtain and got started. One by one, I tried to pull each pair of pants over my thighs. If I'm being honest, the jeans weren't even making it over my knees. I felt crazy, delusional, and huge. I stood there, wading in slim-fit denim that just wouldn't stretch over my legs. Forget a thigh gap, I was going to need to lose half the width of each leg to be able to fit into these jeans. "Fee fie foe fem, I am the giant of H&M, I texted a girlfriend. It's not that being one of the sizes I tried on was a bad thing, or something to be ashamed of, it's that the clothing in this store is unrealistic and incorrect.

I redressed and returned my pile of tiny clothes to the dressing room attendant, except one sweater. Even the sweater seemed to fit exceptionally snug around my tummy and didn't really fall correctly over my hips. I carried it around the store for a few minutes and eventually left it on a random rack and walked out of the store. Taking in the fresh air outside, I meditated on advice I frequently give to friends while shopping: if the article of clothing doesn't fit you, that's the fault of the clothing, not your body. It's those jeans' loss that they don't get to come home to my closet, I thought. 

Zara is a store I've bought some beloved sweaters in the past, so I stepped into my best strut and began making the rounds. I grabbed a pair of green jeans and a pair of black jeggings to just prove H&M wrong. I even sized up one for good measure, just in case I had gone up a size, which wouldn't really be a surprise to me. The gorgeous and kind fitting room attendant showed me to my room, and the process began again. The jeggings wouldn't even come over my calves. I couldn't bear the disappointment of not fitting into anything else, so I redressed and returned my items to the racks.

As I tell this story, I am acutely aware of my thin privilege. This is a story so many women could tell about every single shopping trip they've ever had. And that's heart-breaking, disappointing, and infuriating. No woman--no person--should be made to feel that they take up too much space for style. It's unacceptable for anyone to say what kind of body is good, and what kind of body just shouldn't exist or isn't worthy of being clothed. Fashion is an immensely problematic (read: fucked up) industry; this isn't news to me. However, the blatant missizing of clothing and intentional exclusion of some sizes (see: Lululemon, Abercrombie in recent news) is disgusting and unnecessary. Limiting the kind of bodies who can wear your clothing means less people who can buy your clothing. Does that even make sense? Obviously not.

I'm not sharing this story for anyone's sympathy, because really, I am privileged with being able to shop most places and incidents like Saturday are more few and far between for me than they are for most. I'm sharing to remind bloggers, fashion admirers, and wearers of clothing that all bodies are good bodies. Your body, no matter the color, shape, size, etc., is valuable and worthy of love. Style should be about empowerment and confidence, never exclusion.

the size of a body

You can do what you want with this poddy! This week BFD discusses feedback, the Question of the Week, Bieber’s pleasure tour, the children’s book to be written by the dudes of “What Does the Fox Say?”, a timely petition to have a transgender Victoria’s Secret Model, chatty Barbara Walters’ trip to the movies, Rob Ford’s pussy-nnouncement, and Justin Lookadouche telling little girls to STFU. As always, we have a song of the week, and Nic Explains Sports!

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 My annual giggle fest has arrived in the form of the Miss Universe pageant costumes. You've got to see this. (Part I, Part II, Part III)
 Love Man Repeller? This interview with Boy Repeller will have you squeeing for days.
 Can I move into Elizabeth's living room please?
 Fall outfit inspiration from Bonnie, Annie, and Holly (something about those double letter names!).
 Best DIY round-up: ridiculously cute Anthro-inspired bedding, a stunning and simple lunar necklace, and quirky smoking slippers.
❤ Who doesn't love a good blooper reel? Now there's one for style bloggers!
 Bri and Bridgette have me yearning to decorate for Christmas right. this. second.
 Speaking of Christmas, not sure what to get the man in your life? Look no further than Leney's new lookbook.
 Sarah's always offering up valuable tips for getting the creative juices flowing.
 If you've ever been in Ikea, you know this feel.

link love

dress: Forever 21 // vest: girls' section of Target (similar) // boots: Chinese Laundry // watch: Anne Klein

When I started trying to be more inspired about my fall closet, I realized I was missing a basic, but crucial staple item: a long-sleeved jersey dress. Luckily, Forever 21 had one that fit the bill for under $10, and in the color of the year! I'm all about emerald and have been wanting a dress to style around the holidays in the rich hue. Two trends, one stone!

Earlier this week, when I planned to wear this, I knew I wanted to wear my faux fur vest, but hadn't really figured out the rest of the outfit. I was running late in the morning and threw together a tights and boots combination that I really didn't love, but wasn't so offensive that I couldn't photograph. I think I should have worn my short light brown boots to clash less with the color of the fur, and saved these to wear with my favorite brown circle scarf with orangey accents. Oh well, I'll have plenty of chances to re-wear this dress!

I think I want to do something super festive and wear it with black and red accessories, and maybe another time with navy and gold accessories. Emerald is so versatile!

What colors are you loving this season? Is there a staple item you're craving for your closet?

Living in Color Style

emerald & fur

One of my Facebook (and real life) friends shared the most awesome tool yesterday, and I decided it was too good not to share. It's called What Would I Say? and it uses your past statuses to create new statuses that you probably would have written anyway. Sort of. 

Here are a few of my favorites of my own social media goodness:

Go try it out, and leave your funniest statuses in the comments!

a little wednesday fun

It happens every year. November rolls around and I get distracted by thoughts of stretchy-but-adorable Thanksgiving outfits, and then hiding my wallet from myself during Black Friday sales, and then all of a sudden it's holiday party time and I have nothing fancy or merry to wear. The number of years that I have said "this holiday season, I'm going to buy a sequined skirt," and then forgotten until they were all sold out is actually pretty embarrassing. How am I a 23 year old fashion blogger and I don't own a sequined skirt?

Anyway, to help us both remember, let's take a look at the hottest frocks for getting on your holiday cheer and ringing in the new year!

one // two // three // four

one // two // three // four

one // two // three // four

one // two // three // four

one // two // three // four
What are you planning to wear for your holiday festivities this year?

hot holiday frocks

dress: Forever 21 (similar) // shirt: American Eagle // tights & shoes: Target // pearls: Nordy Rack

Last week I wrote about my layering woes. In a late night attempt to make my closet work for fall, I came up with this outfit and loved it. At first I thought I should wait for some special occasion to wear it, but every day is a special occasion! Plus, if I want outfit photos, I pretty much have to wear it to work. So I wore it the day of our mandatory all-staff meeting. That's kind of a special occasion, right?

Honestly, without the pearls, this outfit isn't as dressy as it felt, though the pearls really do tie it all together. I found this dress over the summer when I was personal shopping with a gal pal. It was on sale and we both bought it. It's literally the most perfect LBD I've ever put on. I've already styled it a billion ways in my closet, so I'm excited to finally have some fun events to get dressed up for. Or, ya know, work meetings. 

ps. happy 11/11! don't forget to make a wish!

an autumn LBD

You've heard us sing; this week, we rap! In this episode, we take on SNL 2.0, anti-rape underwear, bullying in the NFL, and our bb Ariana Grande's textbook demons.  Check it out on SoundCloud (above) or on iTunes!

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breakfast for dinner // hash browns

As far as style is concerned, fall and layering are synonymous. It's all about piling on the shirts, sweaters, tights, socks, scarves, coats, etc etc etc to create cute and cozy outfits for leaf pile jumping and pumpkin spice sipping. Layering is basically a fashion blogger's dream, right?

Well, I'm pretty bad at it. I find it so intimidating (and bulky!) to style outfits with so many sleeves. I feel like autumn attire can get really fussy between keeping my tights situated and my scarves tied right, and ranging between too warm and too cold all day. 

I really want to be awesome at fall. When I do come up with a great autumnal outfit, I feel so cute and cheery, but it honestly takes more effort and energy to dress during these months than any others. It's exhausting, and I feel really uninspired by my closet, which is never a fun feeling.

To help restart my wardrobe inspiration, I want to add a few fun pieces to work into what I've already got.

embellishment // plaid // fair isle // heavy knits // burgundy // circle scarves

layering woes

If I were being completely honest with both you and myself, my grown up goal for the month would be to go into hibernation for the next 30+ days. But is that very grown up of me? To hide-sleep until things get a little easier?

After a lot of thought (because coming up with these grown up goals every month is hard!), I knew what I needed to focus on this month. If October was about reaching for stability, then November is about striking a balance. At this point, I have all the things on my plate that make grown up-hood work--a job that I love, a steady and decent paycheck, stimulating hobbies, a social life, and a healthy relationship*--but I've found myself drowning a little bit in trying to prioritize them all.

My new job, which I haven't talked about much here on the blog, is more of the same of what I was doing before, but harder times about 50%. I love what I do, I love helping people, I love validating, I love connecting people to resources. I am so thankful for my position and my agency, truly. However, adjusting to full-time hours, with an increased volume of crisis situations, has really taken a toll on my wellness. It took about two weeks for me to stop "taking my work home with me." When I do get home around 7:30, I feel like it's already nighttime and I should just get ready for bed. No blogging, no social times. I feel like I need to spend as much time possible winding down and re-energizing for the next day.

During my workday, I used to have lots of time to blog, window shop, and post to social media. Just while writing this post alone, I've had to stop seven or eight times to, ya know, do actual work. This isn't awful or anything, but it has made me a little unmotivated to blog, which isn't a fun feeling. I know myself well enough to know that I need this outlet in order to continue doing my best at all the other things I do, plus I enjoy writing and sharing in this space. I just have to find the time, motivation, and inspiration to do it.

At Texas Style Council this summer, Julie of Orchid Grey led an awesome workshop on Work + Life + Blog Balance. One of the very first things she said was to ditch the word balance; "your seesaw will never be 100% level," she said. Instead, Julie recommends substituting in the word "fit." Rather than trying to give equal parts of myself to everything, I have to find a way to fit all the things I love and need to survive happily into a routine that works. For instance, I've already figured out about what time I need to take a break at work to do my outfit photos (ahem, until the darn time change...), but now I need to schedule the time to actually write the posts. For podcasting, I can't just show up on Friday evening and start talking, I need to have read the articles and thought of some talking points so that I don't leave Dago with stale air.

In October, I was full of inspiration and didn't even have to do an editorial calendar because I was spewing out posts left and right. I have to accept that not every month is going to be this way, and I need to spend some time crafting my content for the month. I owe it to my readers, and I owe it to myself.

You know what else I owe myself? Brunch with the girls. Going out for drinks after work. Date night. Just because I leave work when it's dark outside doesn't mean I can't go play for a few hours and enjoy the company of good friends. Dago has pretty much only seen me in pajamas since starting this job because he leaves before me in the morning, and, as soon as I get home, I go straight for the cozy clothes. I want to get all dressed up and go out to dinner! So I have to find a way to fit that in.

Do you have any master time management tips? What are you going to focus on this month to make November a little easier?

*I know that relationships aren't for everyone, and I definitely don't mean that having one is a requirement for true adulting. It's just something that's important to me and plays a role in my grown up plate of priorities.

grown up goal: november

I am so excited to share some big news with y'all today. My girl Kelley of saidkelley launched her shop this week! She's the queen of all finders, and her shop perfectly puts her collection to use. When she asked if I wanted to be a part of her big launch, I was so honored. And this was before I knew she was sending me the cutest purse ever!

Being the terrific finder that she is, she scored this uh-maze-ing purse in the color of the year. At first I thought it was vintage, and then realized it's actually from one of the early Target designer collaborations, with Gryson. The purse is in impeccable shape and is such a great addition to my wardrobe. I felt so special that Kelley handpicked it for me from her shop to review!

dress: Forever 21 (old) // blazer: stolen from brother // tights: Target // boots: Delia*s // purse: shopsaidkelley

 I can't say enough lovely things about Kelley and my experience with her shop. Her packaging was so cute--her little ones colored a card for me with a sweet message--and every time I looked inside, there was another treasure to be found! In addition to being a wonderful wife and mom, she's a total rock star, and she even included a copy of her band's album cupcake

shopsaidkelley is full of so many gorgeous pieces, including this mod yellow frock, these adorable mid-century Pyrex dishes, and this colorful 80's vintage purse. She's quite the curator, so I can't wait to see what she adds next.

Pluuuus! For all of my darling readers, Kelley is running a special on her brand new shop! Use the code GRANDOPENING for 15% off your purchase through Friday night.

Get to shoppin'!

Dress previously worn: Summer 2013

kelley says shop

We're live! Tune in for talk on notable Halloween costumes, the new Britney Christ Superstar musical, Jimmy Kimmel's plan to take down China, voter rights, and mis-attributed motivational quotes. Plus, I might actually get kinda close to guessing the Sports Term of the Week! Check it out on SoundCloud (above) or on iTunes!

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breakfast for dinner // pumpkin bread

blazer: stolen from brother // skirt: Old Navy (similar) // sweater & tights: Target // oxfords: Aldo // watch: Anne Klein // headband: Banana Republic

When I dressed up for Halloween as Rosie the Riveter in 2011, I thought it was the easiest costume I could possibly come up with from my closet. Somehow, this year's Nancy Drew was even easier. I had like 14 outfit combinations on my bed yesterday morning and just went with the one that was most comfortable. If that's not Halloween-ease (Hallowease?), then I don't know what is!

Dago and I actually came up with our costume ideas sometime this summer. I'm not even sure what we were talking about, maybe sleuthing around town, but we decided that we would be the most perfect Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Unfortunately, we were never in the same place the entire day of Halloween, so I don't have a couple photo of us, with our matching magnifying glasses and willingness to search far and wide for Truth and Justice, but you can catch of glimpse of his costume here. Like me, he just pulled things he wears on a regular basis and added a magnifying glass. 

I think from now on, I'm going to aim to just wear things I already own for Halloween. Being creative in my own closet and cost effective are goals for every other day of the year, so achieving that on Halloween is pretty much the best treat.

I lied, the best treat is always candy. Pass the Reese's, please!

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