skirt: J.Crew Factory (similar) // jacket: Nordy Rack (similar) // sweater, tights, & shoes: Target // scarf: Francesca's Collections (similar)

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. Between the #PolarVortex keeping me from taking outfit photos and my live-tweeting the Golden Globes Sunday night, I just didn't have a post for yesterday. Whoops! It happens. I'm going to be easier on myself this year if I "miss" a post here and there, rather than feeling like you're all going to unfollow me.

...you're not all going to unfollow me, right? Okay, cool.

Today I'm debuting my new favorite skirt. It might be your first time seeing her, but she and I have already been through a lot. I would say together, but it was more like a long-distance romance trying to come become a co-habituating couple. Basically I lusted after her online for months and months, until she finally hit the clearance rack at J.Crew Factory. I quickly bought her up on a Sunday night in November, and then patiently awaited her arrival.

Thanksgiving came and went, and I had no sign of my skirt. Oddly, the tracking number said she had arrived. Lo and behold, I had shipped her to my old address, and the postal service had her shipped back to the warehouse, all without my knowledge. I chatted on the J.Crew Factory website with a very nice customer service rep/robot, who promised the skirt would be shipped to me soon. Christmas comes and goes, and I still have no sign of my skirt. 

Finally, the Friday after Christmas, Dago texts me to let me know that she has arrived at last! I've planned so many outfits in my mind with her while I waited for her to show up in my mailbox, and I'm so excited to start sharing them with you here. I do hope that you love her as much as I do!


  1. So the polar vortex is happening there in Austin? Not here haha! I think it was about 70 over here yesterday.. a little chillier today, but still no polar votex goin on.
    And why yes, I love her (your skirt of course). She definitely screams "Nicole." I can't wait to see her more often. Also, your hair looks a shade darker in these pictures? I really like it!

    <3 danielle

    1. luckily, the vortex ended near the middle of last week, but i didn't get any outfit photos done last week, so i had to make up for it later! last saturday was legit one of the most beautiful days ever.

      i have no idea why my hair changes colors like that in photos. it probably looks darker here since i have it pulled back, but it's my same natural blonde!

  2. I'm glad she finally arrived! I'm envisioning tonssss of fun outfits for your future.
    PS- I probably won't unfollow you if you have to miss another post. But no promises ;-)

  3. Glad the shipping snafus got worked out! It is a great skirt. :-D

  4. I'm happy you finally got your skirt in! It is super cute with the tights :)

  5. absolutely adorable skirt.
    ugh shipping sucks. so i ordered a dress for my sister for christmas like a month in advance and it arrived like the day after christmas. seriously annoying.
    but can't wait to see how you style this skirt.

  6. What Golden Globes dress was your favorite?

    1. emma watson's was defintiely my favorite, but olivia wilde, caitlin fitzgerald, helen mirren, and julie bowen are all close seconds. i also really liked allison williams'! what about you??

  7. I need that scarf, stat. Also, I just went and saw the film Her today and is was a beautiful film. Lovely coincidence.


  8. I love your scarf! And that skirt was worth the wait - it's gorgeous!


  9. Loving this outfit, Nicole! I think it is so "you!" That style of skirt is my absolute favorite - I'm always on the lookout for more just like it! Also, I recently started feeling more comfortable wearing flats with tights, and I am giving you credit for it! You always look so darn cute in your tights and flats outfits! :) Also, your scarf is everything. I want!

  10. Your skirt is perfect! You'll be wearing it through said polar vortex straight into the dead of summer.

  11. Okay, this is seriously one of my favorites of yours. I would wear this exact outfit. Now how do I steal this skirt from you without you noticing? ;)


  12. All I have to say about you and this outfit is CUTE CUTE CUTE, ohmygosh SO CUTE! This skirt is amazing.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


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