miss new booties

jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // top: Old Navy // skirt: thrifted Buffalo Exchange // tights: Target // booties: Nordy Rack (the brand is Abound--look for them in stores!) // necklace: artisan on South Congress

 Sometimes when I go shopping, it seems like no one wants to take my money and I can't find anything I like. Other times, I hit the jackpot.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went on an all day shopping adventure that was just right. I started out at Buffalo Exchange with my bestie to try to make some cash to spend on clothes. Of course, we didn't make much, but I did snag this skirt that I'm in love with. It's so full and twirly, it has one of my favorite color combos (orange & pink), and, of course, it has pockets! I couldn't wait to wear it and we were having a crazy warm day in the mid-eighties, so I went home and put it on before starting the next leg of the shopping extravaganza.

After a little switcheroo, Dago and I headed to Nordstrom Rack to have a look-see, since I hadn't been there since before the holidays. I was scouring the size seven shoes, looking for my dream booties, and then there they were! Black, itty-bittiest little heel, gold buckles--perfection. Except, that they were a 6.5 in a 7 box. Without socks, they were just a little snug, but I knew if I was going to wear them in real life (and spend $50) I'd need the correct size. I took the box to a Nordy employee and begged her to find me a pair. Luckily, she said, the other Nordstrom Rack in Austin had a pair! Dago and I were heading that way anyway to continue our shopping, so I had her put them on hold with my name.

Dago drove us to the store and I hurried right up to the register to claim my prize. Except that no one had put them on hold! I went to the back to search and search for my beloved booties. Between myself, Dago, and two Nordy Rack employees, we could. not. find. them. I was pretty upset, but one of the employees offered to use their magical Search & Send process (or, as Dago calls it, Search & Destroy) to track down my boots from another store in the world and have them shipped to me. For an extra ten bucks. Well, at this point, I'm willing to do it.

Anyway, so Dago and I continue our shopping at The Domain and then head out to two lovely dinners with another couple. (What? Sometimes first dinner isn't enough!) Later that night, I check my email and realize that the booties were ordered in the wrong color. Ugh. So, Sunday morning, I had to call Nordy Rack and have them cancel the order and reorder them.

Seriously, when Bubba Sparxxx rapped "I found you, Miss New Booty," I now understand that he was rapping about the moment when his dream booties arrived at his doorstep. I feel you, Bubba.


  1. Ay yi yi! What an ordeal! I'm glad you were able to get these dreamy booties! What brand are they? I want some!


    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  2. You have way more sticktoitness than me. I would have seen them, despaired, and then pined over my loss for a while. Love them! I never seemed to find the perfect pair of black booties these season. I kept thinking I found it, and then changing my mind. I did find a pair that I like for 12 dollars on clearance at Target though, so those will do for now! I need to get some insoles for them because I have some friction issues with them when walking up and down hill, which there are a lot of around here. So happy that your ordeal is over and you got those cute booties as a result!


  3. hahahhaa I love the last line/header. Like, seriously, at my desk. dying. I'm glad they finally arrived!

  4. Those boots and skirt are gorgeous!! They work so well together.

  5. such a cute skirt -- loving how you're wearing all black otherwise! ugh that sounds like sooo much effort to buy a pair of booties, but they are lovely. glad they're finally yours!


  6. This skirt is too cute! Buffalo Exchange really is the best; I pretty much ALWAYS find things there! :)


  7. For all that trouble they should have waived the shipping! I'm glad you found your dream boots though :)

  8. Hahaha. What a funny (and probably not so fun) story. Cute outfit though!

  9. This skirt is so cute and SO you! I've been craving skirts this shape, but have had no luck finding any. :( Those booties are perfect for you too! I can't wait to see how else you style them! I bet they were worth your wait, huh? BTW: I totally was going to use that same song title when I got my little grey wedge booties! Then, I ended up not loving them as much so I didn't. Hopefully I will find some booties one day that I will be able to rap that song too hahah :)

  10. I love this look! You're skirt is magnificent and your booties are wonderful. I really think I need to invest in some booties next year. Or maybe buy some when they go on sale at the end of the boot-wearing season.


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