dressed up sweats

blazer: Target (similar) // tee & pants: Old Navy // shoes: Charlotte Russe

photos by Briley Noel

I did a wish i were wearing post a few weeks ago with a fly pair of sweats. Everyone was super supportive about my buying a pair (and I'm a sucker for validation), so I snagged a cute grey pair from Old Navy. After seeing bloggers like Elissa wear their sweats as going out wear, rather than lounge wear, I knew I wanted to put together a little outfit with my comfy orange blazer and my favorite pair of booties.

I got some funny looks in this outfit for sure, but I really liked it. I felt both comfy and stylish, which isn't always a thing. I'd love to wear this out for drinks when someone invites me after 9pm or for a working date at a coffee shop.

What do you think of dressed up sweats? Not for you, or would you be willing to give it a go? 


  1. I would love to wear this out for a drink at a local bar. The sweats would seem fitting (because it's night, duh) but the blazer would make me feel better about being alive and outside after 9pm. These pictures are so great!

  2. These are sweats? You can hardly tell. Aww, you look so cute trying to be quiet in the library. I guess you can't really do a laugh out pose there.

  3. I doubt I would ever actually wear dressed up sweats, but I've seen a few pictures (including yours!) that have intrigued me. I think the outfits look so cute in pictures, but I think I would probably feel silly wearing it in real life. I'm kind of just like that though.


  4. i have a pair of sweatpants that I love, they are similar to yours, and during the winter back in utah i found myself wearing them all the time. I'd throw on a flannel, blazer and some boots and you'd never realize they wear sweats, the best. also, um you're adorable.

  5. Definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! Comfortable, but still studious. Anything with orange yells my name!

  6. You look awesome!! I usually never wear sweats ever in public (I don't even think I own a pair), but now I'm considering it! So cute with the orange blazer!

  7. you are just a dream! I've seen this look on a couple blogs, and I think (double-checked) I have those same pair of sweats. and I wear them allllll the time. which is why I probs shouldn't wear them in real life (they're pilling!) you wear it well though!! I would love to try it out.

    also- you are so sweet! thank you for the lovely comment!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  8. I generally don't like wearing sweats (crazy, I know) but I'm totally digging this outfit. Plus, the color of your blazer totally matches your sidebar pic!

  9. I definitely like the idea of dressed up sweats! Honestly, if it weren't for the drawstring, I wouldn't have known you were even wearing sweats. I would totally do it if I could find a pair similar to yours!


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