how do you chambray?

I'm in the market for a new chambray shirt, y'all! My beloved has gotten worn out so hard that the sleeves won't even stay rolled anymore. It is by far my most used article of clothing, so I want to make sure I get a solid replacement. However, I'm having trouble deciding what I want in a new shirt! The one I have is a medium wash from American Eagle with white buttons and two pockets. I like that it doesn't have the roll tabs, since I wear it down sometimes. I also love that I can wear it casually as well as dressed up. Here are some of the ones I've been dreaming about!
light wash | 1 2 3 4
medium wash | 1 2 3 4
dark wash 1 2 3 4

I initially thought maybe I'd go for a medium wash again or even a darker wash, but I'm sort of loving the look of some of these light wash options. I rock the denim on denim look a lot, so I wouldn't want to go too dark. I also like the look of interesting buttons like pearl snaps or gold washers, but it's kind of hard to tell online if the metals are silver or gold. 

Do you have a favorite chambray shirt? What do you love about it? Is there a store that carries a shirt that fits super well? Do you like any of the ones above? Halp!


  1. I love my J.Crew Factory one. It's a great weight. I like my button ups a little roomy. It has the option to roll up the sleeves or not. Often times you can get them pretty inexpensively.

  2. Light wash! I don't do a lot of denim but a chambray has totally warmed me up to the idea!


  3. I actually have 3 different "chambray" shirts. I've found that the come in varying degrees of "jean-ness" (does that make any sense?). I have one that is a lighter wash and more of a jean material. One in the middle and then one that is more like a really soft button up shirt. I love my lighter one with dark jeans on the weekend or open over a tshirt. The more shirt-like one, I feel is much better with skirts than the jean-y one. 2 of mine are from Old Navy and one is from Target. I hope that helps!

  4. It's hard to shop for chambray online because I always love the feel of the ones that are super soft and sadly you can't tell that online. I have one light wash one that I wear with my dark denim jeans or with skirts!

  5. I've never owned a chambray top but I see how versatile they are and feel like it would be a good investment. I spent the weekend looking at lots of pictures of them and I think I'd get more use out of a lighter wash one since you can wear it with denim also. I was eyeing that JCrew Factory one. That seemed to look the best to me. I read some reviews that said it was too boxy so I put it on hold temporarily. I like the look of the AE one but the model on the website is wearing one that's way too small. If that's how it fits then I'd make sure to try that one on first before buying it. You've got some great choices here. Now if only there was a mall with all these shirts in person and you could compare them all side by side... And don't forget to fill us in on which one you pick!
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  6. Light wash is my fave. I had the PERFECT light wash chambray last year, and then I ruined it by washing it with the wrong colors! It's time I start looking for a new one too, totally worth the investment!


  7. I have that one from Old Navy and really like it, but to be honest my favorite chambrays came from Walmart. They look exactly like the #1 dark wash and #3 light wash ones and they are perfect. I always look for the cheapest options so I don't expect them to hold up too well for too long, but I wear them each at least once a week or so and they are still like brand new. (I've had them both since July.)

  8. Option 2 in the dark wash category was my first chambray, and I really enjoyed it, but it didn't have quite as much structure as I decided I wanted (months after getting it). On an awesome sale, I picked up a light wash chambray (just like option 1 in the light wash category) and I adore it. I like having both depending on what I'm doing, and what I'm wearing on the bottom. Both of mine are from Old Navy, and if I were to get another chambray, I'd probably go with Old Navy again.

  9. I'm loving the look of a light wash chambray shirt! Since I usually wear darker colored bottoms, I figure it would add a nice contrast

  10. I have a dark chambray shirt from New York and Company that I love (I thrifted it 3 years ago and have no idea how old it is), and both a medium wash and a light wash from Old Navy. I think all three have their own benefits and drawbacks, but I think a light or medium wash would be the most versatile :) I've been really pleased with my Old Navy shirts :)


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