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trench: thrifted Gap // pants: Gap // shirt: J.Crew Factory // shoes: LuLu*s (similar) // necklace: J.Crew

Photos by Briley Noel

Something about wearing a trench coat makes me feel like a spy in an old movie. When I was putting this outfit together, I actually planned to wear it with my pink coat, and then I spotted my trench hanging all lonely on our coat rack. I don't wear it very often because it doesn't rain much in Austin, but it's been a little drizzly the last week, so it was the perfect fit. I love how the trench coat adds drama to such a simple outfit!

This post is actually an excuse to make a PSA for these pants. If you've ever wanted a pair of black skinny pants (not jeans), look no further than the Gap Ultra Skinny. They're twill, they have actual pockets (not those fake-ass ones dress pants have sometimes), and you can choose the inseam length you prefer. I went with ankle because I love me a cropped pant (though it looks like the ankle is on back order in some sizes). I love these so much that I pressured one of my BFFs into getting a pair too. They are the easiest way to look chic and put together, I swear. If you obtain nothing else for your grown up closet, I urge you to pick up a pair of cropped black skinny pants. Do it. /PSAover

I also snagged this shirt on sale from J.Crew Factory last week in an effort to live up to one of my style resolutions. I love the shade of grey and the neckline, but it definitely doesn't fit as well as I hoped it would. It's also knit, which for some reason I didn't expect, and that makes it get kind of wrinkly in my middle section, which happens to be the part where it's too big. Hmph. I'm keeping it because I know I'll wear it a lot. Here's to hoping it shrinks a little in the wash!

// trench previously worn here

ps. get ready for another round of many days, many ways on March 19th!


  1. I keep hearing about these pants! Do the knees start to get saggy throughout the day?

  2. Your look is almost Parisian today! Kinda Audrey Hepburn-esque.

  3. What a great trench! I really need one but am holding out for one with the perfect fit. Can't belive you thrifted yours! (Well of course I can. you have amazing luck thrifting!) As for GAP, ugh, their vanity sizing is the worst. I used to love their dress pants but I went in and tried on their ultra skinny pant in 00P and the waistband was gaping! I wear a regular 00 at loft and our sizes run big so I was shocked and annoyed at the gap because they were the cutest striped ankle pants ever. Also, not all those pockets are fake! Sometimes they are stitched closed and you just have to pop them open :)

    p.s. i love you!



  4. I've had the opposite problem, sadly! Every time I try something on at Gap that says skinny, I have to size up, and throw on an ultra and we're going up two sizes. I'm lazy, so whenever I have to play the size game and take four pairs of pants to the dressing room to try to find the right size for me, I give up. Those pants are so cute though! Also, I have been trying to thrift a trench for 3 years and haven't found one I like yet. I do live in Virginia though, so people probably don't get rid of theirs very quickly around here. I almost bought a new one at Gap last year, but I just talked myself out of it. Btw, these pics are gorg!


  5. no! i think it might be because they're twill instead of cotton or denim, but they stay fitted throughout all day. and i've worn them more than once without washing them and they still fit like brand new!

  6. Love the classic trench coat. Those glasses pair perfectly with them too. The trench, shirt, and glasses combo totally reminds me of Jenna Lyons.

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  7. Shut up. Every time you post new outfit pictures I love them most then the last. Your photographer friend really does great bringing out the best of you. :)

    I do love these pants! Hopefully Gap will offer a good sale soon so I can snatch some up!

  8. loven' your flats!!!

    PS - i have a GIVEAWAY going on - stop by and spread the love if you can :o)

  9. These pictures look fabulous! Hey, model! Love your classic look, tres chic.


  10. This outfit is something I would totally wear to work. I love those pants and am ALWAYS in need of more black work pants, especially skinny ones. I swear, work pants that fit well are so impossible to find. And I hate those stupid fake pockets that some of them have. I might just have to pick these up soon!

  11. These photos are gorgeous! And so are you, of course! I love this outfit, and that lip color is amazing on you!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


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