30x30 | eighteen

leather and flowers
flower crown and leather jacket
music festival outfit
jacket: Charlotte Russe (similar) // dress: ASOS  (similar)// boots: Nordy Rack // flower crown: DIY // glasses: BonLook

Photos by Briley Noel

If I were a gal who went to Coachella, I might wear this outfit to the festival. Breezy dress, sturdy boots, and one of my favorite accessories--my DIY flower crown! I love that this dress transitions from super girly looks to something slightly edgier with just a few accessories.

I bought this faux leather bomber jacket last month to go with an outfit I had in mind that ended up not working. Still, I'm glad I bought it. I searched forever for one with gold hardware, instead of silver, which was the hardest. I also love the little zipper on the collar and the perforated detailing on the shoulders. Plus, I got it at Charlotte Russe on sale, so. Yeah, definitely a good buy.

Unfortunately, this may be the last time I can wear it for a while. When Briley and I went out to take these photos, it was like 90+ degrees and I was sweating so much. Is it too early to dread summer outfit photos? Though, it will be much better when I'm not trying to style a heavy leather jacket for a 30x30 challenge!

Do you ever shop out of season? I keep seeing all of these great coats for incredible sale prices and cute boots and sweaters I could wear in the fall, but I can't bring myself to buy something I won't be able to wear for months! At least the jacket I can throw on over dresses or shorts and tees for inside when the AC is blasting.


  1. yes yes yes for shopping out of season! I did that quite a bit last spring and it was an awesome surprise this winter. I had completely forgotten about my new sweaters!

  2. It is hard to bring yourself to buy boots and coats when it's hot out, but it's SO worth it! The problem is sometimes I forget I bought them by the time the season rolls around :) I love this combo and a dress that can transition from girly to tougher styles is perfect to have around!

  3. This dress is so cute!! I love the bright color! I shop out of season too! I tend to buy sweaters year round!

  4. Normally I think that floral headbands look ridiculous but man you are looking so cute in yours that I feel like I need to take that statement back.

  5. I'm shocked that you got this jacket from Charlotte Russe! Definitely looks a lot more classy than most CR clothes! I want to wear a flower crown so badly, but I'm scared I'll just look ridic in one :/

  6. I'm horrible at shopping out of season, but (luckily or unluckily) winter items go on sale when "spring" is here, but in reality we still have several months of winter left where I live. So that's nice.

    You can never go wrong with red- you look great.

  7. Haha girl I feel ya! That's how I felt all fall and winter when I just wanted to wear all the pretty sweaters, boots, and layers but when I tried, ended up sweating like crazy and regretting it. I feel like summer outfits aren't as fun because it usually comes with the mindset of "least amount of clothes possible" but I like breaking out all my skirts and dresses for a change. I'm loving that dress with your faux leather jacket!

  8. Haha this is a perfect Coachella outfit! I love it for an everyday outfit too though lol Love the tough and feminine pieces together, so very perfect.


  9. I love the flower crown! It works really well with the otherwise kind of tough vibe of your outfit - opposites, attract, I guess?


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