30x30 | fifteen + midway check-in

dress: ASOS (similar) // jacket: Nordy Rack (similar) // shoes: LuLu*s // necklace: Land of Salt

Photos by Briley Noel

This outfit? I'm in love. It was one of the first ones I thought of, and the color combo makes me bananas in the best way possible. I'm almost starting to look for flats in this color since it's just not reasonable for me to wear heels much so that I can wear this color combo all the time.

Also, today is a really important day to me and to the work I do: Denim Day! You can read about Denim Day and see what I wore last year here.

Since I'm at the halfway point, I thought I'd share a little about my process and how I'm feeling so far in the challenge. Cool? Cool.

So I actually decided to do a 30x30 after following Kaylee of Kaylee Daily go all the way through hers. I loved her items and all of the outfits. I think she did a really good job choosing pieces she could mix and match, and as well as items she wears a ton with ones that sit in the back of the closet. I definitely used her picks as an example for choosing mine.

The day I started thinking about doing the challenge, I decided to make a Google spreadsheet to see what 30 items I might use. I got going and chose maybe 15 and thought 'Wow! I still have so many items I can choose!' and I kept adding pieces one by one until I had 30.

I sort of had three categories of clothes in mind: 
-things I wear a ton // e.g. chambray, red striped shirt, navy polka dot skirt 
-things I have trouble wearing // e.g. polka dot pants, purple pleated blouse, black polka dot skirt
-standout pieces I want to be able to use more // e.g. orange smock dress, overalls, purple heels

I felt pretty proud of myself, so I made another column and starting coming up with outfits. This is something I do anyway; I keep a notepad on my desktop called Outfit Puzzles where I list out different outfit pieces like _______ + _______ + _______. So, now you know how I come up with outfits for the blog, haha! Anyway, I was on a roll making outfits and suddenly I had 30. It seemed like the hard part was over, so I may as well do it!

Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job choosing pieces because I haven't been jonesing to wear many things that aren't in the challenge. I thrifted a couple of skirts recently (bad Nicole, I know) that I've been wanting to wear, and I've wondered if I should have thrown in a pair of shorts as it starts getting warmer, but overall I'm content with my pile to choose from. Plus, coming up with outfits ahead of time really helped. If I have an unanticipated event to go to or can't decide what to wear the next day, I just pull up my spreadsheet and see what I haven't worn yet.

The one big drawback seems to be that 30 days is a lot, especially since I'm not posting outfits on weekends. As of now, the challenge will still be going on in mid-May, which feels exhausting to me. I might start combining outfits into posts together to get it over more quickly, or give myself the weekends to wear whatever I want since I'm not posting those days anyway. If I decide to do a remix challenge again, it will almost definitely be a 7x7 or 10x10. 30 is just too many days, too many ways.

I hope that was some helpful insight! I'll be sharing more about what I learned and a full recap of the outfits at the end of the challenge!


  1. Love this color combo! I need a pair of colorful heels to go with everything too!

  2. I love these colors together! Your shoes are such a pretty shade of purple!

  3. 30 days is a lot of time to remix only a select amount of items, so I can see why you would want to do smaller remixes! I think you're doing an excellent job! I love this color combo in your outfit!

  4. You are doing a great job with the challenge! I remember thinking the same thing. The first half of the challenge is exciting but it seems to last for so long after that. I really love the color combo you have going on here!

  5. it seems from everyone that planning is really the key to this challenge. a spreadsheet (and notebook!) of outfit seems genius! I jot down ideas when I get a chance, but not in a uniform place or way.

    your problem is exactly why I've yet to do it- 30 is too many. blogging 30 times takes me across two months! I keep on saying this but I think a 10x10 would be great.

    I think you are doing GREAT! this color combo- YES. how unexpected and fun! keep up the good work, and I look forward to the final recap as well.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. Okay, this is a gorgeous outfit. It is so interesting to hear your thoughts on this project and how you chose what pieces.

  7. I kind of can't believe how much use you're getting out of those heels. Even though they're so cute, I would like never pair them with anything. And yet, they're so cute every time! Also, still in love with that dress. I definitely feel like 30 days is a long time. A 7x7 sounds kind of fun though. Might be worth a try!


  8. I looooove the color of those heels! And you're definitely right - it looks like we did indeed have similar mindsets in selecting items to wear and rewear :)

  9. I just found your blog and browsed through some of the 30 x 30 outfits. I LOVE this look!! Then again, I just posted a similar look on my own blog today, so I'm a bit biased :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. I had to click on this post just because of the color combination, which I LOVE. It made me quite happy to see that you love it, too. As you should. This dress could not be more perfect on you. Sole Society has some really cute flats in that color purple (and some darker shades) if and when you decide to be in the purple flats market. :)

    Little Bit of WoWe

  11. Oh! I actually love the idea of a 7x7!! Maybe I'll try it! I haven't ever don't the 30x30 because it seems so long. Haha!
    I looooooove this outfit!

  12. Loveeeee! I have seriously always hated the color orange, but lately I have been so drawn to it! It all started when I saw Kendi wear a pretty orange and pink combo a couple weeks ago. This purple, orange, and denim combo though? Even better! I want this dress and those heels in every color. You're doing so good at this 30x30, I'm impressed! If you ever decide to do a 10X10 or 7x7, let me know cause I'd be in :)

  13. Congrats on making it to the halfway point! 30X30 was so hard! I sort of cheated and only used those outfits for blog pictures because I was only allowed to wear my work polo at the time. I also had an unexpected trip just after starting so it took like two months to finish. For you to be actually wearing the majority of the outfits to work shows great dedication! I also liked that you chose some pieces that you don't always wear to challenge yourself. When I look at all the pieces you chose, it seems like quite a few! I guess it makes it easier to get dressed when you only have a limited amount of options but at the same time, can get a bit boring, especially if you find some great new thrifted items! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the challenge!


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