30x30 | five

blazer: stolen from brother // shirt: Zumiez // jeans: Gap // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel

One of my favorite things about this outfit is that I've owned all the pieces for a long time. I took this blazer from my brother when I was in like high school (I've mentioned this before, but he wore it for consecration at our synagogue when he was in first grade), and it's the only blazer that has ever fit me. I bought the top at Zumiez my sophomore year of college when I used to frequent the store with my friend to see the cute boys working there. It is one of my most-worn and most-favorite articles of clothing. I've had this same pair of Gap jeans since I was a sophomore or junior in college too. I need another pair because my phone has worn out the back pocket pretty badly, but I love them so much and they fit just right. The booties I bought in the spring of 2012 to wear for my senior photos after I saw Charity of West Coast Whimsy wearing them. I'm not much of a heels gal, but they're my go-to let's-get-dressed-up-and-feel-awesome shoe.

One of the goals of the 30x30 is supposed to be to not shop for 30 days. I didn't include this as a hard and fast rule for my challenge because I'm not sure how realistic it is for me. I love to shop, and it's an important form of self-care for me. Mostly, I just scour websites and don't buy anything, or pick up something randomly at a thrift store if I fall in love. The reason I hesitate to do a shopping freeze is because I get devastated when I finally find the perfect piece that I want to buy, and it's sold out. I'm a firm believer in buying it if it works, because a lot of things don't. Recently, I found a pair of black sandals from Gap that I loved. I usually hate black sandals, but I've been thinking I could really use a pair, and I had a coupon, so I was gonna buy em up. Well, the second I clicked to put them in my shopping cart, Gap said they had sold out. NOOOOOOOOOOO! But....but my beloved black sandals! Where will I ever find a pair that compares? It's like they say on Say Yes to the Dress: you'll compare everything else you try on to the one that got away. I'm really heart-broken, so hopefully I find another pair. And when I do, I don't want a shopping freeze to keep me from them!

Blogging has made me a much smarter shopper, so I don't really feel the need to do a full-on shopping freeze. I think it would freak me out and I would end up maxing out a credit card or something. Have you ever done a shopping freeze? What's your take on the idea?


  1. I could use a shopping freeze! I need to be smarter with my money but I do love to shop and I work retail so it's unrealistic to go on a freeze when awesome deals come in sometimes. Like the blush blazer I scored for $19! I should try though! Wouldn't hurt.


  2. This outfit is so cute and preppy! I love that you stole your brother's blazer! I've never done a shopping freeze either, but I'm definitely being more conscious of what I buy and I keep asking myself if I really need it and if I have something similar, etc. It's actually really helped me!

  3. My mom is a pro when it comes to bargain hunting. She got me into the habit of limiting my shopping to two big trips a year: winter clearance and summer clearance. As a teen, it worked out great because I had Christmas money for winter clearance and birthday money for summer. Sometimes my mom's present would just be a donation to my shopping spree. Now I typically lose money during the holidays, so I have to make a conscious effort to save up, but the deals cannot be beat when you buy at the end of season. I do get sad though when I buy a fabulous winter piece and can't wear it for another 9 months. If I really need something specific during the rest of the year, I'll check the thrift stores first.

  4. Love the pink and navy combo here! I would never do a shopping freeze! I COULD never do a shopping freeze. Hahah. I like to shop on my lunch breaks because it gives me something to do and it gets my mind off of work. It's definitely my sort of therapy! I'm like you though, I don't want to pass up the good deals. Most things I buy aren't things I'm on the hunt for anyways, mainly just great deals on the clearance rack and at the goodwill. :)

  5. Oh gosh, I'm not sure if I could go through with an all-out shopping freeze. My boyfriend shops at thrift stores for his business so we're there at least twice a week. I always glance around for myself and although I don't always find something, there are times like today for instance where I found a GREAT piece that I just love and won't find again like those Gap sandals. I agree that being smarter about shopping is always better but I could definitely not go on a full-on shopping freeze.

  6. ...And now I'm commenting on current posts because I haven't done so in far too long. I love how classic this is! It's making think that I need to break out my blazers more often. I always try to go on shopping freezes, but I always fail miserably. No self control. Hope you do better than I have!


  7. I've done a "shopping freeze" a couple times but it was only hard the one year I gave up shopping for Lent while I was employed at New York & Co. AND Victoria's Secret. Rough times. But other than that one time, they weren't too hard because I do a lot of "window shopping" online which is where I actually seem to buy the most items because I don't have to physically carry them around the mall...so basically just giving up the Internet is what happened lol


  8. You look absolutely adorable here!! Love this outfit so much. And I couldn't agree with your thoughts on shopping freezes more. It can be so hard to full on stop shopping completely, especially when you do encounter those perfect pieces. I agree that as long as you shop smart (something I'm still struggling with hehe) then shopping freezes shouldn't be necessary!!

  9. Yeah, I'm always super hesitant to do shopping freezes too because if there's a great deal of something you legit need/want badly, you should totes snatch it up. Especially with thrifting and stuff like that, those are items you'll probably only come across once. I do kind of mini shopping freezes with makeup just because I'm obsessed with it and I'll be like okay, no more buying makeup this month or no buying lipsticks or whatever, but it's more like I don't really need anything, I just want things, and I have too much stuff already kind of freeze. I think you'll be fine. Also, I'm really into that stripes and blazer combo. It's kind of the bomb.


  10. First off- I love the red striped shirt and pairing it with a blazer like that is very classic and lovely.

    As for a shopping freeze...hmmm, I've not really intentionally said "No buying anything!" though through out college and even quite often afterwards, I rarely bought new things. Part of it is that I grew up where all the shopping was really far away. The internet has changed that somewhat, and I do buy more now... but if I know things are tight, well, that's that. It IS always good to keep in mind those items you've been waiting forever to find the right one though; definitely, I do that too.

  11. That blazer really does fit you like a dream, Nicole :) I have done shopping freezes before, and have found it to be really helpful. Since unsubscribing from store emails, carrying cash, saving my money for other things, and not going to the clothing/clearance section of stores, I've been doing such a better job of not buying things. Other things that have helped me cut drastically down on my spending are shopping off of a wishlist only, and being SUPER picky about what I buy. I have to absolutely love it instead of just liking it (or being enamored with the price). Good luck!!


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