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blazer: stolen from brother // shirt: American Eagle (similar) // skirt: J.Crew Factory // shoes: LuLu*s

Photos by Briley Noel

I was going to apologize for the large number of photos in this post, but y'all...BLUEBONNETS! Plus, I know most of you are still trying to click your heels and make Spring happen in your cities. I feel you. This is how I feel in October when I still can't enjoy a pumpkin spice latte because it's a bazillion degrees.

But...back to BLUEBONNETS. For non-Texans, bluebonnets are our state flower, and are the prettiest, most precious flower in the world. It's illegal to pick them, y'all. Special. They cover the sides of our highways and sprout up in the grassy bits alongside our shopping centers and businesses. My favorite place to see the bluebonnets are the hills of my alma mater, where they bloom like a big ole blue ocean across campus. When Briley met me to take photos, I just yelled BLUEBONNETS and followed my nose to the nearest patch.

The next day, Dago asked if I wanted to go and take a walk around campus to look at the BLUEBONNETS, and I've never tied my shoes faster.

// skirt previously worn here, here, here


  1. So pretty! I miss them so much, one of my favorite things about a texas summer.



  2. it's illegal to pick them!?? I hope I get to see some !

  3. Love these pictures!! Those Bluebonnets are so pretty and have a cute name!!

  4. bluebonnet season is the best season.

  5. I love how you went monochrome blue on top and then a fun shoe color. It's like business on top and party on bottom. What a great outfit!


  6. Those bluebonnets are gorgeous! These are some of my favorite photos you've done yet! I'll also never get tired of that adorable polka dot skirt. It's so dang cute!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  7. Oh my gosh, these photos are so much fun! I love how happy you look - and the outfit is darling on you. I love the way a blazer looks with a skirt :)


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