30x30 | nine

jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // tee: American Eagle // skirt: Francesca's Collections // boots: Nordy Rack

Photos by Briley Noel

Priya of Perfectly Priya asked a great question when I posted my 30 picks the other day. She wanted to know why I chose two skirts that are so similar for the same challenge. My navy and white polka dot skirt is one of my favorite, most worn, and easiest to style pieces in my whole closet. Unfortunately, this skirt is another story. I wore it once back in December and y'all loved the outfit. I loved it too! But I haven't worn it since. The fit isn't really the most flattering on me because it tapers back in at the bottom and looks a little like a polka dot balloon around my hips and thighs. I also don't wear a whole lot of black (or cream!), and I feel like those are the only things I can wear with it. Woof.

So, I wanted to try something different. I had the idea for this outfit before I decided to do the 30x30, and then I waited to use it as a part of the challenge. I have similar feelings about this outfit as I do to the first outfit of the challenge that I posted. I think it was okay in theory, but didn't look so great on me. I liked the idea of using polka dots to femme-up the Army-inspired look. I still like that idea, but I think these pieces look a little sloppy together. Oh well! I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't love all 30 outfits.

In the end, this skirt may end up in the donation (or sell to Uptown Cheapskate!) pile, and that's okay! That's just part of the challenge!


  1. I think this outfit is super cute, but I totally understand that feeling

  2. Before I read what you wrote, I was thinking about how you've already knocked the first nine out of the park. I've loved every single one of your 30x30 looks and this one is no exception. Of course, I know just what you mean about it working better in theory than application.

  3. Wear it more often! It actually gives you the highly coveted "hourglass" shape because it is also fitted at the waist! I think tucking in your blouse helps too.

  4. I think this looks cute but I can see what you mean. If it was a tighter skirt, the jacket would look cute good with it I think. Or, if the jacket was more fitted, cropped or pinched in at the waist. You have a great figure and I think it's a bit long and baggy which obscures your natural waist! If you wore that skirt with just the t shirt, I think it would be so cute!

  5. yeee- well, THANKS for the shout-out!

    I see what you mean about the shape of this skirt, I think it is just weird. I thought about how you could tweak it to your advantage but...I really have no ideas! not that it makes for a bad-looking outfit though, really. I like the combo and you might just switch that over to the other skirt you love so much. I think it would work just as well (probs better!)

    also jazzed about the buttons :D

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. I wondered the same thing as Priya, but I guess I didn't wonder long enough to ask haha. I actually love this outfit on you though.Definitely not sloppy at all. I think if the skirt isn't the right fit for you, you should keep it until you find the perfect one. That's what I usually do, so just in case you actually want to wear it, you have it, and don't harp on the fact that you got rid of it already!

  7. I love that you wore those boots with that skirt. That something I would think of and then put on and be scared to wear for some reason. I think that skirt would look really cute with a bright top, or maybe a cute cardigan (your mustard one?). I feel like a tucked in blouse might do a little better with it than a cotton shirt, but it's hard to tell without actually having the pieces. I definitely think this was a fun way to remix the pieces though!


  8. I love that you rocked these boots with that polka dot skirt! That is such a cute piece and I can see it going well with all 30 outfits!


  9. Oh, I love this look. The skirt seems to highlight curves to me, rather than make things look balloonish, but if you don't like how you look or feel in it, then it is not The One True Skirt.

    It was also neat to hear a bit more about why items were chosen.

  10. This is such a cute look! Perfect mix between girly and edgy, with the polka dots and jacket.

  11. Again, you look adorable in this outfit. I love all of these colors together, and I like the juxtaposition of the sweet polka dot skirt with the tougher jacket and boots. Very, very nice!

  12. I actually adore this outfit. I don't think it looks sloppy at all!


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