30x30 | seven

overalls: American Eagle // top: Zumiez // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // headscarf: Madewell (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel

They're finally here--my overalls! Until recently, I was just a girl on a mission to find the perfect-fitting pair of overalls. I've ordered a pair from eBay, a pair from ASOS, and tried on several pairs in thrift shops and mall stores alike. Looks like I saved up some good karma in the form of online shopping miracles and this pair from American Eagle takes the cake. And, they arrived just in time to make it in my 30x30!

After they showed up on my doorstep, I wore them for like three days straight. I even asked Dago if it would be weird if I slept in them. They're so comfy and I can tell that I'm going to wear them a lot.

So far, I think I've only styled them with stripes. It just feels right, right? Overalls, stripes, and a headscarf are a winning combination. For the 30x30, I'm challenging myself to wear them without stripes later in the month! I haven't quite decided what that outfit is going to be yet, so feel free to throw out your suggestions with my other items!


  1. You are ROCKING the heck out of those overalls! Seriously, you are the only one that I have seen wearing them that doesn't look ridiculous. In fact, they are pretty charming!


  2. Your obsession with overalls has made me kind of want a pair of overalls. I was really into them for a while in like sixth grade or something, but I feel like I would look silly in them now. Maybe not? Who knows. Love this outfit regardless. I'm too lazy in this moment to go back and look at your items, but maybe florals and pink heels? Crop top?


  3. You're right about that winning combination! I love this look, and you've made me want a pair of perfect-fitting denim overalls myself - I have black ones that I like, but they're not something I could wear all the time.


  4. This outfit is like the grown up version of what I wore when I was a kid. I am in love! Maybe I should invest in some overalls.
    On another note, how much do you love AE? It doesn't seem like it'd be a store up my alley, but I love so many of their things, especially their pants.

  5. So jealous of your awesome overalls. I bet they'd look cute with a crop top and some converse!

  6. i unabashedly love AE. i even have a credit card there (oops?). i'm thinking about getting the shortalls version of these too since i love them so much and it's going to be too hot here soon to wear these! so worth it.

  7. Holy crap, you look amazing in these overalls. I was a HUGE fan of them and wore them all the time from the time I was a baby (literally) until high school. I think I'd feel weird in them now (they don't usually look good on people with my body type), but you rock the heck out of them!


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