30x30 | thirteen + many days, many ways: green cardigan

sweater: Target // tee: American Eagle // skirt: J.Crew Factory // shoes: Steve Madden via DSW (similar) // necklace: Target

Photos by Briley Noel

It's time for another many days, many ways link up with the loveliest Danielle of Goodwillista! I had a hard time choosing which item to use this month because I'm about halfway through my 30x30 and will use all the pieces a few more times, so I didn't want to use them for this and then miss out on a bunch of great outfits. Mostly, I just know I have a bunch more polka dot skirt outfits coming up, so I want to save that for next month's link up.

My green cardigan is something I searched for for a really long time after seeing other bloggers like Delightfully Tacky and Animated Cardigan wear theirs in a bazillion different ways. I found mine at Target and was so excited to bring her home and wear her with everything. I'm definitely a cardigan girl, rather than a blazer girl, so I wear this one a lot, both on and off the blog. Here are many ways over many days that I've styled my green cardigan so far.

30x30 | thirteen // 30x30 | three

Moral of the story: green cardi? You need one.

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  1. I have an olive cardigan and I really do wear it with so much!! Love allll of these outfits. Super cute. :)

  2. ooooh pretty! i have an emerald green cardi that i love, but now i need one this colour. also, i love the polka dot skirt!

  3. I love a good fun-colored cardigan! They truly can be worn in so many ways!!

  4. I love every green cardigan look! Probably because I just love the green cardigan lol You look great!


  5. This is SO CUTE!!!!!


  6. Cardigans are very good remixing pieces indeed!

  7. I hadn't realized you've worn it on the blog this many times! It's definitely not a color that would be easy for me to style, but you've definitely made it work for your closet! This new outfit is oh so adorable, and it's next in line for my favorite, right after the outfit with the orange dress :)

  8. Those sandals are going on my wishlist for items to add to my wardrobe this spring. I love that they fit almost like a flat but have the openness of a sandal. So cute!

    I don't think I've seen that color cardigan anywhere but on your blog. You've managed to pair it with more outfits than I'd realized!

  9. Loving the 30x30 challenge! And you convinced me. I need a cardigan this shade of green. Absolutely love how it looks with this skirt!


  10. Love the cardigan, love the challenge, what a great idea!!

  11. ok, you're a genius. could it be that I am a cardigan NOT blazer girl too? I just don't like blazers and they never fit me, but I have cardigans that I have worn forever and just keep on giving. so, there, I'm a cardigan girl.

    I'm impressed with how many times you've styled an item that is such an unusual color. you look great, I think the gingham shirt look is my favorite. love how that pattern/the shade of green paired together. who would have thought. thank you for hosting!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  12. I freakin' love a good green cardigan. I need to haul out my chartreuse one!


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