24 before 24 | recap

Since I've officially been 24 for six days, it's probably time I wrap up this whole 24 before 24 business. Turns out, I didn't accomplish a whole lot between November and now. Well, I actually don't want to think that way. I have accomplished a lot in the last six months, and in the last year--just not necessarily the things I set out to do. As I've mentioned so many times before, I'm intentionally fluid when I create goals, and I expect there to be some wiggle room, if not total direction change, because life happens and sometimes I stop seeking certain achievements to make room for others. With that said, let's see how I did.

oo1. Our housewarming party last year was a rousing success (minus the death of our blender, RIP). Can't believe we've already lived together one whole year!
oo2. I came, I saw, and I conquered Texas Style Council last summer. I hoped to have added a second conference under my belt by this time, but both coordinators ended up with the exciting news of making their families a little bigger--Indiana added a third to her crew back in March and Linda is due later this summer.
oo3. As I mentioned in November, I probably over-rallied last summer, but completely forgot to make a clever sign. I'm still giving myself this one because I testified at the Capitol, which is way better than making a sign. 
oo4. I probably would have attempted sewing a skirt had I been able to make my sewing machine function. For whatever reason, it won't, so this wasn't even on the table.
oo5. There's no excuse for me to have not baked cupcakes for anyone's birthday. Boo, me.
oo6. Dago and I traveled to San Antonio for a soccer game last year, which totally counts as a day trip in my book. We have another one coming up soon to celebrate our anniversary! 
oo7. I wasn't going to give myself this one because I didn't join a traditional networking group. However, I'm in a really cool feminist-centric group on Facebook with people in the area and beyond. I've learned a lot, taken part in some challenging and cool discussions, and met some people I probably wouldn't have otherwise. We haven't all gotten together in person yet, but it's on the books! I think this totally counts.
oo8. I'm so mad at myself for not learning to make mojitos this year. I don't ever buy alcohol or drink at home, so I forgot I wanted to do this. It's still something I'd like to learn, so maybe I'll do it this summer.
oo9. Whoops, did not even start Downton Abbey. I decided I probably wouldn't like it that much, and I've been watching some other really amazing television instead anyway.
o10. I didn't find or make an opportunity to lead a workshop in the last year, but I'm keeping this on my list for 25 before 25 in hopes that I'll accomplish it.
o11. Lol no. Dago and I did not adopt a rescue pup. Won't be happening anytime soon, either!
o12. We did, however, adopt our very first Christmas tree together, and my first Christmas tree ever!
o13. DONE! 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One by Megan Silianoff (read my review here), tiny beautiful things by Cheryl Strayed (cannot recommend this enough), Bossypants by Tina Fey, The Truth About Style by Stacy London, and Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). I'm also currently reading How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosely, which I'd hoped to have finished by my birthday, but didn't.
o14. Such a lofty goal, to think I could pay all my bills on time, every month, for a whole year. Hahahaha...
o15. Man, I really wish I'd hosted a slumber party! I did have a sleepover with my two bffs a couple of weekends ago, but it wasn't even at my apartment, so I can't count it. Womp womp.
o16. Even though I've technically sponsored a couple of blogs through Passionfruit, I really wanted to monetarily sponsor someone for this goal, and it just wasn't in the cards...or...checkbook, I guess.
o17. I didn't cook a fancy dinner for Dago and I didn't cook a fancy dinner for myself. Someday. Maybe.
o18. Ugh, I wish I had mastered the post office so badly. This is my personal hell. Someone write a blog post about it and link me to it so I can learn, kay?
o19. I am shocked that I have found a physical activity that I enjoy. I'm even more shocked that it's running. Now, I have no intention of doing a marathon or 5k or any of that business. Running, for me, is about tuning out the rest of the world, and connecting with my headphones and the ground beneath my feet.
o20. I wanted to create a positive, productive work environment for myself back when I was trying to start a business and do freelance work, but none of those things played out, so this didn't either.
o21. I decided I don't feel comfortable accepting money for playing stylist because I don't have professional training. My stance on this may change later, or maybe I'll take classes at some point. For now, I have fun going shopping with friends and helping them make sense of their closets.
o22. I honestly don't think I can say I even tried one new recipe. I hope to learn to "make" edamame this week, but I'm not even sure that would have counted if I'd done it a week sooner.
o23. I forgot this was a goal, but I totally nailed it with my purple pumps
o24. I did attend a zumba class--and it was even for charity. I was not good, and I left early because I thought I was going to pass out, but it wasn't the worst thing in the world. I have more fun dancing around my room, which is a legit workout, if you ask me (which you should).

Stay tuned, for I have an awesome 25 before 25 list coming for you later in the week. I can't wait to start crossing things off!


  1. I think mastering the post office is a lifelong goal, one most adults, myself included, have yet to achieve. Mojitos are super easy provided you have enough lime and mint hanging around.

  2. I avoid the post office so much it's kind of pathetic. I also love going on Sunday so I can avoid people and just use machines!


  3. haha I love #14. Why can't all bills just be due on the first of the month?!

  4. I love love the mix-up of content around here lately (not that I don't love seeing your cute outfits everyday!) I did a list like this once but I don't think I ever even checked back on it. suffice it to say I didn't really make it, ha. yours is so well-rounded! I wish we could run together some time. nothing makes me feel better than getting a really good run in (where I don't feel like I'm gonna die.)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. I think "mastering the post office" equates to "waiting in line in perpetuity". There's actually a really small post office on the outskirts of Cardiganland that I use most of the time instead of the big one in town, which is always the worst. Even the small one usually has a killer line, but I've known the manager of the PO for a long time and she's really nice so at least there's that B-)

    Have you read Sloane Crosley's first book? It is The Best. I look forward to reading your 25 before 25 list...I'm currently waffling with coming up with a 29 before 29 (oh god I'm so old) after I turn 28 next month, and yours might help motivate me!

  6. I love reading lists like this, even better with recaps to see how you did. I think you would do well as a stylist, formal training or no (i guess I don't know... what training do stylists generally get. Will have to look up!).

    The post office one really intrigues me since I do actually write about mail every week on my blog. Could be that I just live in a small town, so lines aren't so terribly long. Still, my husband pointed out that if you weigh any package before hand, you can just pay for and print a shipping label at home and then only have to drop off the box... Anyway, I really would love know more of what you want to know about- I'll write that post!

  7. that would be awesome! my main concerns aren't even the line. i just don't know what kind of box/envelope to put things in, how to attach the label if i have to print it at home, what kind of stamps i need, etc. i always end up waiting in line, only to find out i did it wrong and having to start over. i always say they should have an attendant at the front who helps people get their stuff ready, and the lines wouldn't be so long because people would do it right the first time!

  8. there were some i really remembered and thought about a lot, and then some i completely forgot about. i thought checking in halfway would help, but i really put some of these out of sight, out of mind! i still want to make mojitos this summer. imma make it happen!

  9. i have read it! her first is one of my favorite books, but this one is s l o w. it took forever for it to get started, and every chapter just seems to drag on. i want to like it because i like her and liked her first one so much! i'm about halfway through and i still feel like i have forever to go. i personally think the chapters are just too long.

    i'm posting my 25 before 25 tomorrow, so i hope you find some inspiration for yours!

  10. i've never run with anyone, but you're in such good shape, i bet i'd get a killer work out. and then we could just talk and laugh, because that burns calories too, right?

    i was seriously struggling with the outfits-only content during the 30x30, because that's not my usual, so i'm so glad to be back to posting whatever i want!

  11. Alexandra ConsolverMay 30, 2014 at 12:19 PM

    Awesome! I always find that making goals helps you accomplish more, even if they aren't the goals you intended to accomplish. But I never think I would have done so much without the list. Does that make sense? :) Great list! Excited to read your next one! I've never done a __ by __ goal list... maybe this will be the year! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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