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summer overalls
headscarf and overalls
overalls: American Eagle (similar) // tee: J.Crew Factory // shoes: old Target // headscarf: vintage

Photos by Briley Noel

Overalls are my best friend these days. We had a random rainy and cold spell in Austin this week, meaning shorts and skirts were out of the picture. Paired with the fact that I'm not feeling like wearing any kind of skinny jeans until I find the perfect pair in my new size, overalls provide both coverage and comfort, while being totally friggen cute. Let's just say you're going to see these babies again real soon...

With the rain that's been mussing up our weather, my hair has taken its first major humidity hit of the summer. Don't get me wrong, I actually love humidity more than the average bear. When my hair is long, it soaks up the moisture and makes the prettiest waves and curly-cues. Since cutting my hair short, I've worn it consistently straight, blow drying it the moment I get out of the shower and straightening any funny cowlicks away. Getting caught in the rain just isn't as good a look as Jimmy Buffet muses, so I've been relying on my headscarves more than usual to distract from my moptop. I inherited this precious butterfly scarf years ago from my fashionably fabulous aunt during a summer trip to her home in Tomball. My love of headscarves definitely originated with this one, and I hope to grow my collection this summer.

How do you deal when the weather and your hair aren't getting along? Will you be rocking a headscarf this summer?


  1. LOVE it girl! My hair and I aren't getting along so I am doing a lot of side ponytails.

  2. girl you totally are rocking those overalls. as for hair, i do headbands, headscarfs, but mainly top knots. my hair makes me so hot in the summer i swear!

  3. The overalls do look super comfy.
    My hair does ok in the humidity but then again it's never 100% here so maybe it would go crazy haha

  4. How is it that you can look this adorable in overalls?! Love it, girl. I don't think a headscarf would work with my pixie cut (maybe I'm wrong??), but it looks awesome on you!


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