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It's been a while since I've shared a wish i were wearing post, but it feels like as good of a time as any! With my 30x30 over and a new season upon us, I'm shifting style gears a little. I like to describe my style as a combo of preppy hipster or hipster prep, depending on my mood, and especially depending on the season. In the summer, I tip heavy on the hipster side of the scale. Per usual, I'm drawn to styles reminiscent of both the 60s and the 90s, which I find so much fun to intertwine in my outfits. I know it's the middle of the work week, but here's what I wish I were wearing right now.

vintage-inspired swimwear // Okay y'all, I bought these swimsuit bottoms from Topshop and I'm smitten. It's no secret that I've been struggling with my body and weight more than usual, and the idea of baring my belly has had me trippin'. I've wanted to try the high-waisted swimsuit trend for a few summers, so I finally bit the (surprisingly affordable) bullet and bought these babies online for $20. It took forevs for them to come from the UK, but they fit like a dream and I feel like a pin up girl.

printed headscarf // To keep with the pin up look, and also to keep my hair off my neck, I'll be wearing lots and lots (and lots) of headscarves this summer. I'm thinking I need to take a day to scour all my favorite vintage shops to add more scarves to my collection. This one from ASOS is so friggin cute.

eyelet top // Who doesn't love eyelet in the summertime? It's so clean and crisp, not to mention cool, when the sweat is out in full force. Babydoll shapes are super on trend this season (which my tummy is stoked about), and this eyelet top from Topshop is in line with the vintage vibe I'm feeling lately.

black high-waisted shorts // Ooh, child, I feel so cute in these shorts. I didn't think high-waisted shorts would be for me, but I tried these on at Forever 21 and fell in love. I will warn you that I had to size up (2 sizes) because, well, Forever 21 and because high-waisted pieces tend to fit a little slimmer than not. You'll be seeing these around a lot this summer.

mid-heeled clogs // I resisted clogs for pretty much my entire life, and then so many of the women I look up to were wearing them at Texas Style Council last summer and talking about how much they love them and live in them. Swedish Hasbeens were obvi not in the price range, but when Old Navy came out with this pair, and then Kaity wore them on her blog, I decided to give them a try. I stopped into the mall on the eve of my birthday to try them on, just to see, and I didn't want to take them off ever again. Clogs are typically really hard on your feet since the wood doesn't have any give, so Old Navy provided extra cushion for the pushin' (definitely not how that phrase is supposed to be used). I'll be blogging more about these lovelies later, but I wanted to give a quick heads up about them, in case you're in the market.

What do you wish you were wearing on this fine day?


  1. That top is so pretty! I actually ordered that exact black swimsuit (plus two other high waisted styles from them), but sadly that one didn't work out for me. I felt like the bottoms weren't quite as flattering as the ones with print on them were for me (the solid wasn't as good as hiding my lumps and bumps) and the top I ordered was too small. So back it goes. That's the terrible thing about order swimsuits. It's so difficult to find the right size. The other two I really like but the tops are also in the wrong size, so I'm debating whether or not I feel like shipping them back and waiting for another size to come in. Bother, bother. But, I'm seriously excited about having a cute new swimsuit this year. HIgh waisted bikinis are definitely for the win! And now you've got me curious about clogs and high waisted shorts...


  2. I LOVE THAT BATHING SUIT. Is it true to size?

  3. it is not true to size. i went up two sizes in the bottoms and they fit great. it looks like the black ones are sold out in most of the reasonable sizes because everyone is sizing up, but there are other colors in the same shape too!

  4. dealing with shipping, especially when it's ASOS/Topshop and therefore overseas, is such a pain. i ordered the bottoms and it was like 2 weeks before i got them. and then of course i wasn't home when they were delivered, so they took them to the post office and i had to go pick them up. ugh ugh ugh.

    as for clogs, definitely try on a pair at old navy or american eagle to see what you think! both have them for really good prices and in really great colors.

  5. I am totally lusting over some of those ON clogs. I'm trying to trim down the shoes in my closet (seems like I only wear about half of them anyway!) but most of them come from ON strokes of luck anyway! those would be dreamy this summer.

    I inherited a black vintage-y swimsuit from my mom, can't wait to sport that. this one looks super cute and flattering too!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. I just ordered a high waisted bikini. I'm a little more than excited about it to come in :)


  7. I'll be looking into that today hahha Thanks lady <3

  8. I think you pull off the vintage style SO well! I'm very envious - I don't think I have what it takes to pull off the headscarf, high waisted shorts, or retro style bikini (although I tooootally want to!). Those clogs are to die for, too!!


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