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I can't decide if April was really fast or really slow. I guess that means it was just right! Looking back on it, I have so many happy memories, which is awesome, because I had some really low points throughout. I'm glad I was able to get out and do stuff so that those dark moments didn't overwhelm the whole month. Jenn and Dean came, I had a bunch of fun weekends with Dago, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and I wore some friggen cute outfits. Can you beat that, May? I guess we'll see! It's my birthday month, so let's hope it's a good one!

First, let's see how I did on those April goals...

1. go to the park at least once a week | i missed a couple of weeks in the middle there somewhere. booo.
2. successfully complete the 30x30 challenge | i have six outfits left to photograph. so close...
3. get my taxes sorted--STAT | okay, so, i did technically. it's a long, long story, so let's just leave it at that.
4. plan a fun outdoor activity day with Dago | i'm going to give us this one. we went on a walk together at Zilker Park one day and did lots of fun outdoor stuff with Jenn and Dean.
5. plan the BEST WEEKEND EVER with Jenn of With Luck Blog and her bf Dean for their Austin visit! | DONE!
6. do a spring craft | lol nope
7. make my first payment on my federal student loan | ugh, i put this on here as a gimme because i was sure i'd do it. instead, i'm trying to lower my payments, because it's just not. gonna. happen.
8. make an appointment with a therapist | well, i called a few, but didn't actually get an appointment set up. why do they make this so hard for people who are already depressed and anxious!?
9. read Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson | done! and onto the next one...
10. drink more water | i've been so good at this! still not as much as i could drink, but i am really stoked i bought the tumbler!

Eh, didn't necessarily accomplish all that I set out to, buy my priorities shifted a little.

1. get out at least twice a week for physical activity | i am so determined to keep up this walking/running thing i've got going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. there's no reason i can't do this.
2. have fun coming up with low-carb, low-fat snacks | growing up, i preferred to snack all day over eating big meals. the more i read, the more i think this is a healthy habit i should get back into. i've been scouring Pinterest for easy snacks i can make at home and take to work.
3. enjoy more outdoor activities with Dago | it's just so much fun for us to get out of the apartment and see the sites together. maybe the zoo? maybe the Greenbelt? i guess we'll see!
4. finish this darn 30x30 and then give myself a break! | i love posting every day, but the outfits-only focus has thrown me off my blogging game a little. i think i need to recharge so i can come back with inspired and engaging content.
5. spend some time in the pool after work | i never thought i'd love hanging out in my apartment pool, but it's just so clean and cool and relaxing! as it heats up here in austin, i know i'm going to need to take a dip sooner, rather than later.
6. make my 24th birthday special | birthdays are weird and i always seem to get irrationally sad on the eve of or the actual day of my birthday. this year, i want to spend it celebrating my 24 years and the people who i love.
7. make an appointment with a therapist | keeping this one from last month! let's do this, therapists of Austin! 
8. finish How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosely | one last book to complete my 24 before 24
9. play around with infused water | i made some sassy water over the weekend, and i'll be using Jenn's recipes for inspiration!
10. get together with my girls | one of my besties Shelby just moved out of town to work on a really important campaign, so Briley and I need to get our tushes over there for some wine slushies, flower crowns, and pool time.


  1. The Adored LifeMay 6, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    I just wrote down my May goals. What are they? Graduating and leaning out my fridge. So exciting I know!

  2. These are such lovely goals! I love how you have a mix of social and individual, mental and physical health. I feel like as an adult, I've also felt weird about my birthday, especially since I've been in Blacksburg and haven't had family around to spend it with. Being single this year, I want to try to throw together something fun for myself, and I'm glad that's something you're thinking about too. And I love your snack idea! There are tons of no baked or microwave bars that you can make a lot of and eat all week, veggies and dip, chop up fruit ahead of time and portion it out so you can grab and go, plus snack delivery services like and nature box. With graze you can get your first and fifth box free (I use them, and can give you a code for that if you need one), and I've seen nature box on groupon before, so it's possible to work some deals there.


  3. #1 is on my mental goal list too. It's just so hard because I absolutely hate running/jogging. It's so borring for me! But this whole zero physical activity thing that I've been doing for over a year now just isn't healthy. We got this, girl. We got this! As for # 2, I researched how much fruits and veggies I should eat a day- 2.5 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit. I try to make that a focus every day, and it's really helping with my snacking because surprisingly that's a lot of fruits and veggies a day! So I find myself only snacking on that to make sure I get my 2 and 2.5 cups in a day. I honestly rarely do, but I'm still eating more fruits and veggies, which is a plus. Hope that helps!

  4. #2 is for this month is definitely a smart choice. I also ate more like that when I was younger and I felt so much better. It's hard to graze when you're working and taking classes and all sorts of grown up life things. You'll finish the 30x30 challenge I know! Your outfits have been so creative. I love seeing them.

  5. i love that you make monthly goals. i feel like i would really benefit from doing something like this. maybe, just maybe i can make a list next month. you go girl.

  6. This idea is just the coolest. So much more attainable than year long goals, especially because our goals shift quite a bit throughout a year's time. Genius. And you pattern mix like a boss.


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