pretty little overalls

overalls-dots1 overalls-dots4
overalls: American Eagle (similar one and two) // tee: thrifted Forever 21 (similar) // sweater: Target // flats: old Target

I've been on a pants freeze lately because none of my pairs fit anymore. In light of this freeze, I've worn my overalls at least once a week for the last several weeks. I'm consistently impressed with how many ways I've styled them, and how comfy they are every time I put them on. I really could sleep in these things if Dago* would let me. 
On an unrelated note, is anyone else still watching Pretty Little Liars? This shit is getting out of hand. But somehow I'm still watching? And probably will for the two more seasons they just got signed on for after the current season? At this point, I better be A because there is no other reason for me to have stuck around this long. Girls. Just sit your parents down and tell them everything. For the love of Spoby!
And on the other side of the television watching spectrum, if you haven't watched Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black (two totally unrelated shows), get the to thy streaming site of choice so we can talk about it.
*He would, but I'm scared I'd get tangled in the strap and hurt myself. Sleeping is hard, y'all. 
Also this is probably how A will finally get the Pretty Little Liars--overalls straps. 


  1. So it is somehow possible to even more cute than you are everyday. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND ADORABLE!

  2. i love the way you rock these overalls. and pll, i haven't watched last nights episode, but i need to, then we can chat. but things are crazy.

  3. PLL is out of control, and I can't stop won't stop watching it. I really hope this is the last renewal though!

  4. Yep, you can pull off the overalls so well! I really like them with the cardigan as well. And YES to OITNB. I just started watching the show about a week or so ago, and I'm already hooked and nearly done with the second season. It's phenomenal and I can't stop thinking about it sociologically either. NERD ALERT.

  5. I finally caught up on PLL! Well, I haven't watched the second episode of this season yet, but you know. The Mona rallying the picked on kids thing seemed real stupid, but I could see how things could keep going for a bit. At this point I feel like I'll probably be disappointed no matter who A turns out to be, and I swear if they try to pull off a there never was one A, it was all of these different people at different times thing, I'm going to pitch a fit. Slowly making my with through OITNB and still loving Orphan Black.

    I'm pretty much in the same position with pants. Screw pants! I love the polka dots and overalls, plus you are rocking that lipstick.


  6. you really do pull off the overalls so well! I'm too afraid I'll look short & stumpy in them!


  7. "Sleeping is hard, ya'll" just made me crack up laughing in the office I work in. It was a little awkward. You're hilarious. And adorable! You pull off those overalls like nobody's business!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


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