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blouse: eBay (find it here) (ps I'm wearing a medium) // shorts: Target // shoes: American Eagle (similar)

The dust seems to have settled over here in my world after last week. I took the day off from work on Thursday and the day off from blogging on Friday, which were both healthy decisions. I am so appreciative of your kind comments and tweets. To those of you who shared in having a terrible week last week, I hope things are better and I vote that last week just be removed from the calendar. What was that even?

In happier news, I received the first of two bird blouses in the mail this weekend! What is a bird blouse, you ask? Well, Adina of Blue Collar Red Lipstick included a very cute bird blouse in her 30x30 last month and introduced me to eBay's selection of ridiculously inexpensive bird blouses that seem to be taking over warehouses in China. Seriously, search "bird blouse" on eBay and you'll come back with quite a few, all cute blouses covered in sweet little birds--all for under ten bucks! There were like 40 retailers selling this particular blouse, so I just picked one that appeared to have a few in stock. Having ordered products on eBay from China before, I didn't expect to receive my package for close to a month, but it came so quickly!

I checked the mail later in the day and had received my second bird blouse--Adina's! All the way from Canada! She mentioned in her 30x30 post that she was planning to get rid of it, so I mentioned in the comments that I would gladly take it off of her hands. Being the sweetheart she is, she wouldn't even let me PayPal her some money for it, plus she included several travel-sized beauty products and a precious thank you note. I swear, bloggers are the kindest people and they are the best at mail (well, except me--I'm the worst at mail). Anyway, you'll be seeing the hand-me-down bird blouse around these parts soon!

How was your weekend? Get anything fun in the mail lately?


  1. I love your interaction with Adina! What a sweetheart.

  2. Oh, how nice of your friend!

    Also, you look adorable in those shorts.

  3. I love this one! Bird blouses, who knew? I really want to add some fun new prints to my wardrobe, so this might have to be one if it's under ten bucks. After one horrible experience I'm super hesitant to buy ebay products that ship from China because it costs way more than it's worth to ship it back if you don't like it. But for ten bucks, it's worth a risk! I love the idea of starting a little gifty correspondence with people. I still love getting things in the mail, and a little surprise now and then would sure make anyone's day, I think. Things to think about!


  4. Ohemgee, this one is even cuter! You look so adorable, it's not even fair.
    But yes, how can you beat $5 for a cute top - shipping included? Sometimes eBay is the best.

  5. This outfit is perfect! That top is indeed adorable, and the ankle strap sandals complete the look really well.

  6. Awesome blouse! I love all animal print things, so I might just go for a long browse on ebay :) I'm glad the week is going better!

  7. it's so awesome that she sent you the blouse! And now I want to order one because it's so pretty! I hope this week is waaaay better than last week.

  8. Aw that is so sweet! I love that blouse- you look so dang cute in it!

    I totally agree that we should strike last week from the record books. Through last night, honestly. I'm glad to hear you were practicing good self care, though, and I hope your week this week is WAY better than last week!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  9. Such a cute breezy summer outfit!

  10. your legs look a mile long in these shorts. I'm a bit jealous.

  11. I want to recreate this outfit! You look fab!


  12. What's up "legs"... that's what your new nickname should be. Ha ha... seriously! Legs for miles. Yay... I'm glad you are feeling better from last week. Hope this weekend treats you well.

  13. glad you're feeling better & I'm pretty sure your legs are taller than my whole 5'3" frame :)

    I'm digging the bird blouse!



  14. Aww, blogging friends really are the best! I'm glad you took care of yourself last week...and getting an adorable bird blouse in the mail? That has to give you a little pick-me-up as well!!


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