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Hello from Amarillo! Today I'm a part of a really amazing project with a new blogging friend, Kate of Clear the Way. She's a feminist gal in California and I'm pretty sure she's my long-lost-blogging-sister. Kate has a new series called Feminist Fridays, and today I'm joined by a bunch of fabulous women answering the question How Do You Deal with Men Leering at You? Street harassment is an issue I'm extremely passionate about--well, about ending--so I'm grateful to have the space to talk about it with other women who, by nature, have a shared experience. This is Sisterhood, y'all.

Check out the feature and read the rest of her blog too, because she's brilliant.


  1. There are so many great responses on Kate's blog. Since I started running, I've been having awful experiences with men shouting or gesturing out of their car/truck windows. It makes me so angry, I am thinking of running with a crowbar or chainsaw from now on so I can take my frustration out on their vehicle..

  2. Thank you. I'd love to join you!


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