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Nine times out of ten, I wear flats. No matter the season or weather, no matter how formal or casual, I feel the most comfortable and most myself in a kicky pair of flats. Ever since high school, I've been growing my collection. It all started with a pair of gold Steve Madden flats. I wore them until I was walking on the sidewalk instead of the soles, and then replaced them with another gold pair, this time from Payless. They held up for a surprisingly long time, but did eventually give out as well. I bought a purple T-strap pair and a silver pointy pair from Target, both of which I still own and wear. Then there was the patent leather, pointed black pair I wore to speech tournaments.

In college, I gained a nude pair, a floral T-strap pair, a glitter pair, and a pair of coral ballet flats with little bows on the front. I replaced the nude ones with an exact replica, and have since worn those down too. I also have a pair of leopard loafers, a black ankle-strap pair, and my beloved slats that have joined the collection in recent years.

I've been especially hard on my flats as of late, and know I need to replace at least my black, nude, and coral pairs. I can't help but look though, as I shop, at flats in electric blue and animal print, with big bows and d'Orsay shapes. Here are a few pairs I'm lusting over at the moment.
one // two // three // four // five // six


  1. Girl I am so with you here! Toward the end of middle school when I stopped wearing tennis shoes to school everyday, I switched to flats! They are definitely more practical than heels, but equally as cute imo. I justify having so many pairs of flats because you can literally wear them everyday! I love those blue suede ones. I'm usually drawn to more neutral pairs (essential) but the brightly colored/patterned ones work just a well, if you're a little more adventurous! No color rules these days anyway!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. I should get that lulu's pair. I don't have any black flats.

  3. I pretty much exclusively wear flats. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, appropriate for casual and fancy events, and are (usually) relatively inexpensive. I am also very hard on my flats, but there are some pairs I own that I've had forever and ever! My most loved pair, which you're probably sick of hearing about from my blog, but my Frye Regina black flats. They are so perfect and I love them so much. They have also held up extremely well. I will have to post a photo of what I'm wearing to the Beyoncé concert tonight, because I'm wearing some fun flats-spikey, leopard print, ankle strapped flats. >:)

  4. that beyonce outfit sounds slammin'! can't wait to see it. frye shoes are supposed to be just the very best. i didn't even realize they made flats! going to have to look into it!

  5. I am also such a flats girl. I have worn mine into the ground as well. It started (Crazily enough) with a random pair from Walmart when I was 16 that I wore.... almost daily until they started taking on water on rainy days when I was about 18. Since then I've also gained a collection; black sequin, black studded toe, recently 2 new black pairs from Goodwill (black and gold smoking slippers, gold toed-black flats $2.50 & $5 respectively), navy with bows, navy with studded toes, burgundy with glitter bow, coral with bow. I really really am in the market for a pair of red ones, cobalt (like above!) and leopard print (smoking slippers). And in my dreams, kitty flats. I love your picks! Good luck! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I've been living in flats this year so far, but I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with my heels. It's going to be fun, but painful. At least at first.

    Do we get to vote on your flats picks? My vote (a tie) goes to the blue and leopard print pairs.

  7. those are the two i'm really leaning towards! even though they're easily the ones i need the least. those leopard ones are just goooorgeous, and i really don't love my leopard loafers, which are the reason i haven't pulled the trigger.

  8. Flats 4 lyfe! I love the black and the blue ones. So cute! I can never get enough flats. They're the best.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  9. i am NOT a flats girl and it breaks my heart. i've yet to find a pair that doesn't give me blisters on my weirdly-shaped heels! my mom has the same problem, so i blame her. it's always loafers, sandals, or boots for me, unless i'm feeling risky and go for wedges.


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