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summer workwear banana republic outlet cardigan
summer office outfit
cardi: Banana Republic Outlet // dress: J.Crew Factory // shoes: thrifted (similar) // bag: Forever 21 // necklace: Bip & Bop

I had intended on posting red-ish, white-ish, and blue-ish outfits every day this week, and then I didn't have a chance over the weekend to take all those photos. Instead, you can have this sky blue, magenta, and gold outfit a day before Red White and Blue Day (that's what it's called, right?).

As I mentioned in my small goals post yesterday, I'm having fun remixing the items I bought a couple of weeks ago to make cute summer workwear outfits. Am I the only one who feels like it's extra hard to dress for work in the summer? It's just so hot, so sweaty, so much of the time. And then the AC is blasting inside the building, so the balance is nearly impossible. Thank goodness I bought a bunch of cardigans!

This was one of the first pairings I came up with when I was still in the store. This sweater has the prettiest gold buttons (doesn't Banana Republic always?) and it's high-quality. I'm glad I bought it in a petite size because my short torso really calls for shorter sweaters than I usually buy, especially if I'm intending to wear them with little dresses that cinch at the waist.

Without the sweater, I worried a little about this blue. Does it wash me out? I felt like I was fading into the background while the dress took the foreground the whole day I was wearing it to work. I still really like it, I think I'm just not used to the color. I'm definitely excited to pair it with tights in the fall and winter--though I'm not in any hurry for that to happen. I love summer, I love summer dressing. Now I'm learning to love summer workwear!

Does your professional closet change between seasons? How should I style this dress next?

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  1. I feel like I have so much more to wear in the summer with all of the dresses and skirts I have. I do run into the problem of freezing inside though! I definitely can't wear most of my dresses to work in the winter since it is about -30 here :) I think the bright blue looks great on you!

  2. These colors are so pretty together. That magenta is your color!
    I can totally relate to not knowing how to dress for work in the summer. My building is SO COLD from the AC. Sometimes I even have to turn my mini-heater on. Thank God for cute sweaters I can throw on over my dresses/shirts.

  3. I love this blue color on you and nope... it doesn't wash you out one bit! I love the color and the cut is awesome. Hey, where is this awesome backdrop? I've been sticking the the front and back yard because it's so dang hot this time of year. Hope you have a fun Holiday weekend doll!
    Be safe!

  4. I love the blue and magenta together. More colors in the workplace! For me, even though we do have winter in Reno, I wear pretty similar stuff in all seasons (always a dress and cardigan). I hate tights, I won't wear them even in the winter. I'm more apt to wear muted colors in the winter (as well as heavier fabrics) and brighter stuff in the summer, but there's no major change.

  5. No, it's definitely the most difficult thing to dress for the office in the summer. I'm relying on skirts and dresses right now. That dress looks fabulous. And you look so happy in this outfit! I don't think the blue washes you out at all. The bright looks great. Also it'll look great in the winter too with other bold colors.

  6. i love the photos in your yard because your home is so cute! i take my photos outside of a little architecture firm on South Fifth and Mary (right behind Frenchy's Beauty Parlor). i just like the big vine wall and there's not a lot of traffic around, which is nice!

  7. What a cute, punchy color combo! I think the blue suits you. I think these two vivid colors together are so fun.

  8. I love this color combo, and I'm surprised to hear that you're nervous about the blue, because I think it looks stunning on you!

    Last summer, I worked in a history museum that they had to keep cold year-round for the preservation of the historic objects, so I wore tights and sweaters with my dresses to work, and kept a winter coat to snuggle up in in the office! I hope it's not that cold at your workplace, but at least cool enough that you're not uncomfortable in your cardigan.


  9. Love the color combo. Bright and fun just like you!

  10. I loveeeee it! I think you wear this dress so well and the color combo is totally you. I'm glad to see you're getting some good wears out of that outlet trip!

  11. I love this color combo so much! I definitely don't think the blue washes you out, but I could see why would worry about that because it does come off as very vibrant. I have been having the same issue with summer workwear. The building I work in goes back and forth between hot and cold and I think I need more cardigans and jackets to layer over my clothes to help my outfits be more flexible. I've also found that some of my favorite blouses I usually wear with jeans, so I need to find some professional pants that they would look appropriate with. I hate shopping for dress pants though. They tend to look terrible on me.


  12. LOVE this dress on you. I was toying with the idea of ordering the violet version - it's so cute on you, I'm going to go for it. Presh.

  13. I love this. I would definitely throw on some thick tights in the winter, black, maybe another colour :) I'd be sorted then.

  14. Oh, girl, you look beautiful in this outfit! I LOVE the blue on you - I'm glad you got this dress, because the color and shape are perfect on you. I dig the addition of the bright magenta cardigan as well...very fun and summery!!


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