the summer dress

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dress & bandana: thrifted // sandals: old American Eagle (similar)

I bet you couldn't guess where this dress is from. I mean, yes, you could probably guess that I got it at Goodwill, but I bet you couldn't guess where it's from originally. Wet freaking Seal. Granted, my fifteen year old self would have been just as stoked to grab this dress up as I was at twenty-four, but how great is this dress? And especially for being from Wet Seal!?

Some dresses are bought with the intention of being worn throughout the year. Yeah, maybe some dresses aren't so conducive to wearing tights, but I still get away with wearing the dress in at least three of the four seasons. This dress? This is The Summer Dress. It's lightweight and boldly printed, strappy and flowy. When I picked it up at Goodwill while thrifting with Dago, I immediately knew it would be my new poetry church dress. I wore it Sunday for poetry church, and then to the grocery, to eat ice cream, and to watch soccer on the couch. If that's not a perfect day for a summer dress, I don't know what is.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Did you wear a summer dress while you did it?


  1. Don't you just LOVE finding treasures at Goodwill! I used to always spend one morning there searching for hidden gems!

  2. This dress is so cute! Great find, lady. You gotta love those dresses that are perfect for everything summer. I've got a few of those myself and am always sad when I have to tuck them away for the year.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. What a fantastic dress!! It's energetic, unique, whimsical, flattering, and lightweight - ideal. I loved Wet Seal in seventh grade and maintain that the clothes I got there were really cool!


  4. That dress looks like it was made just for you! You look gorgeous!

  5. No way! I would have guessed anthro or something. It's so pretty! And not ridiculously short (which is how I imagine all dresses from Wet Seal would be).

  6. such a great thrift find. i love that dress!

  7. This did NOT come from Wet freaking Seal...!

    Giveaways: it's not pleather, it has no spikes, it doesn't end at your crotch, and it's not skin-tight.

  8. I heart summer dresses so much, and I feel like I don't really have any right now. After gaining weight and needing to wear professional clothing most days, I've grown out of/worn out all of my previous summer dresses and it bums me out on days off. I love this one! Also, my OCD tendencies are loving that scarf-dress matchyness.


  9. Adorable! It honestly looks vintage. And like summer personified.

  10. I adore the colors on this dress, Nicole! I think red and turquoise look just lovely together :) I actually know a little girl whose nursery was red and turquoise because her parents didn't want a super girly room, and it turned out perfect!! I definitely try to get as much wear out of each item in my closet as I can (and thus try to have dresses that can be worn all year round), but I do have a couple that are definitively summery. It sounds like you certainly did have the perfect day for this pretty summer dress!! :)


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