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fourth of july outfit
red-white-blue2 red-white-blue6 red-white-blue3 ASOS white eyelet dress
LWD outfit
dress: ASOS // jacket: Nordy Rack (similar) // shoes: Old Navy

In true writes like a girl fashion, here's a late holiday-themed outfit for ya! This is the lovely dress I bought from ASOS that I'm just completely obsessed with. Can I just wear it every day? I promise to style it differently every time! LWD forever! 

Okay, that's enough exclamation points for one blog post. Even though I worked on Friday, I ended up having a pretty fun-filled weekend. My mom texted me on Friday around noon inviting Dago and I over for dinner because "it's a holiday, so your dad barbequed everything." After work, Dago and I headed up north to see my fam for chicken, brisket, and--my favorite--banana pudding. Hanging out with my parents is always so much fun because they really are my best friends. Also, Dago and my brother are so funny together and their friendship makes my heart happy. On the way home, we caught our own little fireworks show, which was the perfect way to end the night.

On Saturday, I slept in hard. One of my best friends who works for the Leticia van de Putte campaign was in town for the weekend, and one of my best friends from high school just moved back to town, so I planned to spend the weekend with them. I had brunch, and then post-brunch drinks at a different restaurant, and then watched the Costa Rica-Netherlands game at another different restaurant. After that cah-razy game, we all needed a nap. I napped for a few hours, and then met up with my other BFF for drinks and pizza in East Austin. Patio-sitting in Austin is one of my favorite summer past times. 

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and setting up Contessa's new cat tree! Dago and I joke that she's in her teenager stage because she sleeps out in her bed in the living room, and I guess now that she has this giant cat tree, she's got her own apartment down the road from Mom and Dad. Our little one just keeps growing up! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Any plans for the week ahead? 

Oh, and in case you didn't get the reference in my blog post title, you need to see this movie ASAP. #cultclassic


  1. I adore this! That dress is so pretty and I love how festive you look. Your weekend sounds like it was awesome. Mine involved a quiet day baking, an art walk, fireworks from my living room window, a day out at a barn working on a project, getting covered in mosquito bites, and hitting up the farmers market. Other than the mosquito bites, it was great!

    Also, loving your blog post title!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  2. Oh, this whole outfit is just darling and all american prep! Your description of the cat's new "apartment" made me smile.

  3. Ok I apparently need to watch this movie! Adding it to the list that is already five miles long!

  4. You look adorable! That dress is lovely on you, and I love the carefree, patriotic way you've styled it :)

    Your weekend sounds fantastic! Your description of your family time warms my heart!


  5. So cute! Seriously, you take the most adorable pictures! Love the fun headband!

  6. This post is amazing because 1. this dress is absolutely perfect 2. you are the cutest, and 3. Wet Hot American Summer references all day, everyday. Have you seen They Came Together yet? It's beautiful.


  7. I love that "He barbecued everything". We also had a bbq this weekend but it was a little weird, we took our meat but then we only ate the meat we brought. Turns out we weren't sharing meats arounds... so I ate a lot of bacon.

  8. I love this dress so much! Also, I did try on those shoes in Old Navy and I felt like they weren't super flattering on me, so I'm jelly of how good they look on you. What a lovely fourth outfit, and what a lovely sounding weekend!


  9. love this dress on you! I'm all for LWD's a llllll summer long. You're also rocking the bandana - glad you had a great weekend!



  10. what a great 4th outfit! very all-American looking, patriotic but still stylish. I'm glad you ended up having a great 4th! the boyfriend + brother relationship is one of the BEST things, it makes me happy too :) I love days like your Saturday where you can just hang, alllll day, bonus for food on patios, double bonus for good friends in town.

    I got to spend my 4th in Memphis. it was grand!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  11. Twins! I have this dress and I love it so so so so much.
    So much that when I got a stain on the hem, I just dyed it another color since I couldn't bear to part with it.

  12. gah, i love this dress on you. especially the back, you should show off your tattoo more often!

  13. Oh! I'm dying to see more of your tattoo!! Your long legs look amazing in shorter dresses like this beautiful white one! Also, when you wear a bandana in your hair, it makes me wish my hair would grow even faster so that I could try it out myself :)

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