7x7 | part three

We made it to the final part of my 7x7 workwear remix challenge! If you missed them, be sure to check out part one and part two to see the other looks I put together.

For part three, the staple item is my yellow-green Banana Republic Outlet blouse.

six // seven
I have worn this outfit so many times in the last several months. It's like a quintessential business casual look, with dark denim, a sassy blouse, and a conservative-yet-fun cardigan. 
green-magenta10 green-magenta6 green-magenta8 green-magenta7 green-magenta9 green-magenta5 green-magenta2 green-magenta1
seven // seven
For being a girl who rarely wear black and even less frequently dresses up this much for work, I'm obsessed with this outfit as much as I was with my 2/7 look. I don't recall the first time I saw lime and leopard paired together, but it's one of my favorite combinations. It just feels so luxe. I have to go to New York for an event in a couple of months, and I really want to wear this, but I think it will be too cold there by then. Somebody invite me to a fancy business dinner so I can wear this out, okay?
green-leopard1 green-leopard3 green-leopard2 green-leopard4 green-leopard6 green-leopard7 green-leopard8 green-leopard9
Which do you like better here: business casual or business luxe?


  1. you totally rocked this 7x7! I love that last outfit!

  2. I loveeee this top. So cute for work. For NY, I'd say add a blazer and some cute tights - it's too pretty not to wear!

    The Blushing Dreamer

  3. The work wear look is awesome, I am such a fan of pairing leopard with... well, anything! It's such a great neutral. If I didn't have the habit of sitting with my legs tucked under me at work, I would totally wear this. Also, very jealous you're going to NY!

    Were these pics taken on campus? The scenery looks very familiar to me but I can't put my finger on it, haha. Do you live on campus? I remember living in a Jester dorm and it was the best/worst experience ever ;)

    Thank you for your comforting words on my recent post, it felt weird blogging about being sad! I would have responded on my blog, but I haven't quite figured out how to implement Disqus yet. I'm workin' on it!


  4. I love that last outfit! Those heels look so chic with that skirt, and I love the lime, leopard, black color combo. Seriously love it, plus I feel like the cut of that blouse is super flattering to the arms, which is something I'm always looking for since I've gained weight. I wear black to work a lot, so I can definitely see myself re-creating this.


  5. they are taken on the UT campus! i actually graduated from St. Edward's and had never spent much time on UT's campus, which is why we picked it for my photos. I've lived in Austin my whole life and only been to UT a couple times, mostly the fountains. it's way pretty!

    let me know if you need help with Disqus! they have a great tutorial on their site, but it can still be a little tricky.

  6. you are so dang cute! I love your smile! loving these chic looks! looking super fab!


  7. Love both outfits! What a versatile blouse! And now I want a leopard print belt!

  8. YES to lime and leopard! About a year ago, I wore my black + white striped skirt with a lime cardigan and a leopard print scarf, and it was one of my favorite outfits! There's something about the combo that just works, right?! And I can tell from the photos that you loved that outfit and felt good in it. Your smile is so radiant!!


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