7x7 | remix recap

photos by Kirsten Sorensen

Just because I like to see the outfits all next to each other (and definitely not because I like to see seven of myself at once--it's always weird!), here's a quick recap of remix challenge. In case you missed any part of the challenge, here are parts one, two, and three. This was such a fun challenge to get me thinking about even this small part of my closet in a bigger way. I really love six out of seven of these outfits, and the one I don't love is probably just because I love the way I wore it first more.

Here are a few tips to take away from my challenge:
> Scarves are your friend. I'm not much of a jewelry girl, but I love how a patterned scarf can take an outfit to a totally different place. Seeing how different the two scarves are in looks 1 & 2, and how they both work with the same solid blue dress, gives me a lot of confidence to continue to wear scarves in a professional setting as well as a casual one. (For scarf inspiration, check out this post.)
> Interesting belts pull outfits together. More times than not, if I have an outfit that doesn't feel cohesive, adding an interesting belt takes it from being some pieces worn together to being a complete outfit. I don't even own a plain black belt because I've never had a reason to. My leopard belt usually serves the same purpose, while being more interesting and fun. I get a ton of wear out of my glitter belt too, weather it's over a dress or cardigan, or even looped through my jeans for a little bit of sparkle.
> Don't be afraid to layer! I never would have known my black skirt fit over my blue dress if I didn't try it. Now that I know, I plan to wear this all time. Basically, it doesn't hurt to try!
> You don't have to say yes to blazers. At first, I felt weird about not including a blazer in a workwear remix, but I really only wear my navy blazer and it didn't go with the aesthetic I was looking for in these outfits. As I've mentioned before, I'm just not a blazer girl, and cardigans make me look so much more put together because they just fit better.

So now that you've followed along with this remix challenge, how can you translate the same process into your own closet?
> Make a closet inventory. Create a spreadsheet of all your workwear pieces (i.e. tops, dresses, pants, outerwear, etc). As you enter each item, be sure to try them on to ensure that they fit, and that they fit correctly. Remember, if you don't love the way you look in it, you won't wear it, so you may as well make room for something else. (Adina and Fran posted great examples of closet inventories you can check out!)
> Put puzzles together. Lay out a few pieces together on your bed to see how different tops look with different bottoms. Sometimes all you have to do is see something near something else to feel inspired to make it into a look. Don't forget to get your accessories out to pull the whole thing together or take it to the next level.
> Actually use the Pinterest boards you make! If you're one of those people who pins lots of outfits you like, but never look at them again, it's time to put all that work to good use. Go into your Pinterest and find outfits that include items you already have (which you're super aware of now that you've made a closet inventory!).
> Identify holes in your closet. When you're putting together an outfit, whether it's one you came up with on your own or one you were inspired by on Pinterest/a blog, and you notice you don't have certain pieces that make it work, start a list on your phone of those things! Having a list of these missing links helps you be a more focused shopper next time you're out.

Would you ever try a 7x7 remix challenge? Which outfit is your favorite?


  1. I am considering doing something like this, especially after I've started moving and have seen how many clothes I own!

  2. I really love all the tips of yours. The focus on capsule wardrobes and small remixes I think pushes you out of comfort zone and forces you to reinvent items you own. Very inspirational.

  3. You've inspired me to actually go through my clothing and weed out what I don't wear. what doesn't fit, and what isn't practical for my work wardrobe. I think this means I get to blame you later, when I'm ankle deep in clothing and realize I actually have to put the things I'm keeping back on hangers. ;)

  4. you can definitely blame me then! that's my least favorite part too, haha. but then you get to put them all back in and organize them by type and color and have a really pretty closet!

  5. These are great tips - and I happen to love all 7 of your looks! I really like the idea of the 7x7 (or really any number of smaller remix). I have fun doing the 30x30, but I think doing smaller remixes more frequently might be a better way to stay inspired.

  6. Last year I went through and bought all identical hangers and weeded extensively, but I left some things I should have gotten rid of. I have a giant stack I need to try on, then I must drop off a big donation.

  7. 7x7 definitely seems less overwhelming than a 30x30 - maybe ill try one next month! I think I'm going to go through & photograph everything in my closet then keep a binder...is that weird?




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