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blouse: c/o Apricot Lane Boutique // shorts: c/o Apricot Lane Boutique // necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique // shoes: Steve Madden via DSW (similar) // scarf: vintage

photos by Kirsten

I love new school supplies as much as the next girl, but what I really love about back-to-school time is picking out my first day outfit. The key word there is outfit. I have spent hours of my life leading up to first days putting together the perfect, most cohesive outfit that expresses who I am and what I'm there to do. There's just something special about the way first day outfits come together. It's like the pieces were predestined to be worn for this exact occasion.

This is exactly what happened when I visited Apricot Lane Boutique to shop their back-to-school selection. I'm not going back to school this year (or probably any other year--fingers crossed!), but that doesn't mean I have to give up shopping for a fresh, new look. I fell in love with these pleated shorts--a trend I wasn't too sure about--and picked up this adorable blouse with the bow details on the sleeves to go with it. Along with about ten other random items, I headed into the dressing room. To my surprise, the shorts look totally fab, and the outfit looked like it was meant to be worn the way I was wearing it. I fell in love with a few other pieces (because, come on, Apricot Lane is so cute), but nothing compared to the giddiness I felt in the outfit I first tried on. I topped it off with the loveliest Texas necklace (which I actually bought three of, two to give to my besties as friendship necklaces). It was the total package.

Austin gals--did you know we have an Apricot Lane here? I didn't! I've seen Utah bloggers and Danielle of Goodwillista mention it, and patiently awaited a store of our own. Well, apparently it's been in the Hill Country Galleria, which is basically a southwest version of The Domain with more affordable stores and less crowds, since 2011. As a south Austinite, it can be kind of a drag driving all the way up north to The Domain, so I'm excited about having cute shops like Apricot Lane without having to sit in traffic to get there.

Apricot Lane receives new shipments several times a week, rather than just once or twice a season like other retailers. Every time I've been in over the last couple of weeks, I've fallen in love with items that had just arrived earlier that day. They were stocking some really cute fall and cold-weather (since we know those aren't mutually exclusive in Austin) pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on!

For those of you going back to school this semester, do you have your outfit picked out yet? For those who aren't, do you still partake in back-to-school traditions?

Disclosure: Items worn in this post were gifted to me in exchange for review, but all opinions are--as always--my own!


  1. I'm always jealous of people from Texas ONLY because the state outline always makes for sure great jewelry. Wisconsin just doesn't look the same...


  2. my brother, like, refuses to believe they're shorts. i even showed him, and he just rejects the whole concept.

  3. i actually have a really cool shirt from Wisconsin from during all of the protests in 2011 that makes the state look like a solidarity fist!

  4. i've been to apricot lane, its cute. I LOVE the colors in this outfit, they scream fall to me! also, i love back to school supplies, i just do.

  5. What a beautiful color combination! The color of your shorts (!!! I so thought this was a skirt !!!) is my new favorite color. I also love the sleeves on your shirt-the little bows are too cute.

  6. You look so pretty, Nicole! This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The cream and cranberry colors look great on you, and the gathered sleeves and pleated shorts are so timelessly pretty. I love that you got your besties friendship necklaces!

    I can relate to your meticulous back-to-school outfit planning! I feel a little nostalgic for it now, but just because I'm not going back to school doesn't mean there aren't other first days worth dressing up for.


  7. the first picture of you is absolutely gorgeous. we wore uniforms in school, but that didn't stop me from making sure that I was acessorized and my hair fixed super cute for the first day!
    i was about to list the things I love about this outfit, but I love it all. it's pretty and perfect. xoxo

  8. This outfit is so cute! I like all the details: the bows on the sleeves, the pleats, and the Texas-shaped necklace!

  9. Um................................So pleats add like 16 sizes to me and it makes me sad because I just want to wear all the cute, pleated things!

  10. What magnificent shorts! And I luuuveeee your TX necklace too. I think we have an Apricot Lane here in Nashville, I'll have to check it out!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  11. The sleeves on your blouse are SO adorable!! I have seen Danielle talk about Apricot Lane as well...and everything they have seems to be so stinking cute!

    Also, I'm right there with you on first day outfits. I just had my first day of school with my students yesterday, but we had to wear staff I guess today was my "real" first day outfit :)

  12. I don't have school coming up, but I LOVE picking out my first week's worth of outfits. That first impression man.... I love walking in all like "I'm all about print, pattern, and STATEMENT! You hear?" Love what you chose...=]


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