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After almost a whole summer or trying to get there, Briley and I finally took a little trip to San Antonio to see our girl Shelby. Before we got on the road, we stopped by Craft Riot, where I ran into cutie blogger friends Taylor and Becky, and we saw some of the prettiest artisan creations the city has to offer. Then we hit the road for the hour-long trek down to SA.

We met Shelby for sangria at a neat outdoor bar called Luxury that reminded me of my favorite neighborhood bar in Austin. Her sweet coworkers helped us pick a place for dinner, and we ended up at Pearl, which is such a cool area of town with a brewery, little coffee shops and eateries, and, most importantly, a brand new location of Lick Ice Cream (which you know I love so much)! I don't know what it's like when other people visit friends or new places, but I like to eat my way through a city.

After ice cream, we did what you do when you go to San Antonio: visit The Alamo. I've been a bunch of times on various field trips and family vacations in my life, but I never get tired of it. This time was extra special because Briley introduced us to the wine slushie place outside of the mall which is about a block away from the state's most famous mission. So, yeah, The Alamo is even better with Pinot Colada (get it!?) slushie in hand. My phone had of course died by this point in the night (too much Snapchatting, obvi), so I didn't get any Alamo-selfies. Luckily Briley brought along her delightful Instax camera and got some cute, tiny polaroids of us.

all photos in this set by Briley
Shelby kept telling us we were going to see a light show at another mission near the Riverwalk, but I wasn't really sure what that would entail. Like, fireworks? A laser show? Y'all. It was way better and cooler than anything you're imagining. A french artist designed this incredible 7,000 square-foot projection that appears across the front the San Fernando Cathedral. It's called The Saga, and it tells thestory of the history and culture or San Antonio in multimedia fashion. My phone was unfortunately dead, but here's an article about the show and here's a video snippet I found of part of it. If you're ever in San Antonio, definitely put this on your list of must-sees! To end out the night, we stopped by the oldest VFW bar in Texas and happened upon the best Journey cover band maybe ever.

We awoke Sunday morning with dreams of brunch in our eyes, and decided on a little diner near Shelby's apartment called The Pig Stand. It was hilarious and precious inside, absolutely filled from floor to ceiling with pig paraphernalia. I had high hopes for The Pig Stand, but it became clear that the restaurant was not going to live up to its novelty. The food wasn't necessarily offensive, but the maple syrup was served to us with live ants crawling in it. I have never been so grossed out at a restaurant before. We told the waitress, and she didn't really seem shocked, and certainly didn't pick up on our repulsion. She brought over another syrup pitcher, even though we had all finished our French toast, and we quickly paid the bill and left. With the same fervor that I think you should see The Saga while you're in San Antonio, I think you should not go to The Pig Stand.

Shelby had to go into work, so Briley and I headed back to Austin in what was the fastest drive I've ever made between the two cities. Thank goodness, too, because I came home and promptly napped for five hours.

How was your weekend? I hope it was more like The Alamo, and less like ants in your maple syrup!


  1. Always impressed by your ability to capture full weekends so well! This sounds like a blast. I love that you were in a historical location, but it sounds so relevant and hip! I didn't realize the Alamo was so awesome! And, agreed, I love eating my way through any city.

    I had a girlfriend in town this weekend, so mine was somewhat similar to yours! Girl hangs, amiright??

    Also, can I ask you how you make your iPhone picture collages? I'm always experimenting with the best way to make mine. Thanks!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. yay girl times! someday i'll have to come eat my way through nashville ;)

    for my iphone collages, i just use photoshop. my images are all print screened from my insta (ahem...something you should have!) and then i just resize them and put them in a blank PS doc. not exciting.

  3. wine slushies sound so. dang. amazing. like, give me one now.

  4. Next time I'm in San Antonio I will avoid the Pig Stand at all costs! I cannot believe that place is still in business! Glad you had a fun weekend though :)

    I hit a wedding, then a concert, then visited my family - it was quite full!

    xo, Maddy

  5. It was so good to finally get to meet you!!! You me and Becky should all go get some food or drinks sometime... Yay!

  6. I would love to take a Texas road trip right now! I have to admit, summer makes me very homesick.


  7. I think I've hung out in San Antonio as an adult a total of one time, and that was in college so it only kind of counts. I've been a couple of times on errands, but not to hang. I just never think of San Antonio as a cool place to be, for some reason. Also, last time I went to San Antonio with my mom, while visiting from out of state, I got a speeding ticket that was super expensive. I always hear people complain about cops elsewhere, like Austin, but I've always had the worst luck with San Antonio. Womp. That light show sounds awesome though, so I might have to give SA a second chance. Glad you had a good time except for The Pig Stand, which sounds like it needs reported to the health inspector.


  8. i like the way you think! i'm all about eating my way through the city too :)
    we just discovered our new favorite ice cream place too and its pretty much heaven <3
    girls weekend sounded fun for ya. i need one of those soon.


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