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We not only made it another week, but we made it to a new month! That, my friends, is what you call willpower. This week wiped me out, so here are some lovely links to tide you over.

Becca wrote a powerful post about body confidence and combating fat shaming
Speaking of body image, I completely agree with this really important deconstruction of a so-called "body positive anthem"
Quiz time: which Adventure Time princess are you? (I got Breakfast Princess, obvs.)
The most excited for my favorite musical to turn into a movie. These stills have got me singing!
It's been a while since I mentioned it here, but Dago and I are very much still in the podcast game. This week's episode might be the funniest of all time!
I've never really been into the clear purse trend, but I am so into this DIY clutch
An eclectic wishlist: this blouse, this watch, this dress, this necklace, and this skirt

What did you love on the internet this week?

Side note: I've been writing poetry again, and I could just keep it to myself, but I could also start posting it here every now and then. Would y'all be into that? What's the poetry climate like out in the blogosphere?


  1. Aw shucks, thanks for sharing my post! I didn't actually mention it on my blog, but I literally wrote that post on my phone on the bus after that trainer session. It was either write it out or burst into tears, so I'm glad I went with the former.

    Also, I'm pretty sure "Darling just fucking own it" should be my new motto. LOVE!

    Also also, please share your poetry! This is your space so you should rock it out, lady!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  2. i write so many posts on my phone when i'm really emotional/fired up and need to write it right then. it is a beautifully written, really powerful post.

    i actually made a graphic for my laptop background in different font/color with the "Darling just fucking own it" because i wanted to see it more.

    that's the response i was hoping for! poetry, coming soon!

  3. Thanks, lady! You're the best. Also, that is awesome. I should do that myself! Excited to read your poetry!

  4. These links give me so many smiles.

  5. I would love to read some of your poetry! It would be a nice change from the kind of creative writing I usually see (and love reading) in blog world


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