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jacket: Gap Outlet (love this one!) // dress: Vero Moda for ASOS (now on sale!) // belt: Gap Outlet // shoes: Steve Madden via DSW (similar) // necklace: Bip&Bop

When I came out of the room wearing this outfit the other day, I asked Dago what he thought, and he said I looked like I was going on the cutest safari ever. Leopard belt, giraffe necklace, and the most perfect sarafi-ing jacket you ever saw. Okay, so maybe people don't really go on safari in little white dresses.

Speaking of little white dresses, I feel like I'm doing that thing with this dress where I just love it so much I want to save it for special occasions instead of wearing the heck out of it. I want to be wearing the heck out of it! Wearing it can make it a special occasion, right? I didn't end up being as in love with this ~wild~ styling as I thought, so I'mma turn it over to you: how would you style this dreamy eyelet number? For reference, this is how I wore it last time.

P.S. Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my post yesterday! Y'all are awesome. Like Beyoncé levels of awesome.


  1. Dago's comment is so adorable :) I actually really like the contrast between the safari-themed pieces and the dress. Since you've styled it with jackets both times, though, I'd love to see it with a cardigan in a great bright color.


  2. really curious how it would look with a metallic jacket like this >> or maybe a silk/chiffon kimono (side note--i feel weird calling these kimonos but i'm not sure what else to call them. jacket-shawl combo? lightest cardigan ever?)

  3. ok, so i think this outfit is perfect. i love everything about it. its feminine without being too girly. i love the colors, you totally nailed it.

  4. Your outfit is so freaking cute!! I love everything about it!

  5. Safari cutie indeed! I love the mix of the more boyish jacket with the uber-feminine eyelet dress :) I love cardigans, so I'd probably pair this with any and all cardigans!! I bet it would look awesome with a vest or denim jacket, too!

  6. I love it! I bet it would look awesome against a leather jacket, too! My go to for all dresses is one of the following: a scarf or a long necklace and various colored cardigans (with either of the previous accessories)

  7. You are certainly the cutest safari babe I've ever seen!
    You posted this at just the right time. I just bought a little white dress and was worried I'd never be able to wear it except for on special occasions, but I now see that I can dress it down a little by throwing on flats and a cute little jacket! I might just have to recreate this look for my blog :)

  8. do it! i want to see that dress, and i want to see your version of this outfit because i can bet i'll love it.

  9. can't handle how much i like someone i don't even know

  10. Yup... you're a cutie!

  11. Love this look! just bought a utility vest on clearance this summer and I am LOVING how many things it goes with. I like the white dress, I'll have to give that a try with my vest! XO-Alexandra

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