fall favorites: the cool-weather accessory

The one item I knew I wanted Adina and I to showcase in our fall favorites series was an autumnal accessory. Specifically, I wanted to show of my favorite fall scarf. I could throw this baby on over pretty much any outfit, and it would be improved. It's kind of like the avocado of clothes: it makes everything better.

how to wear a white dress in fall
how to wear white after labor day
dress: ASOS (similar) // scarf: Target (similar) // shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel

While Briley was taking these photos, she said this was the quintessential Texas fall outfit. It's really true. Not only do we wear white after Labor Day, but sundresses are a staple all year 'round. All you gotta do is add boots--and in this case--a cozy accessory that says "hey, this is a fall outfit, can't you tell?"

chambray and denim for fall
denim on denim with scarf and booties
shirt: Old Navy // jeans: Gap Outlet // scarf: Target (similar) // shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel

As much as the sundress is a staple for Texans, chambray and denim is a staple for me. The pairing doesn't show up on the blog that much because I almost always wear it when I'm running late (always) and need to grab something quick. I know it always looks good and I always look good in it. Everybody needs an outfit like that, no matter the season. For fall, I like to throw on an easy scarf and a pair of boots. I can guarantee you I'll wear this once a week this season!

What accessory spices up your outfit when the temperatures start to drop? Like me, Adina grabs a scarf; hers is a gorgeous jade color, which is stunning with her hair and complexion! See how she wears it for work and for play.


  1. Dresses are my quick always look good in always work outfit. I have one black knit one and a light gray/striped one that also does the trick. I love your scarf is like an avocado simile. I will be using that one later.

  2. I'm with you on scarves! I put one on and my outfits instantly look chicer! Love your white dress!

  3. I love chambray and denim paired together, and that last outfit is adorable! So perfect for fall.

  4. A good scarf is indeed a fall staple.

  5. Love these outfits, and that scarf does scream fall. I'd say the cardigan is my go-to fall accessory, mostly because I'm usually running late and then I can just throw on an outfit I wore all summer and put a cardi over it and booties or pumps and we're good.


  6. SO cute!! I love these both. :) i love throwing on a scarf as well. Adds such a big pop to a minimal outfit.

  7. Haha, I love that you called this scarf "the avocado of clothes." Truth. That scarf is so cute, and you've worn it in some great outfits! I've not yet tried the chambray + denim look, but you've almost convinced me to try it based on how lovely you look in that last outfit. Also, I know you've written before about how you're still getting used to your new curves, but I need to tell you that you look PHENOMENAL. Honestly. You're gorgeous.


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