grey day

grey tee over eyelet dress knotted tee over dress vintage headscarf and Bonlook frames how to wear white after Labor Day minimalist fall outfit Bonlook frames and a vintage headscarf grey and white for fall
dress: Vero Moda for ASOS (similar) // tee: Old Navy // shoes: old (similar) // scarf: vintage

Photos by Briley Noel

I've never been one of those people who cheers for a grey day. The rain, clouds, and cooler temps just don't do it for me the way sunshine and bright blue skies do. However, this weekend's storm brought in some really pretty weather and I didn't mind it one bit. I even went out twice for pumpkin spice drinks. Dago and I queued up the Netflix, snuggled into our respective couches, and stayed inside for as long as possible. Even Contessa seemed to enjoy the weather, snoring away as the rain poured outside the window.

I can't seem to stop styling this white dress now that we're past Labor Day. I have so many fall and winter outfit ideas using it. If you are kicking yourself for not buying a white dress this summer, it's not too late because you can totally wear it all year round. Plus, most of them are on super sale now!

Are you a fan of grey days? What's your take on white after Labor Day?


  1. grey days are my thing. being so pale i swear the second the sun touches my skin its burned and then i'm miserable. i love the lack of stress that grey days offer me. also i love the smell of rain on the sidewalk, so grey days for the win.

    ok now how to address how adorable you look. seriously so stinkin' cute. i love this combo. i have never been able to pull the knotted tee off, but you are totally rockin it here. love the white after labor day. i don't even know why its a thing. i don't wear white in general so i guess its never been an issue for me. but i do wear white converse and i mainly wear them after labor day, not sure that counts but whatevs.

  2. I am just loving all of the ways you are styling this white dress. I also love the pose in your last picture, stinkin cute.

  3. I wish I could get scarves to stay on my head. They always slide off!

  4. it took me such a long time to be able to do it! one thing that helped me is to roll the scarf so the pointy end is on the inside, which makes it more like a solid band. i think my hair being shorter helps too, because when my hair was long i never could make it stay. oh, another thing--i was always tying them too tightly! if i tie it just enough to wrap around my head, it doesn't move at all. hope that helps! you'd look so cute with a headscarf!

  5. cute idea to transition a white dress into autumn! i'm all for wearing white after labor day. please keep styling white dresses! love the inspiration. i'm into grey days sometimes, but for the most part, i like the sunny ones a whole lot more!


  6. I heard y'all had some cool temps while I was away! Then when I came back on Sunday it was hot again, lol! That's Austin for ya.

    I feel no shame in wearing white after Labor Day (as you might have noticed from my white on white outfit in my recent post, haha). I mean, it's technically still summer until the 23rd! And who knows, maybe I'll find a way to style white during the fall as well ;)

  7. Love this look! I'm wishing the cooler temps would come back!!


    Lee Anne

  8. A shirt over a dress just can't be wrong. I won't let it. I think this dress will be lovely as the weather gets colder, that fabric will pair SO well with a knit tight or sweater or scarf! Wear all the white you want, I say!

    Oh, I meant to say in my last comment: we got a bit of a breezy spell here in Nashville too, and I didn't want to jump the gun, but I was SO excited. And naturally got some colder weather clothes out :D Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, dear Nicole!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  9. NICOLE. This is such a stunning look on you! I love how you dressed down this fancy white dress with a knotted tee and darling headscarf (seriously, you always look perfectly cute in your headscarves!!). Sigh. You're just so dang cute.

  10. This is adorable!! I've never understood the no white after Labor Day rule. Why ban a color based on the calendar? I have two white dresses and I might just steal this look for work tomorrow! :)

  11. This outfit is adorable. Please box it up and send it to me. K thanks :)

  12. I love this outfit so much. I keep trying to figure out ways to wear shirts over my dresses and either I don't have the right shirts/dresses for it, or I'm just not creative enough. Boo. You win.


  13. I love how you styled the tee over it. Its a great way to transition it to fall. I'm now imagining this same look with a scarf, boots and maybe even a vest? can't wait to see what you do next!

    xo, Maddy


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