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unrelated image of the most delicious french toast from Elizabeth St. Cafe

I am so thankful for Friday. I am so thankful for all of you. I am so thankful for my home, my supportive loved ones, my cat, this space, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and bright pink lipstick. This week has been one of the hardest for me in recent history, so I'm going to be grateful for what I have so I can keep truckin' along.

I'm also thankful, sometimes, for the Internet. It does a lot of harm and perpetuates a lot of negativity, but it's also a place where people can come together and spread joy. So I'm thankful for that part of it today.

♥ This video may have made my whole darn week. Watch it and tell me you didn't smile.
♥ Don't mind me, I'm just going to sit here and drool over the Michael Kors Spring 2015 collection.
♥ Blair Waldorf is all grown up--and she's got pipes!
♥ I loved (and needed) this piece about self-love and exercise.
♥ If you've ever thought about starting a capsule wardrobe, you need to be following Un-Fancy.
♥ An "ooh, fall is coming" wishlist: this sweet flannel dress, this darling top, this perfect work bag, and a berry cute shoe.

Send me your favorite links from around the web (and also some good vibes! I'm awaiting some big news!).


  1. Lovely links- thank you for sharing. Love me some Leighton Meester! Big hugs to you and lots of good vibes.

  2. That self love and exercise article is all I've ever wanted out of the internet (or, at least, all I've wanted in the last year). Seriously perfect.


  3. I love every single one of your picks for your fall is coming wishes, especially that top. All the patterns are perfect. Leighton is one of my favorites. She sang all of her songs in country strong. Pretty much the only good thing about that movie.

  4. if you haven't heard this, it's my favorite thing she's sung on

  5. wow! that food just looks amazing! yummy!

  6. I need that breakfast plate. I think probably for every meal from here on out. whoa.

  7. Here's something I want for no real reason (and won't buy because of the price tag). Who doesn't want to invite people into their home and have them leave half-convinced that you're a real-live dinosaur hunter?

  8. holy crap that's amazing! you should check out these dinosaur succulent planters. i see them everywhere in austin and want to buy them for everybody.

  9. Good vibes sent your way!


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