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It's Friday again! Funny how that works. I wanted to say thanks for all of y'all's good vibes--they paid off! I'll be announcing some big news here soon. Fall is a season of change, isn't it?

Since I've been busy with preparations leading up to said change, here are some lovely links from around the web:

♥ Cannot stop looking at these gorgeous images. Anybody know how to make a cinemagraph/want to make one for me?
♥ New favorite style blogger alert!
♥ This cover letter feels rather familiar, and yet so hilarious.
♥ These color collection posts Kelsey put together with her little one are precious.
♥ If the women of Sex and the City were on OkCupid.
♥ New books from Lena, Amy, and more on my wishlist for October.
♥ A much-needed reminder for me this week.
♥ Searching for leopard flats? Look no further.
♥ Wonuts. I need them.
♥ Other things I need (okay, want)? These clogsthis babydoll top, this blouse, this cardigan, and this plaid bandana.

What did you love on the Internet this week? Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Annnd I'm checking out basically all of these links right now...thanks so much for sharing! I love these types of posts :)

  2. thanks for the link love, pretty lady! I'm also SUPER intrigued by those wonuts...YUM. happy friday! xoxo {av}

  3. Those Love in Motion gifs are amazing!! Wonuts?! I'm in!

  4. Those pictures are so cool! I feel like there's an app for this...either I downloaded it or thought about downloading it, but have no idea what it is off the top of my head. So basically I'm just super unhelpful.


  5. those cinemagraphs are amazing! my brother know how to make them, but i've always wanted to learn for myself

  6. Oh my gosh, those cinemagraphs! Amazing.


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