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smock dress and skinny jeans how to wear your smock dress this fall black floral smock dress cute fall outfit monochromatic fall outfit Bonlook frames and a floral dress floral smock dress, black skinnies, and booties
dress (worn as top): Target (similar) // pants: Forever 21 // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // necklace: Land of Salt

Photos by Briley Noel 

Counting this post, this dress has been worn 4 times on the blog (here, here, and here). That number seems absurd to me, because I've worn this dress like once a week since I bought it. And you know what happens when you wear the same dress every week for ten months? It shrinks

I thought I was going to have to give up my favorite article of clothing, but found inspiration from Brandi of Run Style Run, who frequently layers short smock dresses over pants--and makes it look so cute (see examples: one, two, and three). I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear this outfit just as often as I've been wearing the dress itself. Seeing it worn with pants here, I can't even imagine wearing it as a dress again because it's just gotten to be so short! 

As I mentioned in my fall style inspiration post, I'm really into monochromatic dressing this season. It's something new for me, seeing as I'm usually the queen of color-blocking. I like that it's something I can play with in levels without having to commit to wearing all-black-every-day. This is more of a subtly monochromatic look, but I plan to experiment with more outfits on the color spectrum soon! 

Have you ever salvaged a too-short dress by wearing it with pants? How do you feel about monochromatic outfits?


  1. this outfit looks so perfect on you. since you have legs for days it seriously looks perfect. i'm sure i've probably done this once, but most likely with leggings instead of pants. also monochromatic outfits are my favorite outfits.

  2. I love this look! AE has so many great patterned dresses, but they are immodestly short on me -- I have long legs, or a tall torso, or something & dresses never fit long enough on me -- and I am bummed I can't wear them. BUT I also own so many jeggings that would pair great with the shorter hemline on our dresses. I am excited now!

  3. Some of the items on my blog that have only appeared a few times are the things I wear so often that I'm pretty people are asking, "Again?" Haha! Love the ditsy flower print on your dress!

  4. i think these types of pieces would look so cute on you, especially if those adorable AE dresses fit more like tunics. i honestly feel like this is the type of outfit AE would try to sell, with a big cozy cardi on top. can't wait to see what you put together!

  5. I always love the idea of wearing pants under short dresses, and then I never feel like I can pull it off. You've inspired me to pull some old dresses out of the donation pile and give it a try, though!


  6. I've always been a fan of this dress of yours, and I'm glad it's getting a second life as a top. I look forward to seeing your monochromatic style adventures!


  7. Gahhh, I hate when dresses shrink! I always try to not dry mine in the dryer to make sure it doesn't happen anymore, but sometimes somehow it still does. I think you could totally pull it off with some legging and boots though!

  8. the thing is my dryer doesn't even work! so i don't think i've even ever dried it! womp womp. definitely going to wear it this fall with leggings and boots though!

  9. I've had a few dresses shrink on me as well, and then I wear them with skinny jeans or leggings + boots. It's perfect!! I looove this look on you, by the way!!

  10. Haha, as I looked at this I was wondering if your top was a dress, and kind of hoping it wasn't, because yeah - super short. But I have had that happen to me (sometimes after only one wear! Sadness), and I'm still trying to dare to wear my too-short dresses over skinny jeans. But this outfit looks great!


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