9 // wish i were wearing

wish i were wearing
top // jeans // watch // boots // purse

I've been so into darker color palettes lately! There was a time when you couldn't find black in my closet because I purged after years of working as a barista, but now I'm ready to add it all back in. Another trend I'm really into is the jeweled collar, and I love how this J.Crew Factory top has that boxy fit I like to wear and is the most gorgeous shade of burgundy. Finally, how can you say no to this precious cat purse? I don't ever buy little evening bags, but I think I would wear this one all the time. I mean, me-ow!

What do you wish you were wearing?


  1. I can speak to those jeans being the best, and I haven't seen the jeweled collar thing before. Very interesting. I love the color!

  2. I really like that watch!

  3. The color of that top is gorgeous! And yes please, cat purse! I need one. I've been into darker colors lately, too; I think it's the fall weather speaking to me. Which is weird, usually I'm really colorful and light. But it's fun to change it up!

  4. Ooh, I LOVE everything about this outfit!

  5. I saw a kitty purse in H&M and I thought of you! I love the jeweled collar look, but I've never bought one because I'm afraid I would never wash it. That color is gorgeous though.



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