happy halloween from your favorite girl scout

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photos by Briley Noel

Happy Halloween, kittens! Here it is, my official Halloween costume. Having spent some time at Briley's Girl Scout camp this summer, and with the TxSC theme this coming year being CAMP, I thought it would be fun to revive my childhood scouting uniform for Halloween!

This was my real Junior vest, which, as you can see, I was committed to filling with as many patches as possible, and then some. My dad was the co-leader for my troop, and he diligently sewed all of my patches on, and even added a sash to the vest when I ran out of space. Thanks, dad!

If I'd thought of it ahead of time, it would have been fun to carry around boxes of cookies, but I'm a bad scout these days and I wasn't prepared.

What are you dressed as today? Is there an age when you feel people shouldn't dress up anymore? Any fun Halloween plans for the night/weekend?


  1. dang girl, the 8 year old in me is so jealous of all of your patches! I only got like 4 when I was in GS :(

  2. So, SO cute! I am ridiculously excited for CAMP. And new badges. :)

  3. 324? I WAS IN TROOP 324. Woah. So jealous of all your patches! I wish my was as full as yours!

  4. Love this costume, especially since it's your own personal vest! You were quite an accomplished scout. Hope you had a fabulous Halloween Nicole!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. if only you'd been born like 5 years earlier, my dad could have been your troop leader and i could have been your scout sister. except now we're going to be scout sisters at CAMP!

  6. This costume is awesome!! How fun!!


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