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photo by Briley Noel

It feels like forever ago that I was setting my September goals, and yet it's so shocking that it's already October! September was a huge month for me. I decided it was time to leave the job I'd been with for over three years and was offered a position at a new job I'm really, really excited about. Seeing as I start the new gig on Monday, October is going to be a big month for me too!

Here's what I accomplished in September:

1. collaborate with another blogger on a project | done! I loved coming up with my own transitional outfits and seeing what Adina came up with too! (check out her posts here, here, and here.)
2. identify holes in my closet for fall | done! There are a few things I needed to replace (red striped top, black midi skirt), and some things I needed to add (brown flats, black denim). Can't wait to share outfits when everything ships! 
3. get a new phone | done! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to afford it, but with the release of the iPhone 6, I was able to upgrade to a 5s! Now I just need to pick a case...
4. take Dago out to the remodeled Alamo Drafthouse | done! Dago realized that I'd never seen Ghostbusters, so we used our Groupon tickets and gift card for a cheap date night to see the 30th anniversary showing of the cult classic. 
5. read I Am Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell | done! It deserves all 5 of the stars I gave it on GoodReads. Such a captivating read: stellar writing, exciting and poignant story. Definitely recommend.

Holy cow, did I really accomplish all of my goals for last month? I think that's a first! Let's see if I can do it again in October!

1. dive headfirst into the new job | I'm ready to learn everything there is to know about Junebug as a company and brand, bond with my co-workers, and write, write, write!
2. meet local bloggers in person | I've recently discovered so many lovely local bloggers! I've got an upcoming date with Grace of Musings from Grace, and hopefully I'll be able to meet Courtney and Rachel soon too!
3. reach 52 episodes of Breakfast for Dinner Podcast | I cannot believe we've been podding for a whole year! We technically had our one year anniversary yesterday, but we had to skip a couple of weeks here and there, so our actual 52nd episode won't come for a few more weeks. 
4. put together a Halloween costume with items from my closet | I think I know who I want to be for Halloween, but haven't officially decided. I love being able to use pieces I already own for Halloween costumes.
5. read Women in Clothes | I've heard so many good things about this collection, so I'm looking forward to taking it all in.

What are your small goals for October?


  1. I know you've been doing these "small goals" for a while, but I love them! I'm stealing them to put in my planner and keep myself on track.

    Some of my small goals for October:
    1. Send out request for letters of recommendation for my grad school application.
    2. See Gone Girl (hopefully convincing my boo to go with me).
    3. Find a neutral fall coat.
    4. Finish Devil in the White City.
    5. Stay on track for my fitness goals.

    Good luck with your new job! I have no doubt you're going to seamlessly transition your way into a superstar there!


  2. How exciting that your podcast is reaching 52 episodes! congrats on reaching all of your September goals! What an accomplishment!

  3. I love this series of posts by you. I'm seriously impressed that you can stick to it like this!

    I don't know who Breakfast Princess is, but that looks like an amazing & hilarious costume idea! Also love the idea of a Ghostbusters movie date night. Way to go on accomplishing all of your goals!

    I haven't really made any for the month, but I have been thinking about blogging more. I'd like to reach 15 posts by the months end, and I've been trying to plan them about a bit more. We'll see!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. Loved this post. I love crossing achieved goals off of my list, it's so rewarding! And I can't wait to see what you come up with Halloween-costume-wise. I'm still struggling in that department, even though it's only Oct. 2!

    xoxo Alice at www.trendyintexasblog.com

  5. I always enjoy reading about your goals. So impressed with all you got done in September. Good luck in the new job!

  6. yay for completing goals and starting your new job!

  7. Wow! Great job in September! I'm planning on reading Women in Clothes, too. But crossing my fingers that Santa brings it so it's not on my goals list until January ;)

  8. I've been such a terrible blogger as of late, but when I saw you were starting at a new job on Instagram I had to come over and wish you congratulations! Also great job on accomplishing all your goals this past month! :)

  9. Way to go on accomplishing all of your September goals! You're such a go-getter :) I am so excited for you that you've found a job that you feel excited about and that will be much better for your mental health :)


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