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Friday was my half birthday! As promised in my November goals, I wanted to take a look back at my 25 before 25 bucket list to check in with my progress. I've done a pretty good job overlapping my bucket list goals with my monthly small goals to help me complete them, which has been really helpful in staying on track.

I should have posted this on Friday, but forgot about it, and then decided to wait because I knew I would be accomplishing one of the list items over the weekend. Check out my full list below, and then what I've completed so far, what I expect to complete by May, and what I truthfully don't think I'll get done in the next six months.
Completed //
01. Take an anniversary trip with Dago - Completed on June 14. We went to Fredricksburg! It was the most fun and you can read about it here.
05. Reach 52 episodes of Breakfast for Dinner - Completed on October 29.
08. Do another blogging challenge - Completed on September 10. I teamed up with Adina for our Fall Favorites challenge, which you can view here.
10. Lead a workshop - Completed on June 22. I led a workshop on blogging at the All Grrls Summer Camp with Vagina :: The Zine. You can read about it here.
11. Travel across the state - Completed on July 17. I drove to Amarillo (a nine hour drive) to visit Briley. You can read about my travels (and subsequent food poisoning) here.
13. Finish 5 books - Completed on September 28. I read How Did You Get This Number, The Opposite of Loneliness, One More Thing: Stories & Other Stories, Wild, and I Am Not Myself These Days.
15. Apply for a job at a fashion publication - Completed September 15. A huge part of my job at Junebug Weddings is to write about bridal style, so I'm going to give myself this one. Read more about this my huge career transition here.
17. Vote for Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte - Completed on October 21. See my excited Early Voting selfie here.
21. Hike up Enchanted Rock - Completed November 23. Dago and I went yesterday! Will share more later, but you can see our selfies here.
23. Meet another blog friend - Completed October 13. I had a lovely pizza date with Grace of Musings from Grace. So excited to meet a bunch more of you ASAP and at TxSC15!
24. Buy the perfect black blazer - Completed September 24. I snagged the most perfect black blazer for my body to wear to my final interview with the Junebug crew. You can see what I wore to the interview here.
Total // 11 out of 25

Things I Expect to Complete by May 21, 2015 //
02. Make fresh lemonade - I'm a dummy for having not done this over the summer, especially because Briley bought me the cutest pitcher and lemon-printed glasses for my fresh lemonade. 
06. Get another tattoo - I would really like to do this, especially after the amazing, beautifully articulated, exceedingly helpful feedback I received on this post.
09. Pay off my credit cards - I will do this. I will do this. I will do this.
12. Dye my hair a fun color - I resisted dying my hair over the summer just in case I was going to spend lots of time in the pool, but now I have no excuse! Pick a color, dear readers
14. Do an art project for our home - I intend to do something over Christmas break, since I'll have some down time and will have that festive feeling.
18. Attend a yoga class - As hesitant as I am to do this, people invite me all the time, so I should just go.
19. Submit a piece of writing to a zine - I really want to take care of this in early 2015. It's been on my mind, so I just need to look through my writing or write something and send it off.
20. Send out family photo holiday cards - Briley has agreed to photograph Dago and I (oh, and Dago agreed too!) for holiday cards. Hoping to get this done in the next couple of weekends!
22. Meet a feminist icon - One of my personal feminist icons Sophia Rossi is a keynote speaker during TxSC15. She's a major advocate for Sisterhood. I am beyond excited.
25. Make a chapbook of my poetry - Hey, someone remind me to do this in the spring, kay?

Stuff I Probably Won't Do //
03. Love the way I look in a swimsuit - Ugh. So, I want to be able to cross this off the list because at the beginning of Summer 2014, I did love the way I looked. But by the end of the summer, I hated my body and completely avoided pools and my swimsuit. I'm hoping to get back in a healthy state of body and mind by May, but I also know that this may not be realistic.
04. Run a whole mile without stopping - Since my fall last May, I've only gone running once, and it wasn't even close to a mile. Maybe in the spring I'll start running again, and magically go a whole mile, and even more miraculously do it without stopping, but also probably not. 
07. Write half my memoir - Late this summer, I decided to forgo this goal until another chapter in my life.
16. Purchase a real  camera & tripod - It's just not in the financial cards, unfortunately.

So, if I complete all the things on my "I think I can" list, I will complete 21 out of my 25 goals. I don't think that's bad at all! I'm totally on track to do at least 10 more things by May.

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? How are those New Years' Resolutions coming along? Have you ever done a X number of things before X age bucket list before?

Also, if you're curious, here's my 24 before 24 recap and midpoint check-in. (This time last year, I had only done 5 of my goals!)


  1. This is awesome progress! I have come to learn that setting goals, even when I don't achieve all of them... helps me to do more and achieve more in general. Things that aren't on the list. Trying new things... :) It's all good. -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. You've done so well! Good for you and way to hold yourself accountable. Best wishes on the rest!


  3. I was really anti-yoga for a long time--it's just seemed trendy and like something young, hot, hippy people did to me. I did a six week class this year though and absolutely loved it. I definitely think finding the right place to go is really important! I went at my local community center and it was mostly older people so I didn't feel like I was competing with anyone and the instructor was super chill and awesome. I can't wait to sign up for another class. Do it, and maybe go by yourself, so that you don't feel pressure to feel a certain way afterward. Around me a lot of places are offering a free class on certain holidays, and a lot of places will offer free classes around New Year. Might as well scope out a good deal while you're trying it out!

    Maybe you should adjust your running goal to simply running a whole mile, period? I don't know how far you've been going, but doing my running schedule, I go about 2 miles in 30-40 minutes. It's super slow and involves some walking, but I feel really satisfied with myself when I finish. Sometimes I do end up doing a mile without stopping, but I focus more on running for a period of time than distance. Maybe you could shift your goal while still maintaining its integrity to make it more possible/plausible?

    I really wanted to do holiday cards this year too! I don't think it's going to happen though. I don't have an awesome photographer friend near me, and I can't see my pets cooperating, and that's really the real reason I want to take the picture in the first place (pets in costumes posed for a card). I'm glad you're doing yours though!

    I keep yo-yoing between desperately wanting to pay off my credit cards and feeling like it's futile. Boo debt.


  4. first - happy belated half birthday :) haha. Second - I think 21 out of 25 goals is pretty solid!

    You've got this

    xo, Maddy


  5. These are some great goals and you've made spectacular progress! I can't wait to see your next tattoo and hair choice :) Best of luck with the rest of them.

    The swimsuit goal, I think, is a life-time one. It always ebbs and flows, at least for me, so I think setting a deadline on it is a little tricky. I count the time you DID feel confident as a win, and each time you feel great, it's another win! :)

    - Mia

  6. 11 out of 25 ain't bad at all!! I really hope you get one of those bad ass tattoos and dye your hair!! I think pale blue or pale purple would be great on you!

  7. Happy half birthday to you, Nicole! I really like your goals. I'm about to turn 27, and I've been thinking of putting together a 30 before 30 list to give me some goals to shoot for during the next three years. I love some of the goals you've put together for yourself, and I am so proud of you for sticking to your list for the most part! You're such an inspiration for me, Nicole.


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