burgundy and berry

burgundy-berry1 burgundy-berry5 burgundy-berry4 burgundy-berry6 burgundy-berry2 burgundy-berry3
dress: Forever 21 // shoes: LuLu*s // tights: Target

photos by Briley Noel

While I'm not going full-force with a capsule wardrobe this season, I have been shopping with a color palette in mind. One of the fall shades I've been especially drawn to is burgundy. I feel like every fall this color has a new name: burgundy, oxblood, wine, maroon, etc. This year I've seen berry, which I'm definitely into. It reminds me of the color of your fingers and lips after eating lots of blue and blackberries.

When I spotted this dress, I knew it was coming home with me. I had told myself not to even look at dresses when I went to Forever 21, but when it's love you just know. I even had to do the hanger trick to get the dress off a really high hook (why do they do that!?) because I had to have it. I mean, it's got a collar!

I feel like Taylor Swift when I wear it, which is a wonderful way to feel. Speaking of Taylor Swift, I went back and forth about wanting to post a ranking of the songs on 1989, but this feels like a good time to do it.

01. Blank Space
02. I Know Places
03. How You Get The Girl
04. Shake It Off
05. Out Of The Woods
06. Style
07. Bad Blood
08. Wildest Dreams
09. All You Had To Do Was Stay
10. I Wish You Would
11. Welcome To New York
12. Clean
13. This Love

Tell me your own ranking in the comments, fellow Swifties! What colors are you digging this season? What name do you call the color of this dress?



  1. I'm so into this post. the t-swift mention on your facebook got me to click over right away.
    1) this dress is adorable and I am also really into both burgundy and dark purple/plum (which is in the same family).
    2) I can't rank them all, but my top favorites are definitely 1) Style 2) Out of the Woods 3) Blank Spaces 4) Shake it Off 5) I Know Places. It looks like we have a very similar top 5-ish that are just in a different order.
    3) I voted! I hope everyone else I know does too!

  2. This dress is the ABSOLUTE cutest. I love it, and love how it could be styled for any season and any weather.

  3. LOVE how you've styled this! I'd call the color wine or berry, but that's just because I don't like how burgundy sounds haha


  4. sooooooo cute!

  5. a) the color of your dress is burgundy. burgundy will stand the test of time - oxblood will not. (seriously? why did we have to rename a color that already had a name?) berry, to me, has a bit more of a pinkish tone to it.

    b) I don't even know where to begin with ranking 1989 - I'm obsessed with the whole album.

  6. Burgundy -or whatever it is being called at the moment, is always a good call :)

  7. LOVE this dress!! Can I come over and borrow it? K thanks! The color is perfection on you! I've been listening to T-Swift's new album on repeat, but I always just listen to it one after the other so the songs kind of get jumbled in my mind. I need to actually listen to them individually. I really like Blank Space, Wildest Dreams, Bad Blood, and Style!

  8. that color looks absolutely fantastic on you (queue heart eye emojis) i love that color for fall. also i haven't listened to taylor swifts new album yet, but i will be sure to soon.

  9. I have many things to say about this post, so here we go:
    1. I loooove T.Swift's new album, and I have to say we align pretty closely with how we rank the album.
    2. I, too, am in love with this color, and annoyed that it's called something else every fall. I stick with classic maroon, because that's what Crayola calls it (and to me, Crayola is the color Bible, haha).
    3. Dresses like this were made for your body - tall and thin, it just looks lovely on you!
    4. I voted! Can we stay friends? Kthxbye.


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