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There are a few items in my closet that I feel deserve to be a part of a collection. The two main articles of clothing I view this way are boots and coats. Every year, I get to add a new item to the collection, to fill a previously unfilled role. I have over-the-knee cognac boots, black ankle boots, brown riding boots, tan slouchy boots, slate heeled booties, etc. I've been pretty consistent about my boot buying habit. 

Unfortunately, my coat collection has been lacking the last few years. I've had my long black peacoat since high school, and it shows. I usually rely on my avocado green Old Navy peacoat as an every day coat, but this season I'm looking for something more classic.

Last year I wanted to add a tan coat to my collection, but it didn't happen. This year, I'm torn between sleek black and white or classic red. Care to help a girl out?


I've been eyeing the rust coat for a year, and it's really my dream coat. Unfortunately, it's not my dream price, and it always sells out before it ever goes on sale. The burgundy version is a better price, but I feel like it's too twee for my style? The bow, the peplum, the length, the collar--it just feels like too much.

Black and white was a color combo I avoided last year because it was too stark, too cater-waiter, but I really like it used in prints. Both of these black and white coats would fit seamlessly into my current closet, but I'm having trouble deciding which one looks more chic. I want a grown up, classic look that fits nicely and keeps me warm. Is that too much to ask?

Which coat do you love? Which should I buy? Do you have another coat in mind for me? Does anyone else shop in the sense of building a collection? Am I crazy?

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  1. Ahhhhh thank you for this post! I've actually been on the fence about getting the first coat and I almost almost almost got it the other day, but then I decided that I could probably find a better deal on a coat, plus I was really wanting a burgundy coat this year. Anyways, I just clicked on over to it on your link and guess what.. it's 50%off today! Got it in my shopping cart and ready to order it now :)
    I could totally see you in the larger print coat!

  2. eeeeee that makes me so happy! get your 50% off, girl!

  3. I think the burgundy coat with the peplum, minus the fur, and maybe a detachable bow would be perfect!

  4. Personally I would save up for the rust one. You've been eyeing it for a year already, and you wear your coats for years rather than replacing them frequently. It makes sense in this case.

  5. i like the way you think!

    ETA: my mom offered to split the cost with me for Chanukah, so yay!!!!

  6. I actually think the burgundy would look really cute on you! It might be more of a dressing up coat than an everyday coat, though. I really like the first black and white coat for everyday wear.


  7. Yep, go for the rust coat! It looks super cozy, and VERY "Nicole!!"


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