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What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't provide a few gift guides during the holiday season? Since every blogger and their mom is sharing a collection of shoppable items lately, I wanted to make my guides über-specific to writes like a girl and the kinds of gifts I'm actually giving this year.

First, a few gifts for your girl gang. You met my girl gang last week: badass babes with an affinity for quirky accessories, sentimental messages, pretty design, and Beyoncé lyrics. Here are a few things my girl gang might find under their trees that your girl gang would love too!


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

I'll be sharing a few more gift guides throughout the week, so stay tuned! Also, be sure to check out my gift guides from last year and Dago's gift guide for guys from 2012.


  1. hahaha I need all of these. I love that you tied it into your last posts - everyone needs more girl gang friends :)

  2. I love the "I carry your heart with me" print! Fabulous choices!

    x Sarah

  3. that e.e. cummings poem is ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITES (all caps for emphasis, obvi).

  4. same! i'm always looking for cute prints of it!

  5. What a great collection of things! Number eight is perfection.

  6. I have a red heart and I love it! That flask is awesome!!

  7. BAHAHAHA! That flask is killing me!!! That's exactly how I feel about myself, haha!


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