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cowl: c/o Knitting Ain't Easy // blouse: Forever 21 (similar) // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)

photos by Katie Jameson

After our picnic, I asked Katie to snap a few shots of this outfit. There are a lot of things I love about this outfit -- my favorite skinnies, a pretty colored blouse, my reliable booties -- but the best part is absolutely the cozy cowl.

My blogger (and real life!) bestie Jenn of With Luck Blog recently opened her own knit shop on Etsy called Knitting Ain't Easy, and she sent over this cowl as a gift. Like Jenn, the cowl is perfect in every way. It's soft, it's the loveliest shade of dark grey with subtle specks of color, and it is warm. I've found myself throwing it on nearly every day because it just goes with everything!

If you're looking for something knitted for the holidays, whether under your tree or someone else's, I can't recommend Knitting Ain't Easy enough. Some of my favorite pieces in the shop are the braided ear warmer, the custom striped scarf, and the hand knit infinity scarf. Oh, and the scalloped jewelry dishes make great stocking stuffers!


  1. I love the cowl! I will definitely head over to Knitting Ain't Easy. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That cowl is so cute! And funny enough, I just finger-knit myself a scarf out of what looks like the exact same yarn. It's such a perfect yarn! You look gorgeous.

  3. Lol, originally I thought you had knit the scarf! It is cute though :)

  4. it looks WONDERFUL on you! Thanks so much for saying such nice things. I can't even explain how amazing your support has been. Thanks for being such a special lady.

  5. girllll, you look majestic. Love everything about this outfit and these pictures!

  6. That knitted ear warmer just shot up to the top of my wishlist! Seriously need that for chilly dog walking morning/evening (which here, is like, every day now). I've been meaning to check of Jenn's shop. Thanks for the nudge!

  7. I really like knit scarves like these - I had one for a couple of years but it got suuuper worn out and dingy (it was cream). One of my coworkers just knit me a black one for the holidays, though, so I'm pumped to have another one back in my life!! :)

  8. I love that last picture of you--so beautiful!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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