my girl gang | part two

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photos by Katie Jameson

Things I love: my best friends, pizza, a picnics on cute quilts. Luckily, this photo shoot has all three! I mentioned that both Briley and Shelby are December babes, and I thought it would be fun to have a little birthday party in the park. The light was ah-mazing, and the pizza was perfect (when is it not?).

I'm seriously so happy to have these photos look back at. We can all get pretty busy, and while we make sure to text every day, we don't always have a chance to see each other even every week. Briley stays busy making beautiful art and Shelby moved to San Antonio to do some really important work. We're a group of ambitious ladies, I tell ya!

Tell me about your best friends! I'm enthusiastically overwhelmed by all this Sisterhood!


  1. LOVE. These are so cute, and I love seeing your girl gang! All of my best girls live out of the state or a few hours away, and I miss them! My best friend, Sarah, is an amazing photographer and gorgeous mom and she lives way too far away from me; we talk about EVERYTHING. I seriously almost told her I was pregnant before I told my husband when we were pregnant with Asa, haha! And then another of my besties, also named Sarah, is in school about three hours away. She was my maid-of-honor, and we bond over period films, musicals, and doing photoshoots together. I adore her! And a new friend of mine who I suspect will be a long-time kindred spirit, Ashton, dated my brother for a while but we joke that I stole her! We are so alike it's crazy, and we have a lot of fun together. She's a total rockabilly spirit, gorgeous, and hilarious!
    And, thankfully, she lives in town. Which is the best thing ever.


  2. I met my best friend in the 6th grade and my life would be incomplete without her even though at times she makes me crazy. ;-)

  3. My move brought plenty of good things, but the real bummer is moving even farther from so many good friends. Actually one of the big pushes dean and I had to move out of Scranton was when we realized that a lot of our friends were already living all over the states.... as we get older it's becoming more and more difficult to get everyone in one place!

  4. Once again, I'm smitten with your girl gang - you look like such a fun and supportive bunch of ladies! I love your idea of having a picnic with pizza!!

    I don't really have a "group" of friends, but I have some individual friends that I do things with one-on-one.
    - Andria: Her parents are my godparents (they were friends with my parents in high school), and she's a year younger than me. She grew up in the house next to my grandma's, so I saw her all the time. We've been best friends our entire lives!
    - Casey: We became super close during 7th and 8th grade, and had a tiny falling out before her family moved from MN to NC in 9th grade. We reconnected after high school on Facebook and have become incredibly close again. I was in her wedding three years ago and have gone out to NC to visit her. Currently saving up for another plane ticket to visit Casey, her husband, and their new baby boy!
    - Megan: We were each other's rocks during graduate school. We have a lot of things in common and it's great to have a close friend who is also a school counselor so that we can talk about the wonderful and difficult things about having a career as a helper.

    In my new job (in a new town), I have become friends with my coworkers. I've been hanging out with two of them quite a bit, and even though they're both 20 years older than me, we all get along so well. I'm a bit of an old soul, so I get along with many women older than me. We laugh, we talk about "real" things, we support each's been awesome to have a new group of friends who I work with and socialize with!


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