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I've mentioned this before, but one of my favorite things about blogging is being able to look back on the year. It's all here! I love that I can look back on last month and see that outfit I really loved, or I can time travel back six months ago and read my own thoughts on something I was going through. It's pretty surreal, but also really helpful around New Year's when I'm reflecting on the last 365. 

Here are my favorite outfits from 2014:

the blanket scarf | tartan & toasty

I loved so many outfits I blogged this year, so it was tough to choose my favorites! In comparison to 2013, I blogged less outfits in 2014, but the looks I put together were definitely better. The main reason for this is because I started shopping smarter in 2014. I spent more time considering the pieces I purchased, both from a financial perspective and from a closet perspective. How does this fit in with my current clothing? How does this move my closet forward in the direction I envision for myself? 

At the beginning of the year, I set five style resolutions for myself. The second resolution on my list was to commit to the remix. I did three remix challenges this year: my 30x30, my 7x7 workwear challenge, and the fall favorites challenge I did with Adina of Blue Collar Red Lipstick. From these challenges, I got a lot of really great outfits that I definitely wouldn't have come up with on my own (including 4-8 and 11 on this list of favorites from 2014).

Aside from the challenges, I really did commit to remixing as an idea in my whole closet. When I bought a new item, I was so careful about buying things I not only could but would re-wear a lot of ways. I think it's that second part that really made the difference this year. I've always thought about wearing things more than one way, at least from a financial perspective, but I didn't necessarily wait to find something I was excited about remixing. Now, when I buy a new skirt, blouse, or boots, I can't wait to find new ways to wear it a lot because I really love wearing the item in general.

From the list above, I think it's pretty easy to see this played out. Almost every outfit includes something that was worn in another outfit on this list (and this is just 16 outfits out of everything I wore this year!).

I may not have said yes to tulle, and it looks like I traded out my stripes goal for polka dots (not mad about that!), but I think having these resolutions in the back of my mind was really helpful in shopping smarter and therefore making better outfits this year. I haven't decided if I'm going to make style resolutions for 2015 yet, but I think looking back on this was a pretty good argument to do so.

What were your favorite outfits you wore in 2014? Have you ever set style resolutions, or do you plan to next year?


  1. Love this! My style resolution is to buy more quality items instead of trendier, cheaply made stuff (though that stuff is dang fun too)!

  2. I love all of these outfits!! One day I'm going to come over and raid your closet!! :)

  3. love the outfits! Maybe we should do a challenge in 2015?!

    xo, Maddy

  4. um, yes! especially since i found you on insta during our 30x30s!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your style and am so glad that we found each other this year :D
    The oh, oh, and you're mary tyler moore post is a fav for me!

    Happy new year!!

  6. I love going back and re-visiting all of these outfits! I think style resolutions are a great idea! This year I'd really like to start shopping less and saving up for higher quality pieces, but I think I say that all the time and get sidetracked. Maybe it'll stick this year!


  7. I love your 7x7 outfits, and the last two featuring your blanket scarf! I'm so glad to hear that remixing became a part of your getting-dressed-mentality this year! That's exactly how I feel about my closet as well - I love the challenge of figuring out just how many ways I can wear a certain piece!

    I don't think I really have any style resolutions for this year...I'm in the middle of a yearlong shopping freeze, which has been working pretty well for me (even though I have bought a few things, they were all things I was in need of since my body has been changing and my lifestyle has changed...and I've only spent about $200 in 6 months, as opposed to ~$200 each month which I was doing before...). I also have completed one 3-month capsule wardrobe and just began my second one yesterday, and I'm eager to see how that works out for me in the long run. I'd really like to start replacing some of my cheap pieces with higher-quality versions that will last me awhile longer than what I currently have.

  8. Well, I haven't gotten around to collecting my favorite outfits yet, and I love the idea of style resolutions! This is such a great catalog of outfits that are SO "you", I think my favorites are "miss sixties", "7x7 day one", and "fall favorites: the transitional piece" (dying over that skirt! how did I not notice it before??) I always love reading these posts from bloggers whose style I love! It's just like a look book!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  9. i always mean to do that too, and to some degree i do, but ultimately i don't have the income to really save the way i want to. i definitely shopped less in 2014, though a lot of what i bought was still from Forever 21. it does seem like the pieces i got from F21 are better quality, if possible? i know it's still a company with terrible practices, and hopefully in a few years i can make ethical shopping more of a priority.

  10. your 3 month capsules are HELLA inspiring. you don't go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for each one, and most of the pieces have even participated in smaller remixes, so you know how to wear them. i feel like you are one of the few bloggers who never has an outfit who "wears" you. your clothes fit into your closet and life, until they don't -- which, congrats on! -- and then you replace those holes with quality pieces and repeat the cycle. ~$200 in 6 months is amazing and ideal! go you! can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2015!

  11. eep somehow i just saw this comment! i am so glad too! i've been going through your archives like a creep (not too far back though, haha, i know it makes me nervous when people start viewing my first few posts!) and falling in love with your changing and adorable personal style!

  12. Thank you, friend! It's so important to me to remix the shit out of everything in my closet and not spend a ton of money and create a brand new wardrobe all the time. Thank you so much for saying that you don't feel my outfits "wear" me - that's another thing I totally strive for! I feel like they can verge into the "boring" territory, but I suppose that when you compare my outfits to some other bloggers who wear all the trends at once, they do look a little simple, haha. I wouldn't have it an other way, though!


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