These pants. Theeeese pants, I tell ya. I've had these pants for exactly a year now. I lusted over them for a hot minute on Forever 21's website before I decided that I had to have them, and then ordered them before they all got bought up. I have only worn these pants four times, each one of them evidenced on the blog. I love them, but they're a challenge.

In my mind, I was like "what won't I style with these pants?" Ha. Arguably, I've done a pretty good job mixing it up and wearing them differently each time. But I still don't know if I've mastered them.

I've had this outfit in mind for a while now. I wanted to look like a outfit post on Holly Dolly (my number one blogger icon, who also happens to own these two colors!). She's so good at playing with patterns and volume, that I thought this outfit would fit right in among hers. I've had this outfit in my head, on her, in front of her garage door, for at least a month. As I was putting it on, I realized that it didn't really look the way I had envisioned. It didn't look bad, just not what I'd pictured. But, I figured I'd share the evidence anyway, just like I have before.

In case you were interested, here are the three other ways I've styled these ding darn pants.

cat hepburn (originally posted a year from tomorrow!)

Every other time, I've paired the jade with pink, so I thought I'd mix it up with mustard this time around. It's not bad, but it's not the best.

What about you? How would you style these pants?

these pants

Since it's the end of the month, I figured I'd do a little check in on life outside of my outfits. You know, the stuff I was doing while I wore them?

// I got my new computer! It took a bazillion days because certain parts of the Internet don't believe I exist *cough Bill Me Later cough* but I got it! It's an HP Envy Sleek. So far, I'm lovin' it.

// I brought this sweet girl home with me a couple of weekends ago after a thrifting trip with my adorable co-worker. I'm thinking of setting up a schedule with my co-workers because they all seem to want to shop with me every weekend. There just aren't enough days! So much shopping to do, so little time. Oh, and if you were wondering, the sleepy kitty hangs next to our front door, right above the light switches. 

// Not only is Briley a super talented photographer, but she's a badass brunch thrower, too! She had a bunch of girls over for pancakes, fresh fruit, hot cocoa, and gossip. I brought the ingredients for my favorite brunch beverage: orange juice, champagne, raspberries, and mint leaves. Bonus: It's even more delicious if you have a chalkboard table to set it on, like Miss Briley does!

// One of my small goals for the month was to make two-item meal at least once a week. I don't think I did it last week (oops!), but I made myself waffles & eggs on Monday night and it was the most enjoyable. 

// I've picked up a new hobby: hoop art! I'm able to sit at my desk and take chats while embroidering away. It brings me so much peace to focus in on the little circle I'm working on. For my first one, I did a little inspirational quote on pretty vintage-y fabric. It's super hard to read, which is extra disappointing because I did a pretty great job with the lettering. (To do the letters, I wrote out the quote in Photoshop in a pretty font, and then flipped my computer so that the screen was facing up. Then, I traced over the letters on the fabric with a pencil.) For the second one, I wanted to try something more design-oriented, and to test out my creativity. I eye-balled the whole thing without drawing any lines! I really like how this one came out. Both hoops hang on a corkboard next to my desk at work, and they bring me so much joy!

What have you been up to lately?

life updates

sweater: Loft // skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // socks: Tabbisocks // scarf: Target // shoes: Forever 21 (similar) // purse: Forever 21 (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel

How much fun is this outfit? When I was pulling my new over-the-knee socks on the first time, I couldn't help but feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I think these photos really reflect that same wide-eyed, independently happy, and totally stylish persona of MTM. I wasn't lying when I said I was feeling mid-century inspired looks!  

It's no secret that I love to color-block with primary colors. There's something almost unexpected about the classic combo because it doesn't show up in fashion very often.

I was so excited about ordering these socks (I first saw them over on Skunkboy) that I didn't really think through the color options. I love this deep wine red, but I don't have much in my closet that I can wear with them. Luckily, I had primary colors to fall back on for a cozy knit look, but I'm thinking I need to buy a second pair so I can wear these babies all the time.

What color do you think I should get? Olive? Milk tea? Rose? Purple? Something else? Seriously, I need y'all's help!

oh oh, and you're mary tyler moore

As soon as Christmas sales are over, new spring arrivals bloom in stores and online. I love to see what's trending for the season ahead. This year, one of my favorite trends I've noticed is daisy print. The bold spring flower is showing up everywhere this season from sixties-inspired mod looks, to seventies-style hippie pieces, to nineties-esque grunge items. I love the look of the white daisy on a black backdrop for a more edgy floral look. 


I'm all about the smock dresses (5, 10), the high-waisted shorts (4), and especially the romper (8)!
Are you into the daisy print look? What spring trends are you looking forward to this season?

// PS. My dear bloggy friend Lauren over at Make It A Double is doing her first giveaway--
$50 to Uncommon Goods! You don't want to miss this one.

on trend | daisy print

dress: Forever 21 (similar) // blouse: Lauren Conrad for Kohls // tights: Target // booties: Abound for Nordy Rack (similar) // purse & necklace: vintage // glasses: BonLook

Photos by Briley Noel

I've pretty much become addicted to wearing blouses under my favorite LBD (seen here and here). I've known for a while that I wanted to layer it over my polka dot Lauren Conrad blouse, but I was waiting for something to come to mind (or to closet) to make the look more special. I've seen a handful of bloggers wearing super bright purple/fuchsia tights recently, so I make a little trip to Target for a pair (and, if we're being honest here, two boxes of ice cream sandwiches...), and I'm so glad I did. Paired with my new favorite black booties and one of my mom's vintage necklaces, this is one of my favorite outfits I've ever blogged. 

I love how it feels a little sixties-era mod, like Megan Draper might have worn this to the theatre or maybe even to a client dinner in her Sterling Cooper secretary days. The sixties were easily my favorite fashion era, but I've struggled to let that show in my personal style. As I continue to add to and edit my closet, I'm hoping to bring it out more in my outfits. I love dresses and skirts with interesting shapes and shorter hemlines, patterns and color pallets reminiscent of the era, and layering with colored tights, scarves, and bold costume jewelry.

One of the things I've struggled with as a blogger is getting really great images of my favorite outfits. I want to share quality content on this blog, and even be able to spread it far and wide through Pinterest. Style blogging is a medium I'm incredibly dedicated to, but I don't have the money or skills to invest in photo equipment for myself. Fortunately, an extremely talented friend of mine just moved back to Austin and I'm managed to trick her into helping me with outfit photos on the weekends. Briley is such a kind person with incredible skill and imagination. Collaborating with her is really fun and I can't wait to work together again. I'll still be taking my own photos during the week, but I'm hoping to be able to share more Briley collabs with you here on the blog!

So, have I convinced you to layer blouses under your dresses yet?

miss sixties

jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // top: Old Navy // skirt: thrifted Buffalo Exchange // tights: Target // booties: Nordy Rack (the brand is Abound--look for them in stores!) // necklace: artisan on South Congress

 Sometimes when I go shopping, it seems like no one wants to take my money and I can't find anything I like. Other times, I hit the jackpot.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went on an all day shopping adventure that was just right. I started out at Buffalo Exchange with my bestie to try to make some cash to spend on clothes. Of course, we didn't make much, but I did snag this skirt that I'm in love with. It's so full and twirly, it has one of my favorite color combos (orange & pink), and, of course, it has pockets! I couldn't wait to wear it and we were having a crazy warm day in the mid-eighties, so I went home and put it on before starting the next leg of the shopping extravaganza.

After a little switcheroo, Dago and I headed to Nordstrom Rack to have a look-see, since I hadn't been there since before the holidays. I was scouring the size seven shoes, looking for my dream booties, and then there they were! Black, itty-bittiest little heel, gold buckles--perfection. Except, that they were a 6.5 in a 7 box. Without socks, they were just a little snug, but I knew if I was going to wear them in real life (and spend $50) I'd need the correct size. I took the box to a Nordy employee and begged her to find me a pair. Luckily, she said, the other Nordstrom Rack in Austin had a pair! Dago and I were heading that way anyway to continue our shopping, so I had her put them on hold with my name.

Dago drove us to the store and I hurried right up to the register to claim my prize. Except that no one had put them on hold! I went to the back to search and search for my beloved booties. Between myself, Dago, and two Nordy Rack employees, we could. not. find. them. I was pretty upset, but one of the employees offered to use their magical Search & Send process (or, as Dago calls it, Search & Destroy) to track down my boots from another store in the world and have them shipped to me. For an extra ten bucks. Well, at this point, I'm willing to do it.

Anyway, so Dago and I continue our shopping at The Domain and then head out to two lovely dinners with another couple. (What? Sometimes first dinner isn't enough!) Later that night, I check my email and realize that the booties were ordered in the wrong color. Ugh. So, Sunday morning, I had to call Nordy Rack and have them cancel the order and reorder them.

Seriously, when Bubba Sparxxx rapped "I found you, Miss New Booty," I now understand that he was rapping about the moment when his dream booties arrived at his doorstep. I feel you, Bubba.

miss new booties

It's no secret that I'm an avid online shopper. It's not that I never have something shipped to me that doesn't fit quite right, but, more often than not, I have a lot more luck with online shopping than in the store. First, I can browse and browse without my feet hurting, I never have to wait in line, and I can put something in my shopping cart and mull it over for a few days before biting the bullet and buying it. 

Since I know some of you have mentioned in the comments that you're still reluctant to hit the "confirm order" button on your favorite online retailer, here are a few of my favorite tips for a great online shopping experience.

1/ Read the reviews I never buy something without first reading the reviews. It's like asking your Internet stranger-friends about a skirt in the dressing room before buying it. A lot of websites give users a place to include their measurements, which can be so helpful when figuring out how something fits. I also love when reviews include things like "runs large" or "runs short" because it can be hard to know from a perfectly posed image of an item how it actually fits or lays when worn. Plus, only a review will tell you if the color is off or if the material isn't as it appears!

2/ Check the model's measurements For me, the most helpful thing about knowing a model's measurements is her height. Sure, we're not model-sized, but if I see that the hem of a dress or skirt hits the model above the knee, but she's 5'10", then I can gauge where it might land on my 5'7" frame.

3/ Search for it on other websites I've found that a lot of the online retailers I browse carry the same items, so if I find something that's low in stock, out of my size, or a little out of my price range, I'll check a few other websites to see if I can find it. If there's something you love that's sold out completely, out of season, or double what you were hoping to pay, it's always worth it to check sites like eBay, Amazon, and even apps like Poshmark.

via and
4/ Look up coupons Last, but not least, don't forget to look for coupon codes before checking out! I'm registered on email blasts for a handful of my most frequently shopped retailers to make sure I know when a sale is happening. For those that I don't follow as closely, I always make sure to check Retail Me Not before accepting the price as it is.


If you're buying from a retailer that has a store where you live...

1/ Spend the extra to get free shipping... And then return what you don't want or need later! This is especially helpful if you're not positive which size is going to be the best for you (usually shoes) so that you don't have to wait around to get the correct item in a mail exchange.

2/ Don't use PayPal! If you use PayPal, you can't return it in the store, so make sure to check out using your debit or credit card if you think you might want to return it in person.

What tips help you have a more successful online shopping trip? Are you, like me, totally addicted to online shopping?

tips | online shopping

jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // sweater: Loft // jeans: Gap // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // necklace: old Nordy Rack // watch: Anne Klein

Because I tend to lean heavily into the feminine side of my style, I forget about how rockin' I feel in a great jeans outfit. I felt like the bomb in my favorite pair of booties, a perfect white sweater, cuffed jeans, and my most versatile utility jacket. 

There's just something about a hot little heeled boot. I don't know why I don't wear them more! Especially now that I sit most of the day, my feet really don't hurt by the end. I think because I'm already a taller gal, I usually feel awkward towering over my friends and coworkers. I think they used to be more of a blow to my confidence, rather than a boost. But, as I'm growing into my shape, I felt a lot less gangly and a lot more sexy.

What do you wear when you want to add a little sexiness to your look?

pretty fly for a white sweater

This week, Nicole and Dago discuss online dating, some whack ideas on immigration, Justin Bieber’s run in with the law, Lena Dunham's Vogue cover, squeaky shoes getting a girl kicked out of Panera Bread, and a parrot that gives up his drunk owner driving on Mexican streets.

Plus, Dago method acts his way through a successful mansplain as your favorite character who never grew up. You have to listen to believe it.

Check it out on SoundCloud (above) or on iTunes!

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breakfast for dinner // cinnamon roll

photo by Danielle Gindele circa 2012
Yesterday's post was a little heavy, was it not? It definitely was for me. It never really stops being scary hitting publish on a post like that. The Internet is a terribly vulnerable place, and I'm so incredibly thankful for all of your support, whether I'm showing an outfit or, especially, when I'm sharing a really personal part of myself and my story. Really, thank you.

Anyway, let's do something a little lighter today, shall we? The Paper Mama, a blogger I discovered during TxSC, posted a little questionnaire this week, so I thought I'd answer it too.

1. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
// Lucy! I've always loved this name, and I use it as my fake advocate name at work too. (sh!) Also, my parents almost named me Lindsay Ashley, and I've always rather liked it and thought it fit me.

2. Are you a collector of anything?
// I've always wanted to be a collector. I tried so hard as a little kid to have collections, but I'd get distracted and want to collect something else. I think now that I'm settling into having more long-term living situations, I'm in a position to start collecting porcelain cats or throw blankets or something. Lately I've been "collecting" skirts, but that might just be called "shopping."

3. What is your first thought when you wake up?
// Lately, the few moments before I wake up, I'm in a dream where I'm on a chat at work, safety planning with someone about their situation. It's really overwhelming to be in work mode before I'm even there, so I'm trying to be really deliberate and tell myself no when I realize I'm doing it, but it doesn't always help.

4. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?
// This is such a tough one for me because I have to alternate! If the last thing I ate, even if it was the night before, was salty, I have to eat something sweet next. And vice versa.

5. Name one thing you miss about being a kid.
// Not having the responsibility of awareness, both of myself and the world around me. Turns out they call it ignorant bliss for a reason.

6. Are you a morning or night person?
// I am definitely not a morning person, that's for sure. I wouldn't really call myself a night person either, though, because I really love to sleep as much as possible. Is it okay to just be a day person? I love'm so good at 11 am.

7. List 5 items on your life’s to-do list:
oo1. Publish a book (or two!)
oo2. Contribute writing to a major fashion publication
oo3. Have my dream wedding
oo4. Sew a whole dress that actually fits and has a zipper
oo5. Become fully self-compassionate

8. Share one thing that people may not know about you.
// I absolutely cannot sleep without a teddy bear. I have a bear that I bought for myself my senior year of high school named Lionel Ruepert and a puppy that Dago bought me at Ikea that I sleep with every night.

9. What is your all time favorite song, movie, and book?
Song // Pictures of Success by Rilo Kiley
Movie // Away We Go
Book // The Good Body by Eve Ensler

10. Do you have any hidden talents?
// It didn't used to be hidden, but now I'm a relatively-secret singer, and I make awesome guacamole.

11. Are you a really clean or super messy person?
// I like everything to have a home, but I don't necessarily always put it there right away when I'm done using it, so there tend to be a lot of piles wherever I go until I make the time to put everything away.

* * *
I ended up answering the same questions she answered because I didn't realize she made up others. If you'd like, you're welcome to answer the same ones I did, or you can answer these if you'd like! (Yep, I'm just breaking all the rules!) 

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you're feeling stressed?
2. It's 2014. What invention are you still waiting for them to come out with?
3. You're in control of the thermostat--at what temperature do you set it?
4. If you could go back and say something to yourself, what would you say and what age would you say it to?
5. What toppings are on your perfect pizza?
6. What was the first book that changed your life?
7. What actor/actress would play you in the movie of your life?
8. List three things you want to accomplish in the next five years:
9. What's the last show you binge-watched?
10. What drink or food item is your go-to guilty pleasure?
11. Do you feel that your current age fits you?

Let me know if you answer the questions on your own blog so I can check them out!

PS. I'm featured this week on facts & figures by my girl Briley. Check it out!


dresscardigan, & tights: Target // boots: old Steve Madden (similar) // necklace: gift Forever 21 (similar)

trigger warning: body image, disordered eating

Isn't this dress fab? I walked right up to it in Target during an impulse trip with Dago, and I knew she'd be coming home with me (what, I have a deep connection to my clothes, okay!?). I love the floral print on the black dress, which makes for a perfect transition piece from winter to spring, into summer, and even back to fall again. But the best thing about this dress is the shape. 

Recently, I've gained what feels like a considerable amount of weight. I know I'm a slender gal, and a few pounds here or there aren't that obvious in a blog photo or Instagram, but I feel different. I'm not quite/always a whole size or so bigger, but my clothes fit differently in a way that I'm not totally comfortable with. To be honest, I haven't been totally comfortable in my body for a while. I mean, when have I ever, but now in a...different way? I've always envied girls with curves because they can put anything on and look slammin'. But I wasn't sure that's something I could ever do. Am I slammin'? Certainly not. 

Growing up, I was everyone's skinny friend, so I felt I had to keep that up. I wanted to be frail and fragile so that people would both worry about me just enough, and so they would admire how strong and bold I was on the inside. I wanted to be vibrant, but not take up any space. I guess that's really what most women want to be; it's the image we're sold in movies and magazines anyway.

Throughout college, I worked two or three jobs and went to school full-time, so it was really easy to skip meals. I was always rushing from one place to another, so I didn't really have the time, or make the time, to sit and eat. Plus, I lived alone, and going from place to place all the time meant that no one could monitor my eating. I've lived most of my adult life eating one meal a day, if even.

Since landing a full-time gig, I not only have a regular schedule, but I have time to eat meals. I have people whom I see on a daily basis who expect me to eat something at some point in my eight hour shift, and I have someone at home who makes sure I eat something there too. This whole eating thing--the concept of meals--is really pretty foreign to me. I think I'm actually realizing this more now as I write this, which isn't a comfortable feeling, but is probably an important one. Coming to terms with negative parts of yourself is rarely comfortable, and part of healing is wading through the discomfort into a healthier lifestyle, whether mentally, physically, spiritually, or otherwise.

So I've been eating lunch every day at work, and then dinner when I get home. I don't cook, so I've always eaten out a lot, but I've been making a conscious effort to prepare my dinner at home. Eating more meals, and meals with more calories, has inevitably caused weight gain. Probably a healthy weight gain, at that. I am aware that I'm closer to the weight I'm "supposed" to be now that I'm eating more like I'm "supposed" to, which is why I'm not really fighting the gain. 

When I say I'm not comfortable in my body, I no longer mean that I hate it. Not all the time, anyway. It's just that I, by definition, am not comfortable. It's an unknown. How do I dress these hips? How do I make room for my fed belly? How do I balance out my now-noticeably smaller upper-half and short torso to my long and ever-gaining bottom-half?

Enter the smock dress. To be clear, hiding in baggy clothes definitely isn't something I promote for anyone who isn't feeling themselves in their bodies, because that idea stems from shame. It's not about covering, it's about adjusting and refocusing. Someday, I want to be slammin' in a tight, short dress and accentuate the curves that are natural to my figure, rather than sliding off my starving frame. But for now, I'm digging showing off other parts of my body that I love until I'm ready to wear something that shows off what I'm more familiar with.

What I love about a smock dress is that it accentuates both my long legs and petite chest without having such a disproportionate imbalance of my bottom half. I can twirl, I can breathe, and I can eat comfortably in this dress, and still feel fabulous. In fact, I ordered this one too, and I'm so excited for its bold color and endless layering possibilities!

I never want my body to inhibit me from dressing in a way that I love or a way that makes me feel awesome. Fashion is something that brings me so much joy, and through it, comfort in my physical self. Clothes aren't for hiding, but rather to style yourself in a way that feels good.

How do you dress your body when you aren't quite feeling yourself in it?

smock and awe

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