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While I didn't set specific resolutions for 2015, I do want to read more books! My Goodreads is constantly growing, so I want to do my best to make a dent in it this year. I've noticed that as I read, I crave different kinds of books throughout the year. I saw that Lindy over at Love Wild. Be Free. made a reading list for 2015 (albeit much longer than mine!) so I thought it would be fun to pre-pick a list of books for myself that hold different significance. From an outside perspective, it might seem like I only read one kind of book: nonfiction written almost exclusively by women. But there's so much variety out there! So many voices I haven't heard yet! I like that this list helps me diversify the voices, even if just a little.

Also, this way I can keep an eye out for the books at Half Price Books and online and have a pile waiting for me when I finish one! And now, I give you, my 2015 reading list:

The One I Know I'll Love - Yes Please by Amy Poehler | Amy is easily my favorite famous person. She talks openly about mental health and feminism, and she's so, so funny. I'm so excited to enjoy the hell out of her first book!

The One from the Feminist Book Club - Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay | This book has been a little controversial among feminists, but I follow Roxane on Twitter and really like her. The book discusses subjects like femininity that are supposedly un-feminist, which is something I've always been personally interested in, so I think this is going to be a favorite without having to try too hard. Looking forward to the conversations that will come after reading it!

The One I Still Haven't Read Yet - Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham | I know, it's shocking that I haven't read this yet. I meant to order it, then a few weeks went by, then there was the controversy, then A Beautiful Mess picked it for their monthly book club, and time just got away from me, okay? I wanted to wait until things cooled down a little. But I'm going to read it. I'm going to read it with a critical eye, just like I use when I listen to Taylor Swift or consume any media from people who I like but have been known to be problematic. I do expect to like it, just because I identify with her writing style and I'm a sucker for personal essays (couldn't you tell?).

The One Recommended by an Author - The Unspeakable by Megham Daum | I can't remember now where the heck I saw it, but I was reading a list of recommendations from authors of the best books they read in 2014. Cheryl Strayed, one of my very favorite writers, recommended this one. I don't know anything else about it really, but I'm eager to find out!

The One Recommended by a Friend - The Other Side of Paradise by Staceyann Chin | A dear friend and former coworker of mine always had this book in her car with her, and the description on the back cover sparked my interested. Her story of being adopted by her grandmother at birth, growing up in Jamaica, and coming out as a lesbian is so complex that the book can't be anything but dynamic.

The One by the Blogger - Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls by Leandra Medine | This is one of those books I'm excited about for a few reasons. First, I'm such a fan of Leandra's voice. Her blog be about Fashion with a capital F, but writing has never been secondary. I'm also interested in reading it as a source of research/inspiration for my future blogger-turned-book writer pursuits.

The One Where I Don't Stop Laughing - I Just Want to Pee Alone by Various Authors | Speaking of bloggers-turned-book writers, this collection of essays by mommy bloggers sounds hilarious. It's nice to have an easy read on the list, maybe for after one of the heavier books. 

The One I'll Probably Cry To - Redefining Realness by Janet Mock | This is another book I can't believe I haven't read yet. I actually bought it right when it came out, and then immediately lent it to someone. Janet Mock is one of my favorites, so I'm really eager to learn more about her story and perspective. She's just really powerful and I expect to cry a lot. 

The One About Body Image - You Feel So Mortal by Peggy Shinner | I already know this book is going to be so close to my heart. Peggy Shinner takes on bodies, her own -- female and Jewish -- as well as the bodies of her family and the bodies of women in general, to explore what it all means. Basically, it's the book I wish I wrote but it already exists and it's going to be awesome.

The Sequel - Turn Around Bright Eyes by Rob Sheffield | I try to read exclusively women writers, but once in a while I let a man in. Rob Sheffield has sealed his spot as a favorite writer of mine, no matter what gender he identifies with. He loves Taylor Swift and karaoke and his first book Love is a Mixtape is in my top five favorites of all time. Turn Around Bright Eyes is his sequel to the first, so I expect it to break my heart and put me back together all over again. Just like a book should do, you know?

Have you read any of these? What's on your reading list this year?


  1. Your Friend BrittanyJanuary 2, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    Great list! I've read a few of these and really enjoyed them.

  2. I purchased and started reading Yes Please but I put it down a while ago and havent picked it back up. I can't say anything bad about the book, but it definitely starts out slower than I'd like. Still fun though! I also agree with A Beautiful Mess when they said they suggest the audiobook instead. I found myself thinking this a lot while reading. I'll be audio-booking Lena's soon!

  3. I love hearing what other people are reading! Sounds like a good list for 2015!

  4. Girl! I've been glancing at your posts in my reader but I'm so glad I can FINALLY come over here and get caught up. This is such a cool way to do a reading list. I am really determined to read a book a month this year, and am always looking for recommendations! I also cannot wait to read Amy Poehler's book. She is a beautiful genius.

    I read "Not That Kind of Girl" over Christmas. I have to say, I have nothing against Lena Dunham, but parts of the book were difficult to read because it is SO stream-of-consciousness. Which is how I write a lot of times, too. Still, an entertaining read. Interested to hear what you think. Please post book reviews of each of these as you finish!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. Love it! I don't have a few of these on my list yet, but I'm thinking I will add them. I also love knowing what other people are reading. There is just so much out there. And I agree with Priya, you should do some review posts so we know if you liked them or not.

  6. Ooh, great list. I've added a few to my own Goodreads 'to-read' from it, so thanks! You're going to LOVE Amy Poehler's. I've read it AND listened to the audiobook and I recommend both for different sensory experiences.

  7. i find that i often don't have time for audiobooks, but i might have to pick this one up! i love that you get two totally different effects from the different mediums. glad you found a few new reads for your shelf!

  8. i was thinking about doing reviews, so since two of you have asked now, i will! i've wanted to do reviews in the past, but it seemed random because i hadn't written about books before and never even mentioned i was reading anything in particular. but now there's a sort of framework for it and i think it'll be a secondary source of motivation to get them all read!

    seriously can't wait to see how many you get read this year!

  9. you're about to get a ton of replies, so hold on tight!

    i'm looking forward to Lena's book for the stream of consciousness reason actually. we'll see how it goes when i actually start, but i tend to like books like that.

    i've got two more quick (and sad) chapters left in the book i'm reading (Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett) and then i get to start Yes Please! never been so excited to read something!

  10. i've heard a few recommendations for the audiobook, and i think i might pick that up in addition to reading the physical book. i hadn't even thought of an audio version for Lena and i bet it's awesome! can't wait to hear what you think!

    i'm about to start Yes Please and then Not That Kind of Girl will be after that (since they're the only two books i own yet). this list really has gotten me excited!

  11. Thank you so much for this list, Nicole! I love that you try to read books mostly read by women - what a great thing to focus on! I'm going to copy these titles into a note on my phone for my next library trip!

  12. yay! the female writers thing was easy for me -- i find myself uninterested in most books by men (whoops?). plus i figure they have enough readers and i want to support voices that often go unheard. i also listen to mostly female musicians, so there's that. a particular focus i had for this list though was reading books by women of color and queer women, because i think it's so important to make an effort to read people who have different perspectives than ourselves. obviously, these are all books i wanted to read anyway, so it was an fun list to put together!

  13. So many fantastic books, none of which I've read, all of which I now want to!! Yes Please is at the top of my list!


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