red coat cutie

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coat: Nasty Gal // dress: Forever 21 (obsessed with this one) // shirt: Forever 21 // shoes: LuLu*s

photos by Briley Noel

After a few mild-to-warm days in Austin, the temperatures have inevitably dropped again. Luckily, I got this swanky new coat for Chanukah (thanks, Ma!). In case you don't recognize it, I mentioned back in November that I was lusting after pretty, versatile coats and this was at the top of my list. It's perfect for Austin: warm without being bulky. Also, the faux fur is removable (but, like, why would you?).

I have a habit of leaving my coats in the car when I'm snapping outfit photos with Briley, but I wanted to make sure I showed off my new favorite. Ain't she a cutie? I can't wait to wear her for years to come!


  1. It's a great coat! It looks awesome on you :)

    Also, I'm envious you still have foliage at this time of year.

  2. Red coat cutie is right! You look adorable in that coat.


  3. Adorable! At first I thought it was going to be vintage - definitely mirroring that classic look! I suppose a true vintage fur-collar coat would be way too bulky for your climate though haha I'm a little bit jealous.

  4. I am obsessed with this. I love the background, the coat, your cute smile. STOP IT.

  5. That coat looks so cozy and fabulous on you! I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the faux fur starts looking a little ragged before the rest of the coat is, so it's nice you can remove it easily if that happens!


  6. OBSESSED with this whole outfit, Nicole! You look super chic in that coat, and cute and professional in this dress and blouse!

  7. I levee that coat! Most of the time I am totally ok that we live in a state were MOST of the time it is "coat not required" but I love every once and a while we get to get bundled up!

  8. Major t-swift vibes coming from this outfit. SO cute.

  9. Never leave out faux fur! It's too fun. And you're too adorable!
    Xo, Maddy

  10. Ah! You got the coat!! I love it, Nicole! I love the faux fur collar - very sassy :) And I'm trying out the top-underneath-a-sleeveless-dress look this week...we'll see how it looks!


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