texas style council 2015

HEY! Remember that time I wrote about TxSC and how awesome it's going to be, and you went and checked out ticket prices and were like, holy heck I can't afford that right now. THINK AGAIN!

For this weekend only, tickets are HALF OFF. Use the code TXSCBFF for a 50% discount on tickets for a conference that will go down as one of your best decisions of 2015. You're going to learn so much, make so many connections, and return home so inspired to take on your blog/your brand/the world.

01. Check out the lodging options
02. Decide: am I a talker or a sleeper?
04. Enter the code TXSCBFF
05. Know that you are awesome, and that you're coming to CAMP to hang out with me in March!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions!


  1. just looked at flights - the cheapest I found is $578, which is still a TON! I don't think I will make it out there :(
    I'll keep trying though and see what I can make happen!

  2. eep, that is so much! it's probably because it's the same time as SXSW, which is a bummer. keep an eye out! would LOVE to have you there!

  3. I so wish I could go! Flights from where I am are hella expensive too. I worked at Camp Texlake for a summer, so it would be so fun to go back. Le sigh. Hope you all have the best of times and learn lots and make special new friends.


  4. Ughhh, I wish I could go. I just don't have the budget right now, which sucks! One of these days, though, you and I will meet and hang out and talk about all of the wonderful things we have in common (aka all the things)!!!!

  5. UGH the discount is so tempting, but I just can't make a $700 roundtrip happen. All the sadz. Especially since it's the last one and I'm just in love with the theme!! I can't wait to read about it.

  6. AHHHHH i saw your tweets & IG tags and really really really want to go, but i can't get time off work :( We will have to stuff our faces with food and hangouts another time :(


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