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I am notorious for buying a purse I love and using it until it is in pieces. I'm not the type to switch bags with different outfits, partly because I'm too afraid of not having my wallet/favorite lipstick/random useful item with me at all times, but mostly because I like to buy bags that go with everything so I don't need to change it up.

I bought my beloved Forever 21 bag (recently seen here) in summer of 2013 and it is still going very strong. It had two big pockets, a center pocket, two more places for stuff between those, and then a mini zipper pocket for tampons, etc inside. I carry everything from on-the-spot zit cream to a small koozie collection in my purse. My co-workers call me Mary Poppins because if you can think of it, I probably have it in my purse.

All of that said, my bag gets a little heavy. As spring starts to peek through the trees, I know I'm going to want to lose my layers and dress a little lighter. When I switch my winter coat for a cardigan, maybe I should grab a lighter bag too!

I had quite the collection of bucket bags as a child of the 90s. I love the casual grab-and-go look that's perfect for weekend brunch or a walk through the park. All I need is my chapstick, a pair of sunglasses, and my phone, and I love that I can tie them up in a cute bucket bag and throw it over my shoulder!

I initially thought I wanted a black one with gold hardware (because, have you met me?), but now that I've seen the pretty neon Steve Madden bags and the classic neutral nude/cognac versions, I think a light color might be a fun choice for a light bag.

What do you think? Are you into bucket bags this spring, or are you sticking with another trend to carry your things?


  1. I love these all- the bright ones are so fun!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who carries koozies in her purse haha! I love the coral and the nude bags. Both very pretty for spring/summer!

  3. i'm totally into bucket bags. number 4 is absolutely perfectttttt. i have a bucket bag from baggu that i carry everywhere. i normally carry my camera backpack and got a new one, so maybe that counts haha.

  4. Love that bright green one! We just got in a gorgeous navy/black one at work and I'm smitten!



  5. I LOVEEEEE number 4... but of course it's jcrew and I'm broke and not going to spend my money on a bag right now. booo!

  6. I have a brown bucket bag from Old Navy that I got this past summer and I love it! It surprisingly fits a lot of stuff and it goes with everything in my opinion! I'm definitely going to use mine until it's at its end!

  7. my mom got me a bucket bag from Ora Delphine for Christmas and I love it! It is definitely more expensive, but generally leather bags are worth the investment.

    xo, Maddy

    PS. sending all my good vibes your way

  8. I'm not sure if I've ever owned a bucket bag, actually, but I've always liked the look. Number 1 is my jam! I do the carry the bag til it's in rags thing too. Switching out purses is just way too much work. I like the idea of having a bag for each season though! Gives you something to look forward to when the weather changes.


  9. I love a good bucket bag and I definitely change up my bags with the season.


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